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Gratulation and a happy life :D
He once did this with every single thing on a Desk. And there were a lot of things in it.
awe! I love Neuman!
To Be Continued
Yes, this is part one of four :3
More like: You are his human
I've never ever known a cat be so loud when washing themself. You really can hear it from the other end of the apartment while wearing headphones and listening to music...
My precious kitteh
I am quite often a favourite sleeping place for dear Mendel. I am, unfortunately, inconvenient in how I rarely stay the same for too long. So, what's a cat to do if I turn over? Just get up and follow the trip around of course xD
April 17th, 2012
Petting people
Some things on the TV catch Neumann's attention. Scotty tend to be one of them :D For those who do not know this character, it's a character from the old Sci-fi series Star Trek; the original series that I looooove :D
mann this comic is adorable
you draw animals so well
haha love your art!
he reminds me of my cat when he's asleep, except he's off my leg and he looks dead
I ask myself the very same question whenever I catch my cat sleeping on my table.
He's a just cat of good taste ^^
March 19th, 2012
it's so cute x3
March 18th, 2012
Something more art-ey
The clothing iron was cold, promises! How he managed to jump up without toppling over stuff on the over filled ironing board, and cuddle in between a box and an iron... Don't ask, I don't know.
Mendel manage to look comfortable no matter how he sleep, and that cat can sleep I tell'yah!

(He snores, too...)
He really do it like this
It aint that uncommon. In fact, whenever he seem "AAAARGHWUT?!?!?!" ye can be pretty sure he just made something as stupid as this xD
So that's where the toys are
I'm so, so, soooo glad Neumann is an indoor cat! Imagine the mountain of dead critters that's fill up our beds otherwise...
Stocky, energetic, love catching things thrown, tail shaking, staring at you with toy in mouth... Reminds me a lot more of the labradors I have known, than the cats. xD
It can be heard all through the apartment when Neumann have his more violent trying-to-catch-birds-through-a-window-episodes. I swear his brain is wired to hear the flap of birdwings from whatever state of mind he is in! Whenever he aint busy, that is.
Precious cats
Mendel is my cat. Often he purrs just because I look at him. He is comfortable simply slung over my shoulder.

Eh. No.