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My heart gold adventure

this is a adventure of me getting stuck in the world of pokemon heart gold.

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and now lyra shows up. i knew what i was going to put on here when i was making it days ago for when forget to make a page, i stocked them up. anyway, her hat isn't finished cause i suck at hats.
first off, couldn't finish making Lyra's hat. I have a hard time with those. anyway, sorry that the page is late, forgot that today was the day i update. also, kind of thinking of turning this into a nuzlocke challenge. im pretty sure i will but not 100% yet.
not sure what to put here
it does seem to be a hard story to understand. he came from his computer in the first place. if that happened in this world, im sure someone would have thought digimon.
and now we are getting some where, but sorry, i am leaving that for now. wait till i update normaly for the next page. which is in 2 days. all faces for Ethan were made by me.
im like that when i get woken up early. anyway, this comic uses mugshots for emotions along with those emoticons when i feel like it. i dont know how to put expression into those overworlds.
yeah , this is where it starts. also, im the one directing the story, althought they can't hear me, i can do what ever i want. also, that is the pokemon me falling on his face who can't do anything to the story but follow it. he doesn't know im here. lets see where this goes shall we.
yeah i know, my megaman sprite sucks. also i know about the say the stuff in the room looks. this was mostly a chagne of words from another comic of mine, could think of how to start this comic. anyway, the comic will start with pokemon sprites and stuff next page and you will never see megaman me ever again, hopefully.