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Ugly Boy's Love

Short stories about boys falling in love


Recent Comments

yes!!!!!!!! one punch man
Literally dead XD
Of fudging course!! Saw that one from a mile away lol
And now I have an excuse to re-read Baldy. Thanks, for that.
Next update
If you are wondering why this comic says it updated but there isn't a new page yet, it's because I just uploaded a missing page to Baldy and the Beast.

This story is still not updating yet. I'm working on the character poll result images and then I'll updated this comic so it'll probably be a few more weeks. Thanks for reading!
Just realized I never uploaded this page. Weird
WOAH, he's well built.
Beyond cute
Creepy carl watches u in ur sleep
"One PUNCH!!!!!"
Into the bedroom we go!
Shit indeed.
(sarcasm) OH You DON'T SAY!!!!!!!
I'm gonna be honest, I'm really loving these stories (and this cover page, so amazing!), but part of me is still hoping we'll get a paraplegic, hardcore gamer, or actual legit/not family guy-esque nudist in a future story
yay!! i love this comic and get up and go so i'm winning no matter what haha
Long hair? LONG HAIR?!
My time has come *o* LOL

And main guy looks hot and sophisticated too, I think I'm gonna love this (I always do)
Ooh, this looks interesting!