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Straight up porn? oh yes

Yaoi, crossdressing, dubcon, i guess it could also be qualified as shota? Just a short~

Like all my comics- Left to right.


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*glomps* your back ; U; *goes and reads other pron* xP
August 25th, 2011
Now go read my other porn.
Aaaw. D:
Well the ending is still funny.
Can people even do that in real life?
That looks like it hurts like hell, bending like that. JESUS.
Aaah, how lovely ;u; Even though it was short-lived, the comic was pretty cute~
I quite like your art, especially this page. Your style is beautiful o///A///o <3
Derp-a-herp: i LOVE when that happens!
not the virginity noo... it was so precious and pure!

zen129: Theres always the 'kick in the balls' option but this works just as fine XD

lit-emo-rose: I wish i could but my interest in this just LEFT all of a sudden.
AND the prospect of PORN w/ PLOT was just horrifying once i thought about it for a minute.

9:19 : Where you expecting something else?
I almost included another rick roll but i thought it'd be tacky to use it too many times XD

Ibzombie: You might have to travel to an alternate universe... or wait a month.

Railse: IKR i think i lost at least 10 fans with this page ;v; So the prospect of continuing this in a month or so just got murdered.
o.o /Wants to see alt. ending...
Ahaha! Sexy time DENIED.
Aww u should hav done Wat u were planning to do it would hav been so smexy
and that, is how you stop a pervert from molesting you!! LOL!
I lol'd at "and fuck like bunnies"
People were staring at me weird xD

By the way;
Comment Virginity.
; u ;
I don't think i can finish this.
So heres the alternate ending XD
i intended for sempai to continue feeling haru up and then suprise him by telling him that he knows about the crush haru has on him.
and they confess love to eachother.
and fuck like bunnies.
and then haru, the graduate, comes back a couple years later at 20 and semes sempai.
But i'm too lazy for thissssss
OH and this type of image is sort of a meme. I cant figure out the right translation in english but if you copy the title and google search you'll see what I mean

EDIT: I FOUND THE NAME. its the german suplex wrestling move
July 10th, 2011
aahahaha XD omg please keep it going this looks like gold!
July 6th, 2011
=.= that guys worse then even pedo bear. but i still luv this comic
July 6th, 2011
TTATT don't stop keep going man!
July 6th, 2011
oh my
= u =
July 6th, 2011
. . . It was just an excuse to get him in a skirt so he could get his wang up by feeling non existent boobies. Yup. I have you all figured out mister teacher man. xD
July 6th, 2011
LOL. I'm faving this comic just for rick-rolling me... x'D
July 6th, 2011
Is this some new method of teaching? Or just a reason to grope someone.