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It's a hard life
Robin is ten years old and travels through Kanto with her pokemon to find a place to call home. This is a story about struggle, survival and friendship in a cruel world.


This is a Nuzlocke comic. Contains swearing, violence and death. And sometimes some gore.

Updates are sadly quite irregular but I have no plans on giving up on it anytime soon!


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Comment on Chapter 11: Page 41
The Missingno. Master, 01 Mar 2015 08:29 pm
@ODLJsjf: Those Snorlax are no ordinary wild Pokémon. Caught one in the Red Nuzlocke I'm doing (named it Homer) with no fatalities, but it was pretty damn close. Incredible defenses, the healing capabilities of Rest at their disposal, and they break out of Poké Balls like they're legendaries.
Comment on Chapter 11: Page 41
The Missingno. Master, 01 Mar 2015 08:27 pm
@Anonymous: Maybe they're not all dead. I mean, that Growlithe had us all thinking the worst, right? And it turned out OK, right? Just like this, right? Right?? RIGHT?!?!
Comment on Chapter 11: Page 41
Anonymous (Guest), 28 Feb 2015 02:47 pm
...They can't all be dead. You can't be serious
Comment on Chapter 11: Page 41
E (Guest), 27 Feb 2015 04:55 pm
*Uncontrollable sobbing*
*Still sobbing* I- I- *Sob* Not P-puck *sniffle*
Comment on Chapter 11: Page 41
HeyZeus, 27 Feb 2015 04:17 pm
Is this the End?
It's been far too long since an update happened. If this is were you lost your Nuzlocke please make an ending chapter with closure. Or play through with the survivors. Please. Don't leave me crying like this T^T
Comment on Chapter 11: Page 41
hugefan (Guest), 27 Feb 2015 02:15 am
this is too amazing...!!!
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 24
Sexual Firestorm (Guest), 26 Feb 2015 05:42 pm
Marowak in panel 1...
Comment on Chapter 11: Page 41
ODLJsjf (Guest), 24 Feb 2015 03:44 pm
Don't know how you would lose your entire party to a wild pokemon.

Your team should be a high enough level to defeat it.
Comment on Chapter 1: Page 7
Couldn't help it... (Guest), 21 Feb 2015 11:05 pm
He pulled it over his head, I think.
Comment on Chapter 11: Page 41
tastethelazer (Guest), 21 Feb 2015 01:37 pm
Holy update batman, I generally only check back on nuzlockes every few months to stockpile a good amount of pages (Hopefully), but damn was that a monstrous update in a startlingly short amount of time. This is without a doubt my favorite Nuzlocke comic I've ever read, and Pluto is the best Snorlax ever. Thank you, for letting me read this.


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