Purpurea Noxa

A VAMPIRE YAOI BOYS LOVE BL web comic set in Italy between the cities of Lucca and Pisa (Tuscany) based on the story of our RPG (Role Play Game). We thought that it could be fun drawing the "misadventures" of our characters :)

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Leonardo's a very interesting character! He has so much sass xD
Also I love how sweet Dylan is to Falko! <3
Oh man, this is precisely the sort of thing that makes me get on board with a ship. Not that I really needed much help with these two, but I have such a weakness for protective knight sorts. I hope he'll be able to get to the bottom of what happened! And totally hoping for a 'happily ever after' for them, too.
February 11th, 2017
Love your comic~ :DD
So vulnerable!!
favourite couple in this whole comic. Just putting it out there.
February 7th, 2017
Unfortunately, the knight's success rate hasn't been too great from what I recall.
Awww :( poor dearie
A white knight in his bright armor is here to save his princess <3
He just need an horse now... XD
@lazy-lil-king: or how bout the more dead than usual comment?!?!
"More boring THAN USUAL" XD
I rather like this guy
Omg! We totally forgot to update here XD
Sorry guys!
And tomorrow will be published another page! Stay tuned!
Hi! I'm new to your comic and managed to read the entire thing within a day :D I joined this website so I could comment and express my amazement towards Purpurea Noxa; I absolutely LOVE the story, characters and art-work! You guys are amazing and very talented!! I'll definitely stick around for more ^^
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you too!
Happy New Year!! That's some attic!! Many lifetimes of collecting??
Last page of the year! Thanks a lot guys for your patience, your support, and your love for the whole year <3
We hope that you will continue to follow us in the 2017!
Happy new year to all of you dear!
I'm glad to see you two back again! Looking forward to maybe unraveling some of the mystery of what happened with Falko, that's part of the plot that I'm still not sure about yet. :)
December 22nd, 2016

And that last panel... that face
hehehe welcome back! again! i'm so glad i needed to comment here too XD