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What happens when you turn into a pokemon, forget everything, and lay unconsciously on the beach?

Go save the world from time freezing, obviously!

Well that's just what Team Fire-Fox is going to do!

It's a pokemon mystery dungeon sky gijinka comics :3

Oh yeah, art gradually gets better. Grammar? Not so much.


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Comment on Page 148
WiispNightmare, 01 May 2016 07:17 am
Townies! Yay!
Secrets! Yay!
Summer! Yay!
Comment on Page 148
NioiTakoNoki, 01 May 2016 01:49 am
finally they gonna get out this joint
hey guys, I'mma take a day off next week from posting anything due to exams for the next two weeks. Ugh.

But when I return, there will be two NNN pages waiting for y'all (AND I WILL BE FREE FROM HIGH SCHOOL WORK FOR ALL ETERNITY. BWUAHAHAAHAHA)

hopefully i can start drawing the townies soon

oh yeah, happy May
Comment on NNN Page 34
Hikari88, 30 Apr 2016 09:41 am
I look forward to the next page
Comment on NNN Page 34
WiispNightmare, 24 Apr 2016 06:13 am
Uh oh
Comment on NNN Page 34
NioiTakoNoki, 24 Apr 2016 02:56 am
yup eight hours passed. It's still the afternoon for them though.
"We hardly know him yet." Neither do we.

Well, except for me of course. I know all about Nick. :3

Speaking of, he'll be coming up on the next page with Isabella. Also another character that you guys would love to see will return in the page after. ;333
Comment on Page 147
NioiTakoNoki, 17 Apr 2016 01:56 pm
throwback to chapter 3
Sam only knew Kyuubi's name since Kitsuko said it once when they went to rescue him. He doesn't know Kitsuko's name, thus didn't tell Gale/Jette. So that's why she doesn't realize that Kitsuko is also part of Team Firefox.

Ooh, and someone's bitter.
Comment on Page 146
WiispNightmare, 10 Apr 2016 06:09 am
Barbara in the background
Comment on NNN Page 33
WiispNightmare, 10 Apr 2016 06:07 am
@NioiTakoNoki: Wow that's really awesome :D
Comment on Page 146
NioiTakoNoki, 10 Apr 2016 12:56 am
ok the real page this time
i decided to be lazy and stop coloring xD
(coloring really does take a long time though...trust me)

Many of you guys submitted townies, but I have yet to get to them, ono;;;

Hopefully I can just show a few here and there once they get out of that damn cafe.
Comment on Bg Character Submission
WiispNightmare, 07 Apr 2016 07:15 am
@NioiTakoNoki: Okay! Thanks for this lengthy conversation.


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