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Pi and Pea's Nuzlocke Adventures

Pi and Pea's Nuzlocke Adventures

by pipipipi
Pi embarks on a Nuzlocke Challenge adventure in Unova! Together with her smug Snivy, Pea, she'll have to stop Team Plasma from making a world without Pokemon... Will they be able to work together? Will they make it through, until the end? ...alive?
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Pi and Pea's Nuzlocke Adventures

Pi embarks on a Nuzlocke Challenge adventure in Unova! Together with her smug Snivy, Pea, she'll have to stop Team Plasma from making a world without Pokemon... Will they be able to work together? Will they make it through, until the end? ...alive?


Recent Comments

I really love how scary made one feel only seeind zenkrom, this dude is hardcored ... I hope pi and everybody be okay, and reshiram i know u depresse but now unova need ur help one more time, pi need ur flames! And everybody need getsis on fire coff coff ups
Even though this comic isn’t finished yet, I sitll really wanna say thank you so much for making this comic, ahhhhhh. I read this along with playing Pokemon Black for the first time in years, following along with both stories, and it was an amazing experience! It really reawakened my love for the game and its characters and story—Thanks.
FINALLY MADE IT FROM A FAR. Fiuh. Also I started from Johto as well, so Johto trainers! Also I understand both opinions (Pi and N) so just continue.
Finally caught up to the latest page! Your adventure was long! I really liked every challenge you came across! Plz keep going! Don't let this die off
October 28th, 2018

*gasp* IT's mE
you okay?
its been a few months
*Burns eyes from last panel*
That timing
I read the comic and listened to the song, and while the song was playing I was playing Pokémon Black(I’m sorta following along with the comic as I play the game). *I kid you not, as soon as I finished a battle, my Archen hit 37 and I was greeted with the evolution screen as the song ended.* Then I felt like crying for a bit.
Castles are good, but this particular one is creepy.
Even when it's full of Team Plasma members.
And oh look! It's awakening!
And where do you actually live exactly?
Bandung? Jakarta?
Where is it
WHERE IS THE NEXT EPISODE, I Get that something might have happened but no updates no news PIPIPIPI WHERE U AT?!?!?!
May 27th, 2018
@pipipipi: Wow oh wow, I never though I'd get to this point and find it still ongoing. The excitement and hype is real now and I can't wait for what's net.
Daaaaang that Zekrom silhouette is majestic
Just a question
@pipipipi: Not sure if you've answered this or not, but do you plan on ever evolving Kuli? Or maybe its impossible because you're using an emulator...
Zekrom's stare was so intimidating, it made color appear.
@JackTheBest: thank you very much for waiting :') I do my best!

@Digiblade: oh man thanks for your first time commenting! Greatly appreciated!

@Chelvo @artificer urza: That's exactly it, isn't it? ;D

@PartnerInLime: Aw, thank you so much I certainly hope I can live up to the hype lol... As to answer your question, yeah! I'll have like... a couple episodes of the aftermath. IDK yet how long, but definitely some stuff to wrap up.
We are finally getting into [i]that[/i] castle soon... *sweats* I'm moving at a snail's pace ahahhhhaaaa

but anyway! I hope you guys enjoy! Also disclaimer, for next pages I might kinda cut more corners and figure out how to finish an episode faster without cutting too much quality, because I don't have as much free time as I used to... but I still very much want to finish this ;w;

Indonesian announcement: Saya bakal ada di Pasar Komik Bandung (Bandung 5-6 Mei), dan Creators Super Fest (Jakarta, 12-13 Mei) :D info nomor booth menyusul. S-sebenernya gak tau bakal bawa apa di Pakoban selain bawa diri, tapi mungkin buat CSF bakal ada new draws?? Maybe?? IDK LOL if you're around and want to come I'll be available to talk haha
I can honestly understand pi since in english evryone said my name wrong (thats why i made sadey)
@pipipipi: This all feels pretty epic, just like you intended! I feel bad not saying it earlier, but this impressive altered story easily makes up for the surprisingly easy time you had when playing the game to make the nuzlocke comic years back. Other nuzlocke comic series don't even come close to drawing me in like this one, so my hype for the finale is through the roof! Thank you so much for this webcomic, Pi!
(One last question to end my comment: After the story ends, are you going to provide a couple of extra episodes to explore any aspects of the story that couldn't immediately be tied up by the final confrontation?)