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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Thyme

Vexx and Silver of the Pokemon world are on an adventure in the Zelda universe, travelling from place to place through musical portals in search of grand victories and a general good time.

It's all in the spirit of fun and games, but something darker may have its hand at play...

Current story chapter: Sandship [Skyward Sword]

Updates inconsistently due to author commitments.
(c) VexxBlack, SilverLunarwing
(c) Nintendo


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@LlamaOver9000Lord: dangit now ya reminded me of dat iSANiTY song causa ur pic
Aura flame
April 10th, 2017
First panel lol
Aura flame
April 10th, 2017
Lol it's the lava lair all over again, just on his other end! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, read pmdt)
Nintendo Switch hype everywhere
April 8th, 2017

Oh no
I might actually start printing the posters now. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIND THEM!!!
Oh no
Ok... I just noticed something, something disturbing. Silver's missing, literally. Her comic is missing and so is her profile. Vexx, do you know where she went? I at least need to know she is ok, I think everyone does really. Also I hope you are ok too, I just need to know you and silver are ok. I might put up lost posters soon, because it's been quite some time since I last saw Silver. SOMEONE FIND THEM PLEASE!
Also when are you guys coming back? I understand that comics take a while to draw but it should be out by now.
@darvingeraldhalili: STLE is up top at the area the comics are shown in, I don't know why you don't see silver though.
What happened to SliverLunarWing?
See ya in the Drablands!
BotW is an amazing game. update.Hey Vexx,are you still recovering from your surgery?You really have done a good job from the comic,and you could draw like Silver right now.You're using deviant art,aren't you?BTW,why couldn't I see STLE in here at Smackjeeves and why can't I find Silver's profile.
Such an Original Title
So as you know doubt are aware, the latest instalment of The Legend of Zelda has finally arrived! And with it comes a new fresh air of excitement, adventure and dangers! But, what does this mean for our young heroes? What has happened that put them in this situation? Time to venture out and discover why! Hope ya'll like!
January 2nd, 2017
Is it just me or is that boss not in wind waker... ya know, the deku leaf is in wind waker but no other game. Im such a nerd for knowing this.
December 26th, 2016
@SilverLunarwing:I love this comic but i really wished you finished your other one I read the entire thing only to be left with it being discontinued. I'm glad you didn't force yourself do finish it but it still was a good comic i'm just sad you couldnt finish it.
you look older as in TALLER vex pls put a riolu that doesn't die pls
ShinyUmbreon (Guest)
November 16th, 2016
This is great! I never knew anything about Zelda except for a couple characters, but now I know a WHOLE LOT more! Also I too went (almost) straight here when Shinka ended, BTW Silver, will you ever add in the end of STLE? Because it's done, I just wanna see it illustrated
Cutemonon (Guest)
October 3rd, 2016
Vexx go for it!

September 3rd, 2016
I remember that the last puzzle was annoying and slow