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Digimon: Book of Yaoi and Yuri

Digimon Doujinshi of Yaoi and Yuri. Not a profit-made project, just for fun.

Digimon is copyright of its original creator, Akiyoshi Hongo.

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Tai (Guest)
January 27th, 2017
Im new
28th Birthday Today
This is a 3 paged omake that my friend, Xiaa, colored as a birthday present. Thanks again for your hard work~!
The End
And that's it on the Taichi x Koushirou comic. Sorry, nothing more graphic then that. They *are* kids, after all. XD
Fake Page 007
Made this single image for a friend, who made this comment after showing her page 006. XD Thought it was too funny to just leave out.

First Kiss
A new comic, that was actually an old sketch I drew on tiny notebook paper, and now finally making official.

This is a Taichi x Koushirou, with a cameo of Junpei x Kouji from Digimon Frontier/04. Enjoy!
Check the *News* post for more information on what's to come~!
Same as Little Reminder--this was made for an older fic of mine. Read it here if you'd like;
This was actually drawn up for a fic I wrote a while back, and just re-edited a bit to post up on AO3.

You can read it here;
Sorry guys, just another filler! DX

I actually have half a yuri doujinshi drawn up, but its actually part 2 of another part, and... well... ^_^;;; I can't in good grace post the second half, how it sorta goes hand in hand with the first. Obviously.

I do have a couple scripted stories I can work on, mostly being yaoi titles. I just need to find a way to balance it out along with my original comics, and commissioned comic work. =d

ANYWAYS! Enjoy this picture that was colored by my good friend, Xiaa. She did a very lovely job. <3
@Blable: And it falls under the story's title. =D
June 20th, 2012
8D more please~!

I don't even mind the yuri, since I'm not exactly a yuri fan but this I don't really mind ^-^
*flails right out of chair* ASLKDJF;LKJSIDF!

:'3 So lovely~
@samanthasdog1231: I am currently working on a two-parter which I hope you all will enjoy... XD
So it might take me a BIT to update again, but I'll do my best to hurry it up. =3

@Blable: There will be more, no worries~ I just need to 'complete' them before I can post anything. =3
can't wait to read more
Sad ending, I know... =d But hopefully I'll get around to doing a more happy story with these two.
I ended up screentoning it myself, what with Pucha taking so long. XD

This was made for a couple reasons; #1, my reasoning on why Sora asked Yamato to date her(when I found it to be extremely random after the heavily implied Taichi x Sora though MOST of the series...), and #2, I love Sora x Mimi. XD So the ending of this isn't the happiest, buuut... Enjoy it. =3
@kittycara: Haha, really. XD Its probably even odder how Digimon don't have real genders--at least according to Tamers. =d
Gotta agree with Terriermon on that. XD
A single page comic. =d I needed to do something to help me break my sudden 'stop drawing comics' streak.
@BananaMuffinPop: I know, what a jerk XD