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It's a hard life
Robin is ten years old and travels through Kanto with her pokémon to find a place to call home. This is a story about struggle, survival and friendship in a cruel world.


This is a Nuzlocke comic. Contains swearing, violence and death. And sometimes some gore.

Updates are sadly quite irregular but I have no plans on giving up on it anytime soon!


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Comment on Chapter 10: Page 30
Vonny, 23 Apr 2014 01:48 am
this > sleep :T
I just spent god knows how long marathoning this comic. It is almost 2 am and i still crave for more amazing art, story, characters, and watercolors!

My eyes are so tired and I'm half asleep but this fills my heart with energy and vigor and damn it all, if only i had the ability to skip bed and draw fanart or smth...

so thank you so much I await feverishly for the next updates!
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 30
DragonTrainer, 22 Apr 2014 04:50 pm
That thing with Gary was a super close call. Oh my.
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 30
mapsal313, 22 Apr 2014 03:22 pm
Nice! I love the creepy Marowak!
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 30
Guest, 22 Apr 2014 01:35 am
Oh i just noticed the bellsprout under Swann i am a little confused who that is.
Also where is Kato is all of this?
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 30
Acetylsalicilique (Guest), 21 Apr 2014 05:43 pm
Arf, I'm gonna have to be that guy again :/
Typo in the last panel, "where" instead of "were".

With that said, don't let my Grammar Nazi-ing stop you from feeling awesome about your work, because you should.
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 30
TheYellowHat, 21 Apr 2014 11:58 am
Bro, your comic is amazing, keep up the good work.
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 27
Acetylsalicilique (Guest), 21 Apr 2014 11:40 am
Typo in the first panel, "challange"
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 27
SkyxHunter, 20 Apr 2014 08:29 pm
Robin and Puck with poker face.. XD
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 24
Blester (Guest), 20 Apr 2014 03:57 pm
Blind much?
IKR? I would be the same way as Gary if for some reason a blind person would react "at first sight" on that room and noticing a bed right away.
Comment on Chapter 10: Page 17
Hello (Guest), 20 Apr 2014 09:47 am
Phew, it's just Fuji... panic over


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