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The pokemon Fan comic

The place were pokemon fans gather to make comics, sprites, drawings, whatever you like as long as it has to do with pokemon.

Open for music suggestions.
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Any pokemon fans.
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The place were pokemon fans gather to make comics, sprites, drawings, whatever you like as long as it has to do with pokemon.

Open for music suggestions.

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Gary is blue
So professor oak has 2 grandsons? Cuz I swear in the game he calls blue his grandson
September 18th, 2012
There different people, and yes, they are younger.
Can you add to this list?
The following may be used in single, double, triple, rotation, or flat.

Challenge cup - randomly generated team members.

Challenge cup 2 - Each person gets 1 pokemon that's randomly generated.

Metronome - only move that pokemon can us is metronome.

Dream world - only pokemon with there dream world ability can be used.

Little cup - Only use Lv. 5 pokemon that are the first stage if they have an evolution family (ex. zoura allowed, zoroark not, pichu allowed, pikachu not, torkoal not, etc.).

Monopoke - team of the same pokemon.

Monopoke 2 - use one pokemon.

OU - use pokemon in this smogon tier or any before it.

NU - ^

RU - ^

UU - ^

Uber - ^

BL - ^

BL2 - ^

NFE - pokemon that aren't at there final evolution stage.

Monogen - pokemon from one generation

Monotype - pokemon that are all the same type.

Hacked battle - use any pokemon that's allowed in the battle subway. Pokemon can have any ability or moves (Ex. Regigigas with swift swim, moves are: transform, return, hydro cannon, superpower). Archeops and slaking must have defeatist or truant (ex. Slaking can have defeatist, and any moves).

Trio battle - use only pokemon involved in a leggendary trio. pokemon inlude: Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Lugia, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, ho-oh, Registeel, regirock, regice, groudon, kyorge, rayquaza, regigigas, azelf, uxie, mespirit, *, Dialga, palkia, giratina, giratina origin form, Cobalion, Keldeo, Keldeo resolution, Terrakion, virizion, thunderos, thunderous-t, tornadus, tornadus-t, Landorus, landorus-t, Zekrom, reshiram, kyuram, white kyurem, and black kyurem.
*Arceus isn't recommended, but can be allowed if you want it to.

Monospecial - choose a gym leader, elite four member, champion, rival, Evil team leaders/admin/executive. Use a team of pokemon the own in some game.
If you choose blue, then choose rival, gym leader, or champion. If you choose rival you can use any of the pokemon he battled you with in R/B/G/Y/FR/LG, except when he's the champion. As champion, use R/B/G/Y/FR/LG as champion and his B2/W2 team members. As gym leader use his G/S/C/HG/SS team mmbers. YOU CANNOT MIX THE POKMON BETWEEN THE ROLES. Same for other trainers like him.
You do NOT have to use the same moves/items as them. Just the same pokemon.

Monocolor - use pokemon of the same color. Color is determed by there pokedex color (meaning you can't use orangle, since there is no orange in the pokedex). To figure out which pokemon are in which catagory, heck here: (recommended you do check, because some pokemon are in unusual catagorys, like bronzong being in green). You CANNOT use shinies.

MonoHabitat - Use pokemon from the same habitat,
Note: only pokemon from gen 1,2 and 3 may be used.

Monoability - use pokemon of the same ability,

Egg group - use pokemon from the same breed group,

Body style - pokemon with the same body style according to the pokedex,

Height or weight - Use pokemon from a certain catagory of height or weigh, note that in the contents the groups are listed by the links with many numbers*.
* or for weight, you can use catagorys of lightweights, middleweights, heavyweights, and super heavyweight instead.

Shadow - use pokemon that appeared as shadow pokemon in pokemon colossuim and pokemon XD.

Lettter battle - use pokemon that ther species name starts with the same letter.

Word battle - use pokemon in your party that using the first letter will spell a word or a combanation of letters. MUST have them orgnized so they spell that word or combo of letters, Ex. if the word is pizza, your pokemon must be organized to spell the word. like so: Pikach first, Igglybuff second, Zubat third, another zubat fourth, then azumaril last.
Long words can be appreviated. Six letters is not nessasary, it may be less.

Catch rate - use pokemon with the same catch rate,
Low numebered catch rates are not recommended, espacially the catch rate 3. Both people must choose the same catch rate.
You CANNOT use kadabra as 96, despite that being his catch rate in yellow. He must be used as 100.

Monoanimal/monoObject - use only pokemon based off a certain animal. Ex. For turtles you can use shuckle, carracosta, torterra, grotle, tirtouga, turtwig, torkoal, blastoise, squirtle, and wartortal only.
Bugs and birds are not recommended due to large number of members. For dragon, gyrados and charizard count, and dratini and dragonair count as snakes. Plants ARE allowed, but not recommended due to large number of members.
other objects, such as rocks, can also be used. you can make large groups smaller by using flowers instead of plants and other things. Pokemon, like onix, have more than one catagory. Onix is in rocks and snakes. Pokemon, like ditto and magneton, have no catagory.

MonoLonsome/MonoNoEvo - use only pokemon that have no evolution family besides themselves. Such as torkoal, regirock, and seviper. Pokemon Banned in the battle subway may only be used of both trainers will be using them.

Fiore - use pokemon native to the fiore reigon.

Almia - use pokemon native to the almia reigion.

Oblivia - use pokemon native to the oblivia reigion. er

Every browser - use pokemon that can be found in fiore, almia, and oblivia. gional_Browser

No browser - use pokemon that can't be found in fiore, alima, and oblivia. ny_regional_Browser

Pokedex - same as above, but with the pokedex's, none and every would be used for individual pokedex's, since every pokemon is in a national pokedex. And there are no pokemon in every one of the individual pokedex's, since the B/W pokedex contains only unova pokemon.

Youtube team - Create a team of youtuber's signature pokemon. They must be named to make it able to tell who's signature pokemon they are. You CAN use you own. If someone has more than one signature pokemon (like BigBirdBigDaddy) you can only use ONE of them. They do not have to be other wi-fi battlers. The named can be abbreviated (Ex. Name a zangoose GCPM11 or Gian because Giancarloparimango11 won't fit). You may want to ask what a person's favorite or signature pokemon is in a PM or some other type of contact if you don't know. If they have a signature pokemon that's more signature than the other, you should use that, but you do not have to.

Monostat - Mono offensive - use pokemon where there highest stat must be special attack or attack
Mono defensive - use pokemon where there highest stat must be HP, defense, or special defense.
Mono attack - highest stat for every team member is attack.
Mono defense - highest stat for every team member is defense.
Mono SP.attack - highest stat for every team member is Special attack.
Mono Sp.defense - highest stat for every team member is attack.
Mono speed - highest stat for every team member is speed.
Mono Health - highest stat for every team member is HP.

Trick room or gravity - make a trick room of gravity team. Trick room makes slowest pokemon go first and fastest go last, gravity prevent levitating and flying pokemon from levitating or flying. Gravity also lowers all pokemon's evaison by two stages. The moves bounce, fly, hi jump kick, jump kick, splash (no joke), Overhead throw, telekinesis, and sky drop will fail if gravity is in effect. Moves such as gyro ball are NOT effected by trick room.

Weather effect - Sandstorm - use a tyranitar, hippopotas, or hippowdon with sand stream or use the move sandstorm.
Heavy rain/rain - use a kyorge or ploitoed with drizzle or teach a pokemon rain dance.
Sunlight - use a vulpix, ninetails, or groudon with Drought or teach a pokemon sunny day.
Hail - get a snover or abamasnow with snow warning or teach a pokemon hail.
Clear skys - get a pokemon with air lock,cloud nine, or simply make sure neither you or your opponent has any weather effect.

Blazin' squirtle - Use ANY* pokemon, ignore the fact that you may have the same type on your team. Use pokemon you like, not competitive pokemon like hydreigon.
*Legedaries not allowed(I think).
Rules created by
Pokemon must have a reason for picking them. Doesn't have to be much of a reason, but must be some reason (Ex. I could choose torkoal because it's my signature pokemon, or because I like turtles).

Can you think of any more?

These are challenges for wi-fi battlers, like myself.
i have 3 darkrai's without an ar
Okay, I don't think what you're saying has any relevance to this comic at all.
White2 sprite by DMN666 on

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Is it just me, or do the protags for this game look like younger versions of the ones from B/W?

But, the game is set two years AFTER B/W, so, I guess it can't be a prequel.


With Metagross in black 2*.

*(the following imformation is just a guess) beldum is exclusive to white 2 and black 2 gets rioulu, so the rival has the pokemon exclusive to the other game.
With Lucario in white 2*.

*(the following imformation is just a guess) beldum is exclusive to white 2 and black 2 gets rioulu, so the rival has the pokemon exclusive to the other game.
The first images from CoroCoro have started to come. These images showcase the first screenshots of Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 and provide a lot of information. First, the game is set in Unova and shows the new trainers and the rival. The game is set 2 years later than in BW and features the map of the Unova region being partially frozen, while other areas have been updated, such as Route 4. The Unova Pokédex has 300 Pokémon within it. There are various new areas in Unova including Hiougi City (ヒオウギシティ), where you begin your journey. There are other areas which has a gym leader who focuses upon Poison; Homika (ホミカ), who is also said to be in the anime this June and sits in her gym which is a music club, fitting her appearance with a guitar. Another gym leader is Shizui (シズイ), the Water-type leader. The trainer with the spiky hair is the rival and there is a new researcher called Akuroma (アクロマ) who researches Pokémon Strength
Hiougi City has a Pokémon Centre and a Trainer School and areas where you can look upon the areas. There are shops, underwater tunnels with clear glass (Mantine flowing overhead), building with blue and red statues all around Unova. (text word for word from

<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
@hero of comedy
Yeah, I guess it is hard to believe, but it's even on the official pokemon website!
I find this hard to believe.
Hey guys, this news is a little late due to me being without internet for a long time.

Well, instead of the supposed "pokemon grey", Junichi Masuda has revealed there will be a pokemon black 2, and a pokemon white 2. Which gave kyurem 2 new forms, black kyurem and white kyurem. Both will be appering in the pokemon movie, Kyurem VS The Sacred Swordsman. Melotta and keldo with be appering in the movie as well.


<img src="">

<img src="">

<img src="">

<img src="">

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bad team in general its off balance i could rape most the team with my dragonite