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Countdown to Zero Hour

by MasterTalon
The final years of the Classic Mega Man series revealed. Wily and Light both strive to give life to their greatest creations.
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6 Years Ago
The final years of the Classic Mega Man series revealed. Wily and Light both strive to give life to their greatest creations.

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@MasterTalon: Those red glowing eyes from Wily. He's gone mad this time, eh...?
User's Comments
@MasterTalon: It's because after so long, Rock is basically rusty in his fighting skills and is getting to familiarize himself again with the battleground after 10 years.
We really need to thank robo wily or else in Megaman X, Zero would probably replace Vile
@MasterTalon: Well so much for saving the world 18 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While it doesn't explain alot, it's the perfect ending for Rock. Fits perfectly too. Rock wouldn't want to keep fighting forever. He's not programmed to fight anyway. While they could of fixed Rock, Rock most likely told Cossack not to being he saw it as his time to leave the world. Ciel could of rebuilt X's body in Rockman Zero 3 but didn't being X never asked and X wanted to rest. Same for Rock. Couldn't ask for a better ending for Rock 'Megaman' Light.
still haven't seen proto in MD :c
nor the sealed masters :/
and symphony and Dirge might have a chance to show up too?
December 24th, 2014
@MasterTalon: I think you made a typo in the first panel "Good and hide in whatever hole."
I liked this. This was very entertaining while Maverick Daze updates. Good job, Talon.

Dirge reminds me of this character from Megaman X Next though. Can't remember his name, but he was pretty freaking awesome. You ever played that game?
The reason that many issues are unresolved, is because this story is part of the overall plot of the Maverickverse, and the issues will be covered in Maverick Daze. That is done for a reason, as originally this comic was meant to be a flashback chapter in MD. So it all has it's purpose.
Still though, it was a good series.
This was just a huge dissapointment at the end. So many other ways you could have ended the story. This felt rushed. Incomplete. I feel empty. Like a detective searching for clues only to realize that the killer was right under his nose the whole time. That was a bad comparision.
Well, that's that then. Good series.
I hate be looked as mad, but I have to say something: What happened to all the other characters (Proto Man, Dirge, the Other Robot Masters, etc.)?
*quietly claps*
Then where is Proto Man in Maverick Daze?
@MasterTalon: And then he eventually became Serges in MMX2. Because Serges is totally Wily in some shape or form. it cannot be denied.
Well then.

I can't process that this is the end. It can't be. I of course have my envisioning of the end of the megaman world, we all do, but this… Was just disappointing. so many cliffhangers, so many unanswered questions. It's like watching a cop movie with a guy who leaves an anonymous tip that leads to an important clue, yet the identity of the anonymous caller is never identified.

What happened to Dirge?
What happened to Symphony?
What about Quint?
Proto man saved the day? Really?
What about aaaall the other robot masters? What happened to them?
NOBODY THOUGHT ABOUT SAVING MEGAMAN FROM A DEPLETING BATTERY? Not even Cossack? Nobody? Did the guy really fade into obscurity THAT much that nearly the whole population ignored his existence despite having saved the world more than 18 times?
And he didn't even THINK about returning to the lab that supposedly still housed Wily and Robo-Wily? Maybe a little just-in-case check? I hate to be the negative nancy of your fans, but this story just had too many plotholes for me to take it seriously. Now, I'm not going to lay down my final verdict just yet. I'm going to wait until all the epilogues are out before truly assessing this comic. I enjoyed it a lot all throughout, I just think the ending could have been executed a bit better, you dig?
So Quint doesn't exist in this continuity?
Not surprised the world forgot about Mega Man. I don't remember him being mentioned in X and I think X4 that I played years ago.