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I suck at minecraft. Here are some comics about my sucking at minecraft.


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Yeah, in creative I do that, the game starts glitching out after so many cats though...
Not dead but the comic is.
I didn’t die. I just don’t play Minecraft anymore. I’m glad people still think these are cool though. Thanks for worrying about me. I’m a shit head for not really addressing it sooner. (Also I forgot my log in so hence guest post)
you ok? its 2018 now
But.. But..
I recently found these comics and I'm just so sad... I want moooore!! :'( <3
I rarely play minecraft but when I do, I play hardcore. So my deaths are the best and worst.
Comics?! In the year 2015?!
Might post some more.
I don't remember if i've said in the past but i was updating when i played the game.

I took some time off to work on other stuff and work. I wasn't in school or anything just kinda got distracted from posting comics.

Thank you though to those who still stick around and hope for updates.
I'm going to come up with some stuff to post. :O
Started to put on monster mode, huh? It's kinda like taking off training wheels.
Can't call it FailCraft if you never fail. As in die from monsters. Instead of pigs.
Um it's 2015 you coming back anytime soon?
Saw taht your deviant is closed what those that mean.
January 22nd, 2015
Actually the Nazis were animal lovers, including Hitler himself.
It's so sad. You get new fans even when everybody thinks you're dead. (Example: me)
Dead again!
Should I call the Morgue?
Well, it's been a few months, and you haven't updated at all. Are you sure you're not dead? Please update, you're the only decent minecraft-based comic in existence.
The Yogscast is hilarious have you seen them play the goat simulator you should!!
Are you dead?
Yeb me too
You should just hug those creepers. Poor little green things :[
STOP polluting the internet with your viruses, bots! D:<
where have you been
are you dead kaymonstar