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The Quick and Dirty Life of Fritz Fargo

by fowlie
Fallow Fritz Fargo, a self medicating manic-depressive vocalist of the band Hot Bat, with sky high prospects. But as the band gets bigger, Fritz' life gets more out of control.
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8 Years Ago

The Quick and Dirty Life of Fritz Fargo

Fallow Fritz Fargo, a self medicating manic-depressive vocalist of the band Hot Bat, with sky high prospects. But as the band gets bigger, Fritz' life gets more out of control.


Recent Comments

so apparently i didn't favorite this the first time i read it. i had to search through 50 pages to find this again; totally worth it
Oh my God, I've got the up-all-night-inking-hangover. UUuughhhh... I need to stop lettering in the AM.

So, I don't have much to say, other then I'm trying to incorporate broader shoulders into Eric's design, and the second and third panels might be the best thing I've ever drawn. <3
Well, this is a weird, obscure reference.

Not a good transition, I’ll admit that. But other wise I do like this page. I finished it around 4 am yesterday, but I decided to hold off uploading it until more people were awake ahahah

Check out the official Fritz site!
HAHA! You thought this page was going to be late! But its not! It's still Wednesday for another 40 minutes!

Okay, I had to keep taking breaks drawing this page; walking to work Sunday morning, I slipped and fell on a patch of ice, landing on my right side. I'm a bit bruised but still fine, but I guess I did something to my hand when I tried to catch myself, because its been getting tired whenever I try to draw something this week. So hopefully that clears up soon.
I don't remember why setting this chapter inside a convenience store and making it background heavy seemed like a good idea.
Back from my little December break! I hope you all enjoyed your various winter holidays and had a Happy new year! We're back to our weekly program!

Too bad its back to such a sparse page. Its hard trying to depict Kentville, it's so depressing to draw! Such a weird town.
I like this page, it was fairly fast to draw, and I like drawing Eric and Lars.... I don't really have much else to ad except I talked to many friends last night, and we agreed that strawberry flavored milk was the dorkiest thing Eric could want from the store.

Check out the Official Fritz Fargo sight here!
This chapter is turning out to be very background heavy, and its only going to get even heavier. Goodness!

Hopefully you guys are cool going back to the once a week updates for a while, and you don't get too annoyed with me being a bit late :)
I don’t know what I like more, drawing classic horror movie posters, or making up my own.

So this is the official start to chapter 4, a quite moment of Lars hiding his beer bottle bruise. Come back next Wednesday for a page with some dialog on it!
I love this comic. Seriously. I don't know if a title page has ever made me laugh before but this totally did.
I decided I wanted to do more parody title pages. This might be one of those images that I find way funnier then any of my readers will...

So here we begin Chapter 4, you might want to go get caught up on chapter 3, and I'll see you Wednesday for page one!
And thats the end of chapter 4! I hope you all enjoyed it!

I’ll be taking the next couple of weeks off, to get the next chapter ready. Also, The Quick and Dirty Life of Fritz Fargo turns one year old on November 11th! Isn’t that exciting? (Most web-comics take off in their second year, right?)

Have a happy Halloween!
oh how cruel xDDD (why am i laughing then?)
the others should arrive soon ô o

Not much to say about this one, I am very amused by it and for some reason I have to keep getting up to walk around while I inked this page. The last page of this chapter should be up some time Friday.
Damn, that's some epic cover page you got there, buddy.
I think he knows he's not into 'them' >:D
October 26th, 2011
Oh, kissu kissu! For some strange reason, I expected that.
October 26th, 2011
Ooh ya.
October 26th, 2011
Pair of metalheads :D D'awww.
Just watched that Lewis Black with the hubby the other night ... love it.