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// Warning 18+ Only: BL, Violence, Strong Language //

We're all going to Hell eventually.

But what happens if you've taken a visit to it and a certain little someone followed you back on Earth..?

CHAOS ensues.

Take a ride with Slayne, a killer-for-hire where everyday is the worst day of his life~
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4 Years Ago
// Warning 18+ Only: BL, Violence, Strong Language //

We're all going to Hell eventually.

But what happens if you've taken a visit to it and a certain little someone followed you back on Earth..?

CHAOS ensues.

Take a ride with Slayne, a killer-for-hire where everyday is the worst day of his life~

Recent Comments

August 13th, 2016
Is there really need for a comment title...?
So... yeah. Loving tbe story so far, I am quite infatuated with Grey and... all that jazz.
Please, do keep up with this, you are doing an awesome work here.
Real life issues are proper bitches...
March 27th, 2016

Updates will still be pretty slow but yeah, I'm trying to get back into the flow of things, haha.

Comments are loved~! <3
Very Excited for the New Chapter
I cant wait for the fight between Slayne and Valentine, but then again I still ship them together :3
... I love that song.
If you haven't figured it out already, I base all of the chapter covers on song names, haha.

Anyways, Chapter 4 cover, ya'll.

Slayne is gonna have SO MUCH fun tearing Valentine apart. But we all know Valentine's patience is running thin.

Expect lots of blood. And stabbings. <3
January 24th, 2015
Slayne just wants to have fun ~

Sorry for late page, just started classes recently and yeah, haha.
January 14th, 2015
Long time no say, sorry about that, I'm really only able to comment on this sight, but I love your comic, even from the old version this one has a lot more background info, and I do like the drawing style.

the page is done lovely! with the fighting. Slayne is slayne isn't he? he is one of my favorite characters you have. ^-^ lol

I'm glad you are back to updating again! I hope all is well too. and btw I saw you posted my sad fanart a while back thank you for that. but I am more glad you like the thing. ^-^

take care and I'll do my best to comment more often. keep up the good work!
about time.
January 11th, 2015
Welcome back, dear! :D
Thank you for the really impressive page, missed you soooo much! <3
Don't want to meet Slayney when he's hungry, cute or not. It's better for my health. LOL
January 10th, 2015
Hey everyone, welcome to chapter 4!

God, it’s been so long since I’ve last updated this comic but it is good to be back, haha!

Thank you all for the support all this time ~

Now enjoy a psycho Slayney.
He's so cute when he's hungry. <3
August 18th, 2014
<p>Ahhhh finally this chapter is FINISHED.</p>

<p>Now if you'll excuse me, Doomy is going to take a good long break! Thank you everyone who has read it this far! Your support really means so much to me!</p>


<p>I'll still be very active on working on this project as well as others! Please be sure to visit/follow these links where I'll be posting updates of sketches, gag art, fanart, etc!</p>

<p>DEMENTED @ Tumblr (NSFW)</p>

<p>DEMENTED @ Facebook</p>

<p>Doomylicious @ DeviantArt </p>

<p>Doomy @ Y-Gallery</p>

<p>So yeah! Again, thank you guys so much! I had so much fun working on this comic and now it is time to focus on my studies in my new college! Pics of my new place</p>

<p>Questions, Comments, Suggestions are loved!<br />
Hope to see you guys soon!</p>

<p>Demented will be back with a vengeance SOON. <3</p>
August 3rd, 2014
Locke has daddy issues.

Anyway, thank you everyone for your support the other week. I really needed that and I'm very grateful for you guys, srsly. I know I was being selfish and insecure but yeah, I'm sorry... Sometimes I get that way, haha. ;___;

Ah and I know the text gets in the way, so click here to see EVERYTHING (nsfw):
<img src=" mylicious-d7tioze.png">
*huggles* i'm sorry for not commenting that much. I do still love the story doomy. *kisses cheek* don't feel down. those of us that stick with you are the real fans, even if we don't comment much.
Noooz dont talk like that doomy this is one of the few comics thet i look forward to ever time it updates. Pay no mind to the fools that cant see that a story with great plot and art, it'll be thier lost for not seeing this comis through. Just think about all the loyal fans you still have, were will we be if you stop midway.
July 27th, 2014
@Quadrant: Oh I fixed those pages! And yeah, I don't know, I think almost every comic artist has to do deal with something like this from time to time.

And thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying this and I do plan on getting back to Road to Hell one day. xD;

@Toma-Chan: Ahhh thank you, Toma! ;___; Yeah I think you're used to me rambling a lot lol. And yeah, thanks for the help you've given me so far though. <3

@animaid101: Ahhh yeah, I'm trying to come to realize that people are just simply busy during the summers which could probs explain the lack of activity here, haha. But yeah, thanks so much I don't think I ever want to abandon this comic (Even though it will take me years to complete lol) but so long as I have support I will keep going. <3

@irgroomer: Ahhh it's understandable! I'm just being a whiny baby right now haha but thank you for reading my comic! That's really sweet of you. ;___;

@HoshinaYuki-chan: Thank you so much! I just was so worried about the story making sense to people but I'm glad people are enjoying it. And yes! Kael is too cute to abandon. xD;;
I'm here :)
I don't comment a lot but I always read every comic I like! I hope you don't get discouraged because I like how the story is going so far :) I look forward to your updates every week! :)

BTW... Kael is so cute why would i abandon him! :)
I'll always be here
I just may not comment often cuz I don't ever have a lot of time to get on...and when I do, I am checking A LOT of updates (lots of comics across a lot of sites) So just know, I'll always be one of the viewers whether I comment or not. (But I'll try!) <3 <3 <3
The story's intriguing and the artwork's excellent, don't worry! If readers stop watching it, it's probably because of the time gaps between updating. You had one very long hiatus once and people didn't know whether you'd go on with your comic or not. Since many artists in internet decide to stop inmidst of everything, often without even noticing their readers, readers maybe tend to give up on a comic, when there are longer breaks on it or updates aren't frequently done.

I feel terribly sorry for your loss of readers, but please don't let yourself discourage of this! Not leaving any comments doesn't mean anything. Most people just don't think about it. They want to consume and don't know how much the artist builds up on positive feedback or suffers by getting none at all.
It's my first comment on your comic as well, isn't it? I'm following a lot of comics, thus I haven't time to comment on all of them. But I can assure you that I love your comic very much. I'd never abandon it and I think everyone who really likes your comic would do the same. As long as you're going on and even if it would be a page a year, I'd go on watching 'Demented'.

So don't be afraid to go on a vacation, just inform your fans properly about it on the site.
Maybe you can make an ad so people who abandonded you before, come to know you're going on again?

Nevermind, your comic is excellent and worth all your incredible effort! I really hope you'll go on with it. <3
DOOMYY D: Why didn't you ever say anything??

I read the update every week, I just usually forget to comment. I love DEMENTED and i look forward to every update (as well as helping whenever I can).

You're awesome and I hope your motivation comes back!
July 26th, 2014
Sorry you feel a bit demotivated. I'm a reader and always will be for as long as you do this and Road to Hell (which I do hope you pick up again someday if/when your desire, interest, time and motivation for it comes back). Sometimes I either don't know what to comment on or I'm catching up on updates on my tablet (which with the onscreen keyboard, I usually just CBA to deal with) there are a few other comics that I read I'm like that with.

Can't speak for others. Some fans are lurkers (they read and like it but don't comment). Not sure why they leave. Probably not to their taste or something) which doesn't make the comic bad, just doesn't appeal to them. I for one am still enjoying this comic and will see it through to the end though.

Not that I mean to bring your motivation down but I've noticed some broken pages (Chapter 3 Page 40 and the filler by Ryoshimicchi)
July 26th, 2014
Locke you are one sassy, mofo.
Thanks Noir for helping me with the dialogue!

Also mini-rant: I'm noticing a scary trend lately. Every time I take off and go on vacation, I lose a significant amount of views and readers. It's becoming a scary thing because I'm afraid of going on vacation now, knowing I'll lose readers that way.

I have very low self-esteem so when I see how hard I'm working at this comic and seeing that my views have gone steadily lower each and every update it makes me feel like I'm just not good enough. Hell, I stayed up till 4 in the morning to try and get this page done on time. I see faults EVERYWHERE on this comic but I still try my best but it seems like it's never good enough and I have no idea why I feel this way. UGHfjfks.

I don't know, I just feel like people aren't interested in this comic sometimes due to lack of views and feedback lately. Like, what happened? Did I do something wrong? Is the plot boring? Is there something I need to improve on? Also, I don't feel like my comic belongs on this site sometimes because it just ... doesn't fit in with everyone else.

With the stress this comic gives me, sometimes I wanna quit ... :C