Ugly Boy's Love

Short stories about boys falling in love


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Don't approach with pitty. Just be like. "hey, umm. sorry I didn't recognize you before."
Kevin, you might wanna stay with him to be supportive y'know? ^_^
uhuh. I see dat blush. X3
*squirm* ugh... lol
I called it lol
I KNEW IT! I FRIGGIN KNEW IT!!! I knew that flashback was more important than we thought!!! I knew it was Carl!!! Aaaah!!! I need more!!!!
Whaaaaaat hahaha
"harry dick" :'D
I love how the guy next to him looks like how he does now. XD.
Of course it's the popular guy you had a crush on- you silly thing- you! LOL
Nooooo I got to see this!!!!!!!!
@Vanilla The Witch: Hahah I am so predictable!! (ノ≧ڡ≦) but of course I had to!!
I think I know where this is going, and I LOVE IT!!!!
@Blackchick: haha yes precisely!!
@Blackchick: thats what i was thinking!
i guess i was wrong
he's blind isn't he
Because you're not a jerk, you have a conscience, aaaaaaaand you're in serious denial sweetie! LOL
Okay. I feel like there is some history here. So I'm curious. What happened to him?
Poor Kevin, he's really upset now.