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Purpurea Noxa

A VAMPIRE YAOI BOYS LOVE BL web comic set in Italy between the cities of Lucca and Pisa (Tuscany) based on the story of our RPG (Role Play Game). We thought that it could be fun drawing the "misadventures" of our characters :)
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Purpurea Noxa

A VAMPIRE YAOI BOYS LOVE BL web comic set in Italy between the cities of Lucca and Pisa (Tuscany) based on the story of our RPG (Role Play Game). We thought that it could be fun drawing the "misadventures" of our characters :)

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lost in translation
I've been noticing some translation issues, but the art is awesome and the characters are fun.
I didn't even knew what's going on anymore
I gotta re-read everything
i would never have bet on a... wolf. anything but.
hmm, then again.. Connor does have this pup/doggy thing with Izaac XDDD
Connor's so cute!!! ^^
oh nooooooo, poor Connor! he looks so scared D:
Finally also Connor joins the battle, even if is still not really sure of what he's doing XD
Did you expect him to be a cute little wolf?

We also remember that the shop is open! Follow the link to our Tictail Store:
The 4th book in english will be restocked soon!
Oddly enough, I got wendigo vibes from that newly introduced race, rather then some sort of off breed of vampires. Brought back some strange flashbacks of when I had played through Until Dawn all those years ago. They're like if a Resident Evil zombie, weeping bat from Silent Hill: Downpour, and a wendigo had a love child together or something, from how I see it anyway.
urg... vamp vs vamp? why? power struggles?
disgusting, yup. ugly AF. but i'd say rather bats than rats, right? XD
aaanyways... hope Caidan & Falko can gtfo there. the nosferatu look like you'd better not f*k with them. or be anywhere near them, like, a few miles >_<
Run Caidan! Run as fast as you can! XD
Important news! Within the end of the month we will open the shop ^o^ Stay tuned!
@portisHeart: I think I have a masters in procrastination. If I am not in a table top game and online game it takes at least 6 months for me even do a character sheet for World of Darkness lol.

totally know about the laziness. XD
I'm going with dragon because that would be awesome :D if it can only be real animals then maybe Komodo Dragon? I mean other than alligators/crocs and snakes there aren't many reptiles that would be useful in an attack.
@shayneko: aaah yeah, the pigeon. i knew i wasn't dreaming this up XD

nothing wrong about being a geek about anything. i admire devoted rpg/game/fandom fans! i'm just too lazy to bother learning shit in details, lmao, it's like taking one (or more) additional subjects in uni XDD. the only thing i excel at is procrastination ^^
I’m thinking a crocodile or something similar
@portisHeart: LOL he used his ability to communicate with animals to tell a pigeon to go shit on Izaac.

Gangrel's and the Nosferatu have a Discipline called Animalism that allows them to communicate with animals. There is also an ability called Animal Ken that helps with how the animal behaves or calming it if its enraged.

I am such a freaking geek, I know way to much about this game XD
lmao XDDD... hairy shit happens, Hayner XD

hmm.. Connor is a cocky little bastard, so i guess his attack animal must give him some confidence... and if he has to be a reptile (amphibian???) i'd go with dragon, badass dino or at least very big fat crocodile ^^

but somehow... i have this pic in my mind from a very early chapter... didn't Connor transform into a bird and shit on Izaac? or am i totally hallucinating this??
gods I miss this game
Well since his run away from is a lizard. He could easily become something more dangerous such as another larger more dangerous reptile like an alligator or even a snake, more so since it looks like he has scales on his hand that he hides in the gloves.

So there is lots of ways to do it, I haven't played VtM in a long while. I am not sure the limitations of Protean are, like does it have to be a real animal or can it be mythical.

Last time I played this game Table top I was allowed a kitsune, who was stuck in a misfit group of vampires, changelings and abominations. I think I got the most EXP out of that game cause I was totally down for letting the Tzimisce give my kitsune a albino alligator on wheels, which he skate boarded right into a vampire den.
Our "little hairy shit" is becoming a "big hairy shit" XD
The signature disciplines of the Gangrel is called "Protean". This Discipline gives vampires the ability to change form, from growing feral claws to evaporating into a cloud of mist. They can transform into two specific animal, one to attack, and the other one to run away. The escape beast of Dylan is obviously the squirrel, while to attack he become a lino. And Connor? He's a Gangrel too, what is the animal that he can become, in your opinion?
Link with some other details:
Enjoy your vacation! I just came back from a week in Italy, it was amazing and I kept on following poor little lizards hoping one of them would turn into a cute little ginger vampire.
Just read this page and did not expect this to happen. Can't wait for the events to unfold!
... but that's what they really look like? no wonder they developed exactly this discipline, omg they're ugly AF in their natural form XDDD

also, those clans are terrible. not only are they all constantly undermining each other and going on with their secret wars and attacks, but they manage to do it at the same places... simultaneously. >_<