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Iris the ultimate self-proclaimed fangirl!


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@GeckoGC: Hi there, I used Photoshop. :)

I don't frequent this site anymore, but you can definitely pop in to say hi at my Facebook page. ^_^

Thanks for the love! :)
I saw this and instantly said "*Gasp* oh my goodness"first time something like that has happened to me
I LOVE THIS!!! want do you use because I want to make art like this (not plagiarizing or anything but you know what I mean)
I feel smart for getting a 2DS
Hey what do you use to draw?
Facebook profile is active, so... It's alive!
July 28th, 2014
I found your blog from Extra Credits, and was kind of disappointed when I saw that there were only 64 comments. Then was relieved when I saw you just moved, then disappointed again when I saw the blog didn't exist. Then the Youtube, then the Facebook, you get the gist. Are you dead? If not, I wish you luck with your projects in the future, you write some pretty funny stuff.
Well now I really want a slurpee! Ermegancy gas station run!
Player Z
October 12th, 2013
Where did you go?
Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name vggal is available to register!
how do you do animation?! (if you don't mind me asking D:)
Awwww! Its the cutest thing ever!!!! :D
I have a 3DS too and when i first saw the 3D i was like " OW!" and turned away fast Never knew 3D hurt so much :(
o-o.. my hair is 3 ft long >:D.. I can't do much with it cause it's so damn thick ;-; so i always leave it down >:D. I'm just sort of used to it =o. when i was younger I used to have it down to my feet but then my stupid ass step da had to cut it -_-
haha that's awesome!! ^^
March 29th, 2012
New Blog :D
Hey there peeps. I suppose I didn't make it too clear last time, hence the confusion. I'm sorry! >_<

I will be phasing out (or perhaps already did? :O)to my Facebook page for general discussion and randomness, while I'll be posting everything Iris related to my blog.

It's a decision I made due to not enough time to pursue Iris at the moment.

Does that mean there won't be anymore Iris? Not necessarily. As the blog explains, I will be posting my thoughts, and Iris related posts (pictures, development news, etc) as much as I can.

Unfortunately, it won't be a comic blog (there will be occasional comics though! D:) so I think I should let you know up front :(

But I'd be happy to see you join in the conversation either at my blog or my Facebook page.

See you on the other side! :)


Facebook Page:
Working on Blog
@Bender B Rodriguez: Hi Bender. Thank you so much for the continued interested while I apologize for the lack of anything these days ;_;

I opened a blog in hopes to keep things in motion. That said, I haven't made an official announcement because it's still in the works.

Thanks! ;D
Hi! Is there ever going to be updates again, or shall I stop visiting in hopes of an update??
The one to kill trolls.

*Skyrim Theme Here*
@Graham: :D I hope you liked it!