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Pi and Pea's Nuzlocke Adventures

Pi embarks on a Nuzlocke Challenge adventure in Unova! Together with her smug Snivy, Pea, she'll have to stop Team Plasma from making a world without Pokemon... Will they be able to work together? Will they make it through, until the end? ...alive?


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@Shawn: oh man, did I? I should go check ASAP!
Knights of the Truth, attack!
Of course Pea would love that line!
Glad to see you back! And this was quite the twist: N's Pokemon afraid of him? I wonder where this is going.

As for the Latin, please double-check the e-mail that has the translation. You switched two words there.

EDIT: Zekrom facepalming? That's an image I never thought I'd see.
@ZHODY the delfinator: huh, I had no idea. Three playthroughs of the gen and I've always visited the musketeers after post-game!

@angryskitty: thanks! Kinda too bad I never got the chance to use it hahaha

@CombatMagi: my rule of thumb is if you can somewhat transfer them later, such a shame to waste a shiny encounter 8D
At least you caught the shiny,I know you have the clause, like a lot of Nuzlockes I've seen, but TFS killed one recently that they ran into in their Moon Nuzlocke. It physically hurt to watch.
Oooh, congrats on the shiny!
Actually, u can visit all the musketeers before post-game!

And nice luck on the shiny!
Maybe the other Legendaries of this region don’t have enough place in the story, but… I wanted to show that they’re still active. Terrakion is in the Victory Road in Pokemon Black but you can't access his place until post-game, iirc.

And, that's it with Victory Road! I'll be asking for your patience again as I go on another break until I finish the next update. m(_ _)m Thanks again!
Extra worldbuilding: bringing powerful pokemon to another region is not easy matter, unless you're a member of the League, or a Champion-approved Trainer. Regular citizens like Pi's mom got to get through plenty of processes to be allowed to bring their Pokemon. Both the Trainer and the Pokemon will be examined, to ensure they will be okay in the differing climates of other regions, and not be a danger to the environment. Kinda like getting visas for your Pokemon! Mom's a Unova citizen now, but her Pokemon are not cleared to visit Unova just yet.
@Chimney: Aaah I'm glad that you found it again and still love it! ;w; I'm still very sorry about Rocca haha... Welcome back and I hope you'll enjoy the future updates!

@Aragorn199: She definitely needs one :')

@w5157: Always glad to see returning readers, thank you!
Haven't checked back in a while, huh.
I'm so glad you're still going with this though!
If you followed my art blog for a while, you might have seen the flashback with Zekrom’s hero before. Finally I found a way to include it in the main comics… This is the full flashback.

Well, seems like we’ve arrived at some kind of conclusion. Next week will be the last part of Victory Road!
...Is anyone else feeling an overpowering urge to give this girl a hug right now?
January 16th, 2017
That delinquent N, ripping books like that. He should be ashamed of himself.
Ahhh damn I've really forgotten this comic for such a long time. Found it again and read it all in one session.

God, I love it so much. Again.
And Pi and Pea are just the most adorable partners seriously love them both sooo much

anyway hsdkjflhg thaaanks for still doing this comic!!! Looking forward to more updates in the future, in your own time <3
So, Bianca’s gift is put into use finally! I’d say her hits are probably only annoying for the Durants, but at least she could keep her distance from them, more time for her team to step in.
At the Knights of the Truth scene, I'm thinking of this music. (or this one for the lyrics because it sounds fitting)
<sub>We march on, even against violent winds / Because there are fortress walls we can't scale by running away
Even if your knees start to shake and wobble, I won't laugh / Because I know the strength behind the ones I am facing

Knights of the Truth... if only I thought of it sooner, it could be a nice title for this nuzlocke? lol

Meanwhile, looks like N's status as Hero of Ideals is in danger. See you next week on Pi and Pea's Adventures!

For Indonesian, specifically Jakarta:
Again, I will be in Comifuro, Sabtu ini tanggal 21 Jan :D
gw bareng temen2 di booth Aletheia no. F19-F21, bawa yang ada di list ini, and more old stuff. Do visit and chat maybe? :P
@Snivy1234: oh no... I mean that's 4 deaths so far in the comic!
@pipipipi: Thanks. And shoot that means four pokemon are dying and I'm pretty sure it's going to be all my favorite ones.
@Snivy1234: Yes, that's exactly what it means. In a nuzlocke, fainted is considered dead (and then if we do a story based on the playthrough, include the deaths in the story)
@TechGamer5: he screwed up 8)

@Jet: Yeah... and it's Zekrom. N's gotta listen. And thank you, despite being a Black nuzlocke I have to draw Zekrom a lot more than Reshiram ;;3;;
Sorry, I never played a nuzloke but what does casualties mean. Please don't tell me that it's the number of pokemon dying.