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Halo Online

Enter the world of Halo Online randomness. Zombies, Barney, Gremlims, we got it all!
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5 Years Ago

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-Good spriting skills.
-Good ideas.
-Twisted sense of humor.
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Enter the world of Halo Online randomness. Zombies, Barney, Gremlims, we got it all!

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You are my lord and savior
@.:Blue:.: Why yes, yes it did.
holy shit it updated
September 11th, 2014
Unforgotten and Radios That Go Kzzzsh
Welp, it's been three years since our last update. So I thought I'd bring this back one last time and finish the story arc.

It was fun returning to sprite comics again.

I'm gonna go see if I can fix some broken links now. (Screw you imageshack)


heyyyyyyyyyyy guyzzzzzzzz i wana join 2!!!!! can i??????????

Just kidding, I'd do a whole lot of nothing.
wish to join
I love this comic man its awesome and I think it would be awesome if I could join your team I'll put in an intro soon
September 7th, 2011
We must do something for this occasion.
You cannot do to me what AIDS has already done. But I did not realize it was the 300th comic because it was 2 in the morning and I had a case of the fuckits. Wow, but 300 comics, I really did not think we were that far. I thought we were in like 237 or something.

Anyways sorry bro, look at the bright side, we can set our own anniversary date. Fuck what other people put, we can make the hundred and ones the new celebration date. THE SYSTEM WANTS YOU TO THINK IN THE ZEROS! Fuck zeros, their nothing but trouble, like religion.
You realise this was the 300th comic spot.

And of course you realise, this means war!
Hey this is all just a warm up of a new program I'm using. For the most part I am quite shitty with it when drawing from scratch. I am better off drawing from paper and scanning it on my comp which I will be doing later once I get used to this thing.
Besides that I was thinking screw it you people don't want to see my progress on anything, so I whipped up some faces I found quite hilarious. So there's that, also I got a few friends of mine who are making some videos in the near future about games and creating indy films. Honestly they are fun guys and I hope their videos are just as funny as they are. If you want to subscribe to it and support them I would really appreciate it.
Now back to everything else, lack of update, I have been real busy because I want to start my career practice in a hand drawn/scanned/colored comic, it's a load of fun and I have taken many steps into planning this. I cant tell you what its about but only that it has been keeping me from my regular sprite updates the past months.
I really love you guys, ever since I joined here at Halo Online, I found every joke hilarious and I think you guys were the coolest cats ever since day one. I hope now when I get enough experience with a tablet and such I can post some comics that really show people what Halo Online is truly about.

The link above are my friends, check em out and let me know what you guys think, its just a teaser of what their going to be doing in the near future.
Well its really late where I am right now I gotta get some sleep.
Attempting to track down my Photoshop disc. My PC died and I had to get a new Hard Drive.
sorry man, but I kinda quit spriting, if I decide to get off my arse, i might MIGHT draw something :/
Ight, G. I got next, also I added a new author, Drew. Welcome Drew may you be embraced by our loving bosom.
Sorry, I have been doing a lot lately, I got a tablet though, once I get the right photoshop I can probably start drawing comics instead of using my spriting skills!
I loved the update though, it made me laugh.
Can it be?
Yes! It can.. Be.
Y'know, their are few things I love in this world. One is repeats of the Fresh prince of Bel-air, another is crack cocaine, and the last is when authors update their comics. So to all my fellow authors, GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS' AND UPDATE THIS COMIC.

Also, if anyone wants to join, send us an application, and post a link to your intro comic and i'll check it out. The standards really arn't that high, as long as your not reatarded or black we'll get along fine.

Also, the file was too big so I had to resort to .jpg.
You liar, Grey.



I'll make another one....