Purpurea Noxa

A VAMPIRE YAOI BOYS LOVE BL web comic set in Italy between the cities of Lucca and Pisa (Tuscany) based on the story of our RPG (Role Play Game). We thought that it could be fun drawing the "misadventures" of our characters :)

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Hi I'm french sorry for mistakes
He's really sexy ... look at that arch ... I wish I had the same :'(
@PurpureaNoxa: agreed lol need a filling..but also will accept more sugary sweet things lol
currently hoping for round two, (that wont happen), or at least a nice kiss cause this is my fave couple <3
Awwww they are super cute together
Seriously my favorite couple. <3
does he even realize hes grabbing ass? i feel like its just a reflex at this point <3
Jason's straddling position is amazing.
Now he's going to try his hardest to be hard-core while riding on somebody's hard on!!
sorry to break it to you jason, but you are indeed super cute
GAHHH!!! I love this page.

(He's right, though, hun. Super cute! :3)
We think we're getting a cavity, this is all too much sweet and embarassing X'D
Re-reading this wonderful masterpiece, and still super amazed by the artwork (especially on the nsfw pages and the ones with the monsters.) Gorgeous (and super sexy) visuals.

I too would love to know which comic it was, @Ectojizz.
I will wait in the car sir.... *snerk*
Awwww he's got that worn out content look ^_^
hahaha he wants the kid so bad lol
oh lord, i can guess whose pale hand that is...lol godspeed connor
awww anyone can see he's just hurt and jealous that a cop of all people is getting so close to you so quickly right after you rejected his advance :/ he's and angry puppy right now
hahaha well at least he won't continue without Caidan. glad to see that! although he did coerce him a bit into the first situation...lol i'll reserve judgements
haha as if you didn't know that an exchange of powerful blood would turn him on lol
i'm so glad about the new page i had to look at it again here XD
Javier's abs and his winning afterglow face are too good to pass ^^