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A 24 Hour Comics Day Benthology

The resulting stories of my last two 24 Hour Comics Day events.


Recent Comments

What DAY? Wasnt it like 10 and a half hour ago?... Oooh, is that the catch?
This was great :) Thanks for bringing the cause to lots of laughter and smiles into this world!
This is just great!
(And up to this day, I didn't even know, that such a thing as sock-suspenders even existed)
I am totally in love with your handwriting :) (and with "ocular receptors")
CSA regulations?
November 17th, 2009
my goodness! how abrupt!

And Frankenstien's blob looked so cute in the third panel. XD
Also... You're a bastard.
My favourite part is still how they got that one guy in the shot who is asleep about four hours into the event and who was gone two hours later. What would be the name of THAT variation?

And hey, there's my arm growing out of your neck!
What I remember most is how you would ask me for random character names, then got mad at me for continuing to suggest them long after you'd picked one. The way you pursed your lips in frustration when I said "Khalid?" will live with me in my heart forever.
Gibson Twist
November 13th, 2009
Elton John reference! Kickass!
Is that bikini up to CSA regulations?
Wonderful. I come back on smackjeeves to discover that there is a lot of new stuff from you. Good. Don't mind me, I'm alright, I'll just sit there.
November 10th, 2009
aww, ain't he a cute little... huge guy. XD

0_0 his eye's sewn together! >_< that must hurt.
November 10th, 2009
this year's really living up to its name with its abrupt endings. XD
I'll give you your calculator, but it'll be SOLAR POWERED!
November 5th, 2009
wait, why is his henchman calling him Poppa?
November 2nd, 2009
No this isn't the Caped Canuck you know! This is Golden Age Caped Canuck! The current Caped Canuck in Zom-Ben is actually the third to don the red maple leaf.
October 25th, 2009
A British Vampire Mummy?!?

BRILLIANT! *it had to be done, it had to be done. XD*
ugh, i envy people like you.

haven't shaved in about a month now, and there's little... maybe quarter inch long, scraggles of hair. my side burns are getting full, but no luck on my beard or mustache. =___=