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Let the anarchy begin! A personal challenge. 1 month. 31 comic pages. An infinite amount of challengers banding together to try and conquer JUNE JUBILEE!

Apply as a co-author if you'd like to personally challenge yourself to a page-a-day self-contest of will. You can also post up your comics for June Jubilee! here so long as they're PG-15 and below.

Challenge Leader: Crystal Hikara
Co-Leader: OssyDarling

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That's an interesting one. The United States Army tried establishing a Camel Corps in the 1800s, like the ones the Brits had. A few escaped and since camels live a very long time, it took over 100 years for them to die out completely. Legend has it they're still out there... but it's only a legend.
And here's the last one =w= page 11 of 11 <3
Page 10 of 11.
Page 9 of 11.
Well, if you count this cover towards my page count then I guess I did 12 and not 11 >w>
Page 8 of 11, and the last of this comic series. The next 3 are from a different comic of mine C:
Shishi Beru
June 30th, 2011
Page 7 of 11.
Page 6 of 11.
Page 5 of 11.
Page 4 of 11.
Page 3 of 11.
Page 2 of 11.
Guess I better FINALLY upload my pages since it's the last day @w@
Though I couldn't get 30 pages done I'm still proud I got 11 done =w=;
Uhck, last one I could do for the month. ;;
Fffffff, this page definitely was the best of the bunch. I have no complaints on the Pokemon or the people. It came out...just really really well. :'D

Maelstra's upset that she's had no page action at all yet, considering she's Kinshayti's closest Pokemon. Really, really pissed. >D Also, I drew Lucario and it didn't end up sucky. THIS IS A DEEMABLE SUCCESS. >:U

First time drawing a Shedinja. Fun stuff. |D

Last page I could stand to draw today before my fingers started hurting so badly I couldn't hold the pencil. *joke protect* Last page for June Jubilee, too...hopefully I'll do better next time. :3
I suck at lil people.
This page. :I It took painful amounts of time. But I generally like it. Kinda sorta. The third panel namely.

Oh Kin, you and your wiles and wits and weird way of holding your Pokeballs. Soooo weird.

I need to work on lil people more. >:U They're my weakness. I can't draw them that well. D|
Whoo splash page!
Man, been a long time since I done one of these pages! I think I like it. Yes, that is water. |D You'll see after I'm done coloring it in, I suppose.

CHASE CAMEO! Chase is so cute. I really enjoyed drawing him. <3 I totally see him as an asian boy now cause I found out he has black hair. I'm kinda a sucker for guys with black hair, I think.

Overall, pretty proud of this page.

Why yes, Kinshayti. You are now known as the Ice Queen. You can thank the announcer later for his quick wit. |D;
Eh, I guess this page is okay. Looked better in my head. I guess I'm out of it or something. Well, whatcha gonna do.

Also, SELF INSERT. Still a cashier...yeah. |D I do actually have a big chest. Probably bigger than that...and I took the liberty of maybe making me a lil taller. XD I'M SO DAMN SHORT I CAN'T HANDLE IT. CANNOT. HANDLE IT.
Screw you, hexagonal windows.
Why yes, I am putting off lining the frivilous hexagonal windows in. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS. :'D

Kin does occasionally use Dante as her mount. Very rarely, she'd rather use Thor for obvious reasons. But Thor is tired an- what? Where is Thor? Oh, he booked it to his Pokeball as soon as Dante got released. XD HE KNOWS BETTER.

...I really really really don't feel like adding in the windows. it's just so...stupid and pointless and I don't care if eventually someone that's on judging sees this, it IS pointless. It's more about the chemical compound of the glass (as in, the more alkali(?)-ish the base chemical, the stronger it is) and the amount of layers than the shape. BIIIII DO YOUR HOMEWORK NEXT TIME.

/end rant

June 30th, 2011
Again, I could've sworn I erased those lines! D<
June 30th, 2011
Herp derp last minute. I could've sworn I erased everything when I uploaded it...