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Ugly Boy's Love

Short stories about boys falling in love


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Wow yay an update !!
It looks like someone shot him in the head.
hes dummy thique
not to be rude or anything but no ones talking abt how they're cousins... :/
sweet home alabama
PFFFFFTTT- Im dying, this is so creepy but hilarious
PFFFFFTTT- Im dying, this is so creepy but hilarious
the way that im geeking right now
NOOOO im going to jump off a bridge this is to kyute.
@M-24: Yep, I agree. I gotta get used to it myself and maybe I'll get better at it. Thanks for reading!!
@aryaya: Thanks! Glad to be back!
I'd like to think he tries out with the whole team, with repeat tryouts yet to produce a definite winner :P....
Omg missed you! Good to see you back 😊
Time sure flies!
Wow I'm glad to see you updating again! This series is so nostalgic, I've missed it. I admit I think your previous format suits your style of storytelling more, but I'll just see how this one goes.

My body is READY for this new chapter!
Thanks! I don't blame ya!
Damn I thought you were dead lol I had actually forgot about this☺ welcome back!!
So a lot's happened while I've been away. I can no longer create pages using the method I used to so I'm trying a digital approach now. I'm also going for a more vertical format so I'm not sure how it will look on this site. If it's not worth it uploading here, I'll likely stick to just updating on Tapas. Let me know if you think otherwise. Thanks for reading!