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Pi and Pea's Nuzlocke Adventures

Pi embarks on a Nuzlocke Challenge adventure in Unova! Together with her smug Snivy, Pea, she'll have to stop Team Plasma from making a world without Pokemon... Will they be able to work together? Will they make it through, until the end? ...alive?


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Zorua knows..... Also, has anyone ever thought about "the whole world will listen to you" line? I know it's emphasizing the legandaries's power, but think about what a competitive battler could do to N's team with an excadrill. This was just a thought provoking panel in general, especially with daddy plasma. Does he actually love n at all?
...from my visions of the world
You will cry, all alone
but it does not mean a thing to me

Whew... It feels like forever since the song inspired me to draw this scene. (Well, it's been at least 4 years. 5 years?) And this seems like the appropriate time in the story, since there's that flashback of N earlier in previous episode. I just... really wanted to elaborate on N's childhood a bit.
April 8th, 2017
@Mud: haha, thanks! I can edit it before I can archive the files :>
Mud (Guest)
April 7th, 2017
It should be "how come my daughter HAS to face"

Sorry for the correction :(
April 7th, 2017
Well, it's not exactly a full update but it's a real update, right?

I seem to have this habit of, "hmm I'm not gonna draw this scene" "actually, I will"
Also since the Musketeers have appeared, I wanted to show how Victini is doing. (As for the Forces of Nature, I don't really like them, so I don't really feel like writing them. haha)
@AJPJweallluvJJ @angryskitty: That's definitely the best way to read it ;)

@PandoraWolf: I've only discovered it recently... downside of living on the other side of the world I guess, haha. Thank you, next update shouldn't be long!

@Edriks @Aragorn199: haha thanks! I wish I can draw like I'm running out of time~
April 4th, 2017
[ April 2017 edit ]
Edited the cover's background and title layout :>
And then Arceus' judgement turned them all to stone, and the Greil Mercenaries had to fight Arceus with Giratina's help to save the world? :P

(alt. : "Oh holy one, cast thy purifying light upon these corrupt souls.... JUDGEMENT!")
I can't wait to read this again. It's only a matter of time~...
This is absolutely beautiful. :') The song was playing in my head as I was reading.
I love you're comic! so fun and epic at the same times! keep making good job! readers have their eyes on you ;)
Hamilton. Well played. Isn't that the musical everyone and their dog is obsessed with nowadays? It's a funny April fools comic though. I'm excited for the next update!
I'm just scrolling through the comic while playing the song and it makes it even more epic
@pbbt: Thank you!! It shouldn't take too much time! ;w;

@artificer urza: Only because it’s something that never actually happens in the actual storyline :”) perhaps if you really want this as “real”, consider this a dream that neither Pi nor N could remember. (also, the update's almost word-to-word from the original song. It’s kinda this comic’s April Fools tradition to be part musical)

@MatrixMercenary: Alexandra Pimelton, when Unova sings for you... will they know what you overcame?
Alexandra Pimelton..... We are waiting in the wings for you...
How is this a fake update? There's a comic and it adds to current events. At worst, it might be thought of as 'filler', but I don't see how it's fake.
AHHH that was such a beautiful fake update tho bless........ looking forward to your next update!!
Who Lives, Who Dies,
Who Tells Your Story.

Hello everyone, I hope you liked this update! I thought I should try doing a full-color comic, and... boy, this was fun but I'm not doing the whole comic like this, haha. Otherwise my updates would take even longer than it already is... Can you imagine?

And yes, again, I don't really try to "fool". To be honest, this update is actually very in character and won't be out of place as a "real" update... It's only an April Fools extra because the past heroes will never get to interact with the current heroes (they are dead, after all). Also, while the song I used is History Has Its Eyes On You... in the comic's original context, all the past heroes are forgotten in history...

Anyway! I do love Hamilton very much. If you haven't listened to it, the whole album is on Spotify (and Youtube I think). Or maybe, try One Last Time, since that was what brought me into it.

I hope you have a good day!
And here I thought Kuli said "cok!)"
Names Of Unova FE Games
Fire Emblem Fates: Truths
Fire Emblem Fates: Ideals
Fire Emblem Fates: Completion?

(Imagine If This Gets Noticed XD)