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It's a hard life

It's a hard life

by Qlock
Robin is ten years old and travels through Kanto with her pokemon to find a place to call home. This is a story about struggle, survival and friendship in a cruel world.


This is a Nuzlocke comic. Contains swearing, violence and death. And sometimes some gore.

Updates in batches every other Monday.
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It's a hard life

Robin is ten years old and travels through Kanto with her pokemon to find a place to call home. This is a story about struggle, survival and friendship in a cruel world.


This is a Nuzlocke comic. Contains swearing, violence and death. And sometimes some gore.

Updates in batches every other Monday.


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@forkshifter: Two years? HA! I'm late by FIVE!
@roobee: I mean, she did assault him. She might've had decent reason to, but Gary was still assaulted.
@Guest: yep
That Fearow looks pretty badass in that third panel.
@Qlock: "hopefully it doesn't take 2 months to complete", he says. Geez, I'm begging for you to complete this!
you my good man. Are awesome!
@Qlock: From beginning till end there is allot of depth and thrill in this comic. The bonding is great! I am in love with the story and your style as it from beginning till now has improved dramaticly. I would dare say that if this was a book it be one of my favorites.

I got something slightly close to the comic as a book. But I prefer this over that any time.

I hope you keep up this great work. Thank you with all my hearth for this thrill!
take your time!
I've loved reading this comic, and I can tell how much work you've put into it! Wow! 6 years!

Don't you worry about hurrying to post - just take care of yourself. I know how hard it can be do do art with depression, so just focus on yourself and feeling better for now! Hope we hear from you in the future. :) You're the best!
Please keep it up!
I absolutely love this story. Your art is quirky and lively and you have such great characters. Keep up the amazing work!
Support Artists!
@Qlock: Hi Qlock, I really enjoy your work and this story, in my opinion, is by far the best Pokemon story I have ever read in any medium. I would like to purchase a book whenever you have finished. Please email me.
Great to see you're back, so happy to see the next button on the last page ^^ . Depression sucks but I hope you stay strong and have your closed ones nearby to keep it in check.
@Qlock: Thanks for continue posting and updating the comic! It's going pretty well. Thank you so much! :D
I love how all of this started with Gary being a massive *DICK*
took me a good bit off time, but it looks like i have caught up with this one.
@Tenka: its worse then understanding, it actually wants to go out with a bang
@Guest: 1987, one of the 4kids ones or 2012?
this is exactly why residential placements don't work, you put a bad kid around a bunch of other bad kids and all it dose it make the kid worse.
its even worse when it was a kid who was more or less falsely accused of various crimes due to someone bulling her and lying to the cops, teachers, ect.
Heh, pmd-esk life
A nuzlocke challenge where it's just the pokemon...

Hmm... Heh, where's one with the human killed off, so it would just be the party of pokemon that would take over, how's that for a plot twist? Now THAT would be interesting, to me.
Unfortunately I think only I would think of that... Turning it into a pmd style team running around doing some rather odd things in-line with the game for whatever reason... Hah!

If only I could... :c

I'm no artist... xc
why can't I be this good >-<

**becomes like Kato**
BAHAHAHAHAH *gets completely swished by other readers*
Jojjo's death. As untimely to all hell, is actually needed.

Damn, I'm a prick.

Dragging along a character that couldn't really progress like the others... Not because of power or skill; it's because of what she is... and im nor saying 'bug' or 'wingless' at this point in a nuzlocke...


Well... How do I put this...

The next set of gyms + the elite four + newer additions... Outside of 'box' logic -like the HM slave bellsprout- there's nothing a beedrill could really do at this point, it's only good for pokes, or finishing off... Fodder or a new character grinding session trainer/mentor (which btw sounds awesome for a motherly figure just like she was back before s.s.Anne **weeeeee**) except once again... Glass cannon during this point in the game.

Her time of death, or boxing, was coming soon.

And dammit I'm mf gary again... Geezuz.
Just save Kato...He's still useful AF. If he dies this early................. :c

I swear even if he... If he does make it through to the extreme end, he's so getting a spot in my pmd universe as a high end pokemon.
If he dies, he'll be literally be memoralized instead. :c

ehem... Team Kato..? Hrm.. Hem...

Sorry jojjo... your bizarre adventure ends here. :/
Ok... kato... *deep breath*
The whole reason I am reading this webcomic is purely because of Kato... T^T

He's the only one in the entire cast to resemble one of my own characters perfectly. Down to how he looks, so if he dies...

Well, sheeeeet... I better go tell my friend Prim that his Yigo died in this comic... :c
I shall remake Kato in my universe (of pure pokemens) as a literal tribute to him...

He'll I'll make him someone to make a note of...

Unlike most peeps, I don't cry. I mean that... My type of humor is on par with black mirror. This stuff I love. I mean I hate seeing pain but I love insanity to the point I purposefully break my own characters by killing off named/statused characters... I've only killed off main characters probably about... Eh... 4 times:

politoed, railu, malamar, gabite... Yea 4 times.

So it doesn't really hit me hard... But dammit kato... Your cute.

"Stop it."
"Get some help."

Outside of sounding like a Gary motherfuckin Oak, I will still probably keep reading this work of literal art after his demise, reluncantly, because that's how good you made this.

Fuckin hell this webcomic got me good. :3
I seriously want someone like you around... Too bad my wishes never come to fruition, it's just my luck.

((pmd rp forumotion, names ravio. Place is dying but Im around with a few others that just... Do. We also use piratepad but only give it out to those who don't mind my type of roleplaying... aswell as how much they stick around.)
@previous comment

Snorlium indeeeeeeeeeeed! xD