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It's just another random author comic that you can join and do random plots.

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Don't spam the smackjeeves community.
I gave up on getting into this comic after around half a month of no perms, so I'm guessing the one in charge of those is either busy a lot or has given up on the comic T_T
@KevinOshawott: dammit... people need perms to update the comic.
@ultralucario64: You criticize everything, and you're way too harsh. Seriously. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
August 26th, 2011
I can't read the text of the potato guy.
@ultralucario64: Do you even LISTEN!? This is an 8-bit sprite!! 8-bit sprites don't have shading!
son when can i upload my intro?
I'd suggest either finishing the sheet before posting or just replacing your previous posts, because three sheets in a row may be a bit much.
Now with more attack sprites.
Woot woot.
WARNING: Long title is long XD
Also, is this all you have? I could help make more. I don't particularly like recoloring, put the one perk with my drawing program is that it can recolor a sprite sheet almost instantly.
sorry guys i cant give you perms for some reason.
same with mine
Well, my intro's done, so whenever I can upload it.
All right, now I'll just work on my intro and wait until I can get perms.
Seems like a pretty basic comic, but I'd like to join anyway X3. my application has been sent.
i cant...i have to be a superuser...
yup you can