Myths of Unova: A White Nuzlocke Run, Hard Mode

A sequel of my Diamond Nuzlocke Run (found at ky-nim@dA)!

Different region, different characters...or are they so different from the first? See how Nina and her two best friends set out on an adventure that may be more life-changing then they initially had wanted...


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wait is he da one who died
Looks so sad...
January 17th, 2017
Its time for N to clapped!
Do i detect a hint of guilt in those eyes?
*breathes in*
January 16th, 2017
*insert to be continued meme*
does zekrom is batman?? tune in next time for more details
Poke fan 1
January 16th, 2017
This reminds me, I once battled Clay, all of my Pokémon had fainted except my zebstrika, and Clay's Exadrill used hone claws, and he took it out
Ward (Guest)
January 16th, 2017
Oh wow, I WISH antiquities and archaeology were that passionate and fun in the real world! XD People fighting about translations so intensely that it led to "tough times" sounds amazing - us real scholars just spend our time passive-aggressively sniping at one another in monographs and conference addresses.
I love this
@Kynim: I just finished marathoning the entire series, and I really loved it! Thanks for your years of hard work
January 15th, 2017
@Dummidon: Fixed
Dummidon (Guest)
January 15th, 2017
Spell check
There's one "will" too many in the third sentence
He's sorta terrifying with those red eyes
The last gijinka...?
Finally, the Zekrom gijinka to match Reshiram's is here :>
January 14th, 2017
A more...visual update than most
It is a parallel update of sorts compared to this Extra Comic 35, since both of the heroes are meeting with their respective dragon kings. Given that I have given their backstory in this Video Update 3, you can see the differences in how the kings react to seeing their heroes. And FYI, while Nina and Zekrom cannot quite...fully understand each other, do note that they are able to pick up on basic emotional cues based on their voices. I described this lil fact back when we were with Drayden in Issue #049! Nina is clearly asking for help, while Zekrom is...well, being a bit down, so to speak.

Ingame-wise...I used the masterball. I was down one team member so I had nothing to lose. And as for Zekrom's name....I actually forgot to nickname it so I later nicknamed it after the run was finished.

And again, the runes translation guide is here

EDIT: For rune translations for the lazy reader, go here
Because that's literally all I'm thinking about between N and Nina, they're ninjas with a slight fetish for planet destroy beasts.
It's all coming full circle
Huh, timeloops eh? Just like Doctor Who episodes!