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Indie Bones

by csuggs
Follow Indie Bones, hipster extraordinaire as he tries to understand his new afterlife. Updates Tues and Thurs for now!
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8 Years Ago
Follow Indie Bones, hipster extraordinaire as he tries to understand his new afterlife. Updates Tues and Thurs for now!


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November 14th, 2011
I didn’t quite imagine my first appearance in the comic would go quite like this. Anyhow, like the adorable version of me up there says, Indie Bones is drawing to a premature close. Trust me, if anyone at all is upset about this, I am more upset, as I hate quitters. If it makes you feel any better, I am reveling in self-loathing now! But really, not only is there not very much interest in the story, I’m not even that interested in it. I’m getting tired of churning out crappy pop culture jokes that are end up being horribly outdated since I work so far ahead of the actual posting date.
Loads of thanks to those who kept up with this comic, even to those who just gave it a passing glance. Special thanks goes to my family and friends who supported this crazy thing for the longest time. This idea has been with me since July, 2010. It’s been fun, but for now I think I should take the time to get back to doing what I love instead of just doing what I think I should do.
If you are for some reason still interested in seeing my work, I’m on twitter and Google+, and I plan to start uploading some fun stuff and maybe get some illustration work going now that I’ve freed up a big chunk of time with this news.
November 9th, 2011
Apologies for Cali's face in this one. I was still getting the hang of tablet work, so a lot of the expressions got wonky.
Can you tell that I watch project runway religiously? "Who is this girl? Where is she going?"
Dangerous times in Denton! Rain, tornado watch, and a baby earthquake all in one night. The earthquake fiasco really just consisted of my chair shaking slightly and me realizing that I don't know any of the local news channels so I just perused facebook to make sure we weren't going to die immediately before returning to my xbox. Exciting!
November 2nd, 2011
My first full digital strip! It's a bit rough at first, just so ya know.
Don't forget to check out the 30 Characters Challenge!
In unrelated news, it is super freaking windy/cold here! It is making scary noises and messing up my hair. Also, my hair has grown long enough so it is able to be messed up. Problems abound!
November 1st, 2011
In the last panel I thought he had a chubby for his cousin :P
November 1st, 2011
What is this digital sorcery?? Also, don't be alarmed by the title of this chapter, this comic is in no way ending ;)
Slightly late again today, but I have an excuse: I am taking part in the 30 Characters Challenge! If you're interested in seeing some random drawings by me and a bunch of other cool people, head over there and check it out!
October 31st, 2011
Oh dear, I forgot to color in his ridiculous necklace. Just pretend it's glowing with pure irony, okay? Anyway, have a lovely Halloween, dear readers. May your holiday be filled with meeping chameleons dressed in full hipster regalia :)
This page's dialogue was the reason I started typing up actual scripts instead of just scribbling tiny thumbnails and hoping I'd remember the joke later. Special dedication goes out to the guy I knew in high school who watched Borat one too many times.
Things are crazy here as usual but I'm doing my best to stay on top of things. If all goes well you can expect to see a bonus drawing of a certain adorable companion whose costume we've yet to see! Stay tuned on Monday for the Halloween treat, no tricks, I promise :)
October 25th, 2011
Apologies for the slight tardiness, I just got back from a great performance by My Brightest Diamond! Shara Worden was absolutely amazing :)
October 19th, 2011
Another early update because I stayed out super late last night with my friends getting piercings, dyeing/cutting hair, etc and I didn't get to take a nap today 'cause my family came into town so I could see my lovely mother on her birthday (hi, Mom!) so I am exhausted. Ohhh college.
Anyway, this page is ugly and I apologize for it. I got really into using ink and brush one day and I thought I could handle doing a comic with it and... yeah. The next page should be less sloppy!
it's good to review, Indie.
Sometimes I think I should rename this comic Dan Explains Death Plus There's Some Jokes.
Early update tonight cause there are crazy storms here and I'm frightened for my internet connection (which is closely related to being frightened for my life!).
October 12th, 2011
I think Cali looks adorable in her costume! Dan... not so much.
Oh man so "work of art: the next great artist" premiered today and there was a disappointing lack of cartoonists! I could never be in that competition, I'm not nearly artsy/creepy enough.
October 10th, 2011
I am extremely glad I never had to draw Pops in full Mistress Blah Blah regalia.

GUYS I GOT A SQUISHABLE AND HE IS A TURTLE AND HE IS CUDDLY AND HIS NAME IS GUSTAV. Okay. Sorry, had to get that adorableness out of my system.
Indie's piggy costume is dedicated to my friend who loves pigs very much. The piratey Indie is dedicated to me, because I love pirates very much. There's a lot of deep meaning in this comic in case you haven't figured it out.

I also made a swanky new banner, see? Check out that digital work! Gettin to be pretty fancy 'round here ;)
October 3rd, 2011
What's this bright stuff called again? Oh, that's right, color! Decided to try out some orange ink for this seasonal storyline.
In other news, a very kind reader on Drunk Duck wrote about Indie Bones for the site's Monday feature! Thanks, skoolmunkee :)
September 28th, 2011
That Lorenzo is quite the conversationalist, isn't he? Wrapping up the party storyline and heading into a fun seasonal tale next week!
September 26th, 2011
Oh Indie, stop giving me ideas with which to torture you.
I've been messing around in photoshop today, trying to do digital comics again. The only way I can make myself do it is if I use fun calligraphy brushes. Otherwise I get bored/frustrated. Perhaps we'll eventually have a chapter done digitally! We'll see. And not the "we'll see" your parents give you when they really just mean "no".
September 22nd, 2011
Ah jeez, sorry I'm a bit late, guys. I was working on a design project and I lost track of time!
September 19th, 2011
aww yisss, bring on the classy jokes. ACL was a ton of fun. I saw 12 awesome shows and Christian Bale to boot! Not bad for only going for two days.
September 14th, 2011
Obviously I am in no way suggesting that the "perfect" girl is beautiful and/or tall and/or slightly mentally challenged. If that was the case, I would probably go hide in a cave with my 5'4, snack-loving, collegiate self.
In other news, I'm going to Austin City Limits this weekend! So freaking excited :)