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Nuzlocke Challenge Emerald

by Shakyo
Playing Pokémon Emerald and doing it Nuzlocke style! Shakyo's journey starts in Hoenn and her goal is to become a new champion, however it takes sacrifices...

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6 Years Ago
Playing Pokémon Emerald and doing it Nuzlocke style! Shakyo's journey starts in Hoenn and her goal is to become a new champion, however it takes sacrifices...

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Beautiful comic. +fave even if inactive.
June 14th, 2016
Actually, you got Rule #1 wrong:

They are not put into the box; they are released. Just correcting a mistake, I'm not some sort of grammar nazi when it comes to this stuff, it was just bothering me, since I was so used to the original rules.

And if you do call me a grammar nazi for this, I swear, I will depth charge your pool so that you will have no swimming capabilities this summer.

Because calling someone what they're not is mean. >:C
What did you and Renataz say!!! please tell me i don't trust Google translator!!
@Renataz: Sori kauhee viivästys jatkon kanssa, ollu vähä alamäkeä ni venähti ja saattaa venyä nytkin, mutta yritän nyt saada nopeammin valmiiksi seuraavan sivun! ;w;

Hehe, Nuttu kerää aika tavalla ihailijoita xD

Riippuu myös pelistä millaisen vastustajan Nuzlockaajat muokkaavat omaa sarjistaan/tarinaansa varten! Gary ja Silverhän ovat juuri tuollaisia pahistyyppejä, kun taas R/S/E:n May/Brendan ovat enemmänkin juuri sellaisessa hyväntahtoisessa kaveriottelusuhteessa pelaajan kanssa C:
Mutta toisaalta kyllähän niistäkin saa muokattua melkosia bitchy pahiksia! :'D itse menen kuitenkin suurimmaksi osaksi pelin linjalla ja pidän Brendaninkin enemmän kaveruksena kuin aggressiivisena rivalina >u< (pft, huomaa kyllä että saan paljon pidempiä vastauksia aikaan omalla äidinkielellä x'D)
Jeei, jatkoa! >w<
Oi, Nuttu on niin suloinen, raukka. ♥
Kerrankin sarjakuva jossa rival ei ole mikään "HOHOHO I'M A PAHIS BITCH" -tyyppi vaan tuollainen, noh, mukava jätkä. Niitä kun on ollut melkein joka Nuzlockessa mitä olen lukenut. |D
@TheProjectCore: ;v;
@bennyboy: Thank you! And sorry I disappeared like that ;w;

And...yes. Very cute and whatnot.
@contradiction123: eeeeeh thank you!! ;v;

November 22nd, 2011
@Stormshine: Yes, you can. On normal gameplays I've found and caught a ralts. They're just exceedingly rare, which is why you'll probably never see a nuzlocke run with ralts.
poor shakyo
November 19th, 2011
;v; sorry guys, I'm trying my best! The next page is halfway done!
@elmocrazy: I'm so sorry for not being online here, but don't worry, I'm continueing this comic! C:
It's just that I'm having my hands full of school stuff and there is a bunch of personal issues added. Slowly but surely I'm finally getting over them and now even my computer works fine, so I can draw smoothly!

Oh and to everyone: OH MY GOD I HAVE OVER HUNDRED WATCHERS HERE! I have no idea how is this possible, I've been like dead for three months and the amount of followers INCREASED!

Thank you thank tou thank you so much ;v; let me love you guys afgsfgasfas

(btw, if you want to contact me, you can find me also from dA and Tumblr! In both places I go with Shakyo, please feel free to send a comment, note or ask me something or anything you want!)
November 18th, 2011
I really like his comic, its going at such a great pace... Hope you continue! D:
September 13th, 2011
i got lucky enough to catch one in my FireRed nuzlocke on the route north of cerulean but sadly she died when facing Giovani
September 2nd, 2011
@Renataz: Bah, I think I'll continue now in Finnish~
Tottakai muistan, oltiinha nyt suht paljon tekemisissä silloin pokehoitolan aikaan! >u<
Ei niitä oikein löydä mistään, paitsi jos jossain nettikaupassa olisi? 83 minulla on Mudkip-pehmo ja senkin ostin laivalta joskus vuonna papu :'D
K-Kiitos, kai sitä on ehkä vähän kehitytty... adsafdsgasfgdas
September 2nd, 2011
@Shakyo: Wahaha, that's good then, now I know that your memory is still working xD
Yeah, I'd buy a Mudkip plush for myself if I'd just find one! >w< And you've gotten just better and better at drawing! I'm jealous Q__Q
August 28th, 2011
Of course I remember you! OuO ahaha, I had to check did I really write Britney and not Briney xD
Whole Mudkip evolution family is so cute! >u< asdfghjkl!
August 28th, 2011
Keep up the good work!
Too bad you didn't get the Abra :( At least you got a Whismur! And oh, Dero evolved. He's über cute! >w<;;
In the third last panel, I read that that old man's name is Britney. And in the next panel, I read "He's a nice old woman". Wtf. D: Does this mean something.
Btw. I'm the same person as Koirazii, if you remember. \o/
August 27th, 2011
@ambiguous: SO SAD INDEED (oh and thank you for faving my nuzlocke, I'm watching yours already <3)
Abras are so cool but capturing them is all about luck in Nuzlockes. So many lucky bastards... :'D