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What happens when you turn into a pokemon, forget everything, and lay unconsciously on the beach?

Go save the world from time freezing, obviously!

Well that's just what Team FireFox is going to do!

It's a pokemon mystery dungeon sky gijinka comics :3

Oh yeah, art gradually gets better. Grammar? Not so much.


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Comment on Filler: Redesigning
Foxblaze, 31 Aug 2014 10:49 pm
Oooooooooooooooooh *0*
Comment on Filler: Redesigning
NioiTakoNoki, 31 Aug 2014 01:29 am
With a sneak peek sketch of Anya and Barbara.
Gonna be busy redesigning so, expect a long wait for the next page.

Yes, this includes Kyuubi and Kitsuko with the 400 outfits I need to make for them.
I was exaggerating.
Oh yeah, school's right around the corner. Shit.
I'm anticipating art class though-butifitdoesn'thelpmeimprovemyartsohelpmearceus.
Comment on Ask Page Update
GrovyleGoodbye128, 26 Aug 2014 01:40 am
I'mma go see~
Comment on Ask Page Update
NioiTakoNoki, 25 Aug 2014 10:32 pm
It's load friendly now! And I put a comment box in there, so from now on, all questions for the ask page are to be asked over there~

Now, it was hard to organize, and some questions were omitted due to either plot changes, how big the picture was or maybe I lost it. But yeahhhh. Have a nice day.
Comment on NNN page 11
GrovyleGoodbye128, 24 Aug 2014 08:30 pm
Hmm, looks like Kyuubi's bow!

Team Firefoc, what do you think of Team Darkridge? (Christian and Chill)
Comment on NNN page 11
NioiTakoNoki, 24 Aug 2014 01:00 am
Sucks to be Nick right now huh.
Kinda having a hard time planning the main story along with some major digital art block. So here, have traditional art colored digitally. Whooooo. It looks messy, yeah, but only cause the scanner wanted to screw it up. And it's also dark too. Have fun trying to see the pictures clearly.

Also, the sad truth is that summer is coming to a close ('Cept I think it's a good thing cause I hate bugs).
My question 2 U: What's something interesting that you did over the summer?
For me, it'd have to be going to parties, walking around my neighborhood(/getting my legs sore from it) from time to time, being stuck in school full of energetic people, and it doesn't stop there. Yeah.....I'm gonna have to do the ice bucket challenge tomorrow. GdiNalo'sinspirerIhateyou.
Comment on NNN page 10
NioiTakoNoki, 07 Aug 2014 01:49 am
@Foxblaze: was too lazy to do the other members but yeahhh. -notcreative-
Comment on NNN page 10
Foxblaze, 06 Aug 2014 07:35 pm
@Team Firefox + any guild members

Archie: Greetings! Sabrina wanted to stop by and visit Chatot again (I dont know why she doesn't just tell him how she feels, honestly -.-) So I decided to bring my wares and see if anyone was interested in buying or trading anything~
Comment on NNN page 10
NioiTakoNoki, 05 Aug 2014 09:24 pm
@GrovyleGoodbye128: yup yup =w=
Comment on NNN page 10
GrovyleGoodbye128, 05 Aug 2014 07:55 pm
@Grovyle; Flutter(Grovyle): I'm the one who requested to join you. Now, tell me, what's our objective?

((There's a question in it. It's clearly an ask. Yup yup. OhgodImturningintoBidoof))


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