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Kaito Shuno
a man named Kaito goes to commit suicide after living a boring, loveless, cubicle job. He meets a strange guy named Shuno...and Shuno immediatly takes a liking to him...almost too fast to be real XD Kaito quickly makes it clear that he isnt gay...but will Shuno's actions toward him make him alittle...'confused'? lol Kaito's been in such a need for love that maybe Shuno's affection doesnt look THAT bad...or does it?:P

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Comment on page 19
BuKaBuKa, 17 Apr 2014 04:17 pm
That duck saw it ALL
Comment on page 4
Wiiolis, 17 Apr 2014 02:05 pm
oh man xDD
Comment on page 2
Wiiolis, 17 Apr 2014 02:05 pm
Sexy legs ~
Comment on page 1
Wiiolis, 17 Apr 2014 02:04 pm
Ah i love his *in love* look :D
Comment on page 7
Wiiolis, 17 Apr 2014 03:31 am
I love how big progress from 1st page u did!!!! ^^
Comment on page 3
KierraDawnn, 16 Apr 2014 07:17 am
Panel 2
I can see Shuno's canine ohhhhhhh cx
Not to mention the fact that I'm loving how he called Kaito tulip xD And how kaito's all curled up in this terrified ball while Shuno humps him lovingly. lord ive missed these two <3
Comment on page 7
Parastatic, 15 Apr 2014 04:19 pm
@apocalypticWolfhounds: I hate that I just now noticed that. Thank you for clarifying that. *goes and sits in corner*
Comment on page 7
apocalypticWolfhounds, 15 Apr 2014 03:56 pm
@Parastatic, it's the guys hair on his shoulder, not a beard braid. xD

Love the comic, angel, continue it! :D
Comment on page 7
HannahDJA, 15 Apr 2014 12:02 am
Le Sigh~
I didn't get to pledge to the fundraiser in time because my life is a shit-storm.

But I love this comic regardless. :'D
Comment on page 9
Lady_Jynx_Ashling, 14 Apr 2014 02:47 am
gloat brag!
I just luv it when he gloats and brags he always get knocked back to reality after lolz poor pride!


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