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Gensokyo Sweets

A series of mostly random comics about the characters of the Danmaku series Touhou Project.


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July 2nd, 2019
Q: What's your trick to dealing with incidents?
Sanae: I have the power of a live goddess. Is there anything else you need for solving incidents, I wonder?


I just love the idea of a Sanae who has completely lost all of common sense and loves beating up youkai, to the point where even Reimu would tell her to take it easy on the youkai extermination.
Reimu: It's just a job!
Sanae: It's a passion!
Reimu: You may want to seek help. ¬.¬;
June 16th, 2019
Q: What's your trick to dealing with incidents?
Marisa: Knowledge is power, so studying is the key to victory. And during my free time, I go an' annoy Reimu. Gotta socialize, ze~!


the idea of this comic (or the entire arc, for that matter) is rarther old; when I wrote the script, Reisen had not yet been a playable character in a main game, so what Marisa says here was true at that point. (Btw, I do not count PoFV, as that is not a regular danmaku game).
I intended to have Meiling mention Reisen, with Marisa answering "Who?", not even remembering her, but the first panel is crowded enough as it is, so I removed that line again.

Personally, I don't consider "Marisa stealing books from other people" to be the punchline of this comic. I just really like the idea of someone (probably Rinnosuke) knowing fully well that there is only one person in the entirety of Gensokyo who would even bother taking books unasked, so rather than labeling their property as theirs, they'd rather just tell Marisa to keep her hands away.

Komachi, Meiling, Marisa © ZUN
Never forget that, despite her innocent appearance, Rumia is a human eating youkai. Do not approach her, even during nights of a new moon.

Komachi, Meiling, Rumia © ZUN
Q: What's your trick to dealing with incidents?
Reimu: Easy. I made the rules, and I made them so I can never lose.


The demo for Touhou 17 is releasing/ has been released today, so I had to throw in a reference or two to it just for the heck of it.
Originally, Reimu was just supposed to appear as a giant, menacing shadow in the last panel, but this seemed more fitting. :D

Also, remember not to mess with the miko.

Reimu, Komachi, Meiling © ZUN
Welcome to a new story arc! I hope you won't be getting sick of seeing these two lovely ladies, because they are going to appear A LOT going forward, being the main characters of the arc and all that.

... and of course I start a story arc right when a new Touhou game is being announced. Well, it's not like I'd have many ideas for it once it comes out, anyway.

So, funny story regarding this comic:
Originally, Meiling was supposed to leave the mansion voluntarily instead of being fired, but that was supposed to happen during a small arc that got scrapped because I didn't like it all that much.
Komachi... I think she was always supposed to be fired because of her piracy.
But why did I lead those two people together to become Youkai Exterminators? ... I don't remember. I guess I just randomly got this idea and thought of funny scenes involving this scenario, until I decided to roll with this.
So yeah, here we are now.

I hope you like this, and are willing to stay with me for the duration of the arc (warning, the arc will last a while). ^^

Meiling, Komachi © ZUN
March 25th, 2019
Sometimes, you are just too good at your job.


I just had to remind myself once again that I need to put in the text during the sketching phase already. The script was a lot wordier originally, and I ran out of space, so I needed to trim some text down. Also, adding speech bubbles before drawing means you won't cover up any details you may have drawn, rendering that time useless (unless you can actually count it as practice, which I can, so it's okay I guess?)

Which reminds me: please remind me in the future not to draw gates anymore. It was way too much effort for one panel in this comic. xD;

In case you wonder why Flandre is in Remilia's position... I just like to do throwbacks to older work.

Flandre, Sakuya, Meiling © ZUN
Got to give Komachi credit where its due, people like to tip more if they get offered a good service. Then again, when the toll is "all you possess", there's not really much left to tip with. At least it might reduce the amount of cheapskates?


I had an alternate version where Komachi appeared at an empty shore, realizing that Higan doesn't actually connect to any place frequented by people (other than Rinnosuke), but I felt this was the ending she deserved.

Komachi © ZUN
March 10th, 2019
While the last comic was originally supposed to star Futo (yeah, never would have thought that, did you?) in this one, Komachi undeniably hogs all the attention by continuing her dream she's had for a whole day and makes a pirate <s>boat</s> ship herself.

Wonky angles in this one, I know. I need to practice more. ^^;
Welp, I better do that in the next one! ... or not. We'll see. :D
March 9th, 2019
Another excuse of a comic to draw Tenshi and Kagerou.
Also a quick joke about how most pets seem to hate brushes *looks at his cats*

"From the looks of it, [Iku]'s like Brock from Pokemon and will never open her eyes" (from GS39's commentary)
Yup, still continuing with this trend.
In case you haven't noticed yet, I like making throwbacks to old stuff. Especially if it's silly and has no purpose whatsoever. xD

Either way, I haven't drawn Iku in ages. It's kind of sad how she barely gets any attention, as Tenshi is just completely overshadowing her. ^^;

Iku, Tenshi & Kagerou © ZUN
October 1st, 2018
Sukuna's ancestor, Issun-Boshi, is known to have defeated oni during his life-time. As such, "being able to defeat oni" has become an attribute of inchlings.
However, when scary powerful oni like Suika and Yuugi exist,it makes one doubt the heroic deeds of Issun-Boshi.

Either way, be careful of what you play when you are (apparently) at someone else's place (read: the Hakurei Shrine).

Suika, Sukuna © ZUN
Goodness, it's hot around here.
Which is one of the reasons why I'm not really submitting anything currently. The heat is sapping away all of my motivation... <sub><sup>wait, saying things like that makes me <abbr title="It's a Touhou joke. What else. :D As Fairies return to life after being shot down, what limits them is their motivation, as seen in Touhou 12.8 ~ Fairy Wars... I never said it was a funny joke!">sound like a fairy</abbr>.</sup></sub>

The title is, of course, a reference to Antinomy of Common Flower, where the incident that causes a person "to be taken over by a different person in body and mind" is referred to as the Perfect Possesssion incident.

Anyway, we've finally reached the conclusion of the Kagerou/Kokoro mini-arc. It was originally supposed to end after the last comic, but even for me, that was too much of a cliffhanger type of thing to just leave as it is.
So I decided to give it some proper closure.
(This also allowed me to draw more Kagerou, and even Kokoro in her natural state, so it's win/win! ... I blame miwol for my obsession with Kagerou. She just looks too darn cute in his art style. >///< )

So, yeah. I think this is a fitting end for this madness that is this mini-arc.
Hope you like it!

Kagerou, Kokoro, Wakasagihime © ZUN
June 23rd, 2018
Somehow, this was the only logical way to continue this.
Also, sorry for the people who expected this to turn into a full copy of that scene from SA2, but that would have been too easy. :D
May 31st, 2018
Continuation of the previous comic. And it still makes as little sense. :D

First time drawing Kotohime. Been a while since I've drawn a PC98 character (ever since I have stopped drawing Mima (and Yuuka) so much).
But she really fit the bill here, as I needed an upholder of the law, and a really airheaded character. And from what I remember, both of these fit for Kotohime. I mean, she is a self-proclaimed cop, after all. And the only one, as there is no police in Gensokyo. There is Reimu, but that's about it when it comes to law enforcement. And Kotohime.

Now that I think about it, didn't Kotohime even wear a police uniform in her ending? Well, I wanted to draw a yukatam either way, so this is fine. :D

I'm still trying to get used to Krita (my new art program I'm using since I've switched to Linux), so hopefully, things will get done quicker and look better soon-ish.

Kagerou, Kotohime, Kokoro © ZUN
It's been a while since my last upload, huh? ^^;
These last couple of weeks have been a bit busy for me. Throw in switching operating systems from Windows to Linux, and weeks pass without me actually working on anything. ^^;
Switching to Linux also forces me to use another art program (bye, Sai!), which may explain the last panel looking a bit different from the rest. Yes, the comic was almost done, and has been sitting there, waiting for the last panel to be finished for at least two weeks. ^^;

Anyway, on to the comic itself!

I just wanted to draw Kagerou, and Kokoro with a Kagerou mask instead of a fox mask. Since, you know, both Kagerou and Kokoro have a similar spell card.
Kagerou has a Spell Card where she transforms into a wolf and jumps around, trying to hit her enemy with her body or the projectiles created from the jump.
Kokoro has a Spell Card in which white energy forms around her, looking like the jaw of a wolf (or a fox for her skill… according to the name, at least).

The original comic was completely different. Way less random… actually, no, I think that's the only thing it remained. The randomness. xD;
I don't blame you if you don't get what is going on here, nobody knows. I'd go so far to say even Kokoro has no clue what the heck she's doing. xD

Oh yeah, and I changed fonts for speech bubbles, since the other one takes up way too much space.
March 10th, 2018
According the her sprites in AoCF, Tenshi is quite a shorty.
So I had to do the obvious. ^^

Tenshi, Sanae © ZUN
February 20th, 2018
This was written when Tenshi was announced for AoCF. One of my friends pointed out how Tenshi was using a keystone instead of flying herself, and one thing led to another.

It's been a while since I've drawn Sakuya.
I kind of wanted to keep her being frozen and make a deal out of her being unfrozen, but I couldn't think of anything. That, and wanting to draw her again, made me ditch that idea. Remilia, though, is still locked up in Flan's room.

Since I had to draw Tenshi in her entirety anyway, here's a full size version of her (as seen in the 3rd panel).

Tenshi, Reimu, Sakuya © ZUN
First things first:
1) I love Joon's design. She looks like such a perfect rich girl, it's amazing. And I love her drill hair, too.
2) Their theme is awesome. How is it that the (fighting game) final bosses' theme's keep getting better and better, despite already being my favorite themes to begin with?
My hat off to ZUN and his musical prowess, seriously.

I wrote this comic without knowing anything about the characters (and even now I only know little about them, since I prefer to wait and play the game in English once a translation is out, fan-made or official.
But even with just their designs and attacks, those characters give you so much material already... my hat off to ZUN for the character design and to whoever designed their attacks, too.
In fact, all of my hats off to everyone having taken part in making AoCF!

Welp, time to go and draw more AoFC related comics!

Also, obligatory "I drew Shion joke". (Shion Sonozaki)
<sub>Since, you know, I keep making this "joke" whenever I draw any character named Mion, and Shion and Mion are sisters and I'll just shut up now. *drifts away*</sub>

Reimu, Joon & Shion © ZUN
January 14th, 2018
Cats are carnivores.
Cats are also little savage beats who will take any opportunity to backstab you.
... well, some of them. Mine don't do that. But one that is called the "Black Cat of Ill Omen" would definitely behave this way, though.

I tried out some new highlighting for the hair. I think it looks alright. I think I'll keep it this way for now. (The hair looks so glossy, now.)

And yes, I like using that face for Chen. I mean, it appeared in PCB, after all.

Next up will be some comics inspired by Antinomy of Common Flower (15.5), so stay tuned!
(Yes, I like the design of the new characters way too much.)

Chen, Ran, Yukari © ZUN
December 30th, 2017
Inspired by my family's cat, Cookie, who is really close to that last panel.
Just a quick comic to send off the year.

Satori © ZUN