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The title says it all, really.

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I was like 12 dragons and a penguin
@CaptainCricket: I was one of those people, back when I was 12. It was like a cult only without the cool suicide stuff.
they're my favorites!
continuity? I think you avoided it neatly. If this had been the next comic where we saw them (as opposed to 32), *then* it would have had continuity. Quit criticizing and get back to work. ;)
Punchline graciously contributed by my man Jason.
Suggested by my friend Spencer, who I don't do enough things for.
I apologize for continuing to invoke continuity.
Also happy 50th CWAP strip. Did I seriously make 50 of these? I'm not sure how to feel about that. That IS more diligent than I typically am though so WOO ACCOMPLISHMENT
"No" might be the single most commonly-uttered last word in this entire comic.
I'm not a big superhero comics fan but MAN am I pissed off at Catwoman's new direction with DC's big ugly publicity stunt; though this strip is less directly about that and more inspired by general frustrations I've had for a while of which that was a particularly prickly straw.

Also, I recognize a character can be busty and still legit/used for purposes other than titillation (not the best example but the only one coming to mind at the moment: the Hernandez Bros' Luba) but I still went for the "LOL CHEST" joke since it was easy to do and this strip is nothing if not lazy.

Wordy author comment today I know. In addition to the fine author mentioned in the alt text, this lovely article from ComicsAlliance is also worth a good read if you're as sick of this bullshit as me:
September 23rd, 2011
... fail
@Rebar: I don't see him passing out from-scratch wine.
This man is better than Jesus.
He's so manly he defies laws of nature! D:
New theory: You and Shirker = the same person.

Do not try to deny. I see through your near-unbearably transparent facade.
Tear salt is the new sea salt.

Sorry guys, I've been super busy with artwork that actually makes me money, but now that the event I was working on is over I can go back to drawing yelling stick figures for everyone <3 WE ALL WIN.

Seriously though, CWAP's back. Officially. Wooooo~
lmao, relaxation beef indeed
Vodka tastes like poison in my accidental experience :C
Challenge accepted.
August 27th, 2011
@shirkersama: Whoops. I'll go back and change it to something else later.
August 26th, 2011
@shirkersama: Way to make yellow shirt seem like a total douche.
August 26th, 2011
There is actually a band named Obscura and they came out with a new album earlier this year. Yellow shirt clearly needs to check his facts.