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School bores me.
Which makes me want to do something I like doing.
making comics is something I like doing.
...School inspires you to make comics?

No, it's just something you'll see from time to time.
You're going to draw comics now? So does that mean no more sprites?
Yup. Like Sagat said, that is indeed Nightmare's.
@Green Sigma
Yes it is. I saw them today on DeviantART.
Huh... Very cool, even after a century of fighting, X hasn't lost his touch, and seems he's become better at handling that saber. Also, i've noticed the Bass sprite in the banner, that's one of NightmareZero187's sprites isn't it?
Who said it was the Z-Saber?
Wait, why does X have the Z-saber?

Or maybe I missed something...
Clearly, Pantheons aren't the smartest robot around (that last one could've just shot X in the arm) but to be fair, Weil programmed them with the intelligence of a Sniper Joe.
Thanks. I can try that.
This is a good comic, but try to use black text instead of colorful ones. It kind of hurts the eyes.

Keep it up, this looks like it'll get better.
No, I didn't.
I get most of these from either Sprites Inc. or by Googling. Not to mention I have a friend here who's good with this style, so he sometimes helps me with sprites.
Thanks for the fav, BTW.
Pretty good. Did you make these sprites yourself? (Sorry if it's already been answered before)

And +Fav.
Now we move on to a different storyline, A Mega Battle.
I'm going to keep swithing between Lan and X until something happens.
Thanks, although I've tried word bubbles in the past, and I prefer to do things the way I do them now. At least this time it says X next to what he says.
Hmmmm...I like it. Looks interesting. Though ever though maybe you should use word bubbles instead of having the text out of the comic panel?
Remember when I said the previous page was the last introduction?
Well, I changed my mind.
Thanks for the advice! I can probably try speech bubbles.