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Robo Hole

Parsnip is a sarcastic, moody teen living in the quiet suburb of Freefar. But when a black hole turns into a boy and lands in her back yard, her life of side-eyeing and snarky comments quickly turns into a life of fighting robots and alternate universes. Can Parsnip and her new friend Geckie save Freefar from total destruction? Probably not. But find out anyway!

a scifi comic about childhood, black holes, and robots

updates sundays

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this hiatus isnt gettin any less hiatusy. SO i figured id share the official character sheets to try and fill the gaps. ill try workin on new pages when i can too when my jobs are less crazy

but anywho heres geckie!
this sorta hiatus is killin me. im gettin pages out so slow. i hope no one hates me. sooorryyyyy
i bubble blocked mac twice on this page so i feel like im pickin on her. sorry mac...

ANYWAY also sorry i been so slow with my updates lately! im still working on my other job and its gettin more into the nitty gritty bits there so i might get even slower here :/ but i'll try to work on Robo Hole when i have free time and get pages out!
dang whatta mood killer

ALSO does the word flick in the 4th panel look like flick or like somethin else?
heres some halloween
i really like drawin antonia. shes so mad all the time
HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!! :D im excited its finally here but im also not ready for it to be over so ima be living all my spookyness thru the making of this comic until next halloween
OK! comin sorta partly outta hiatus. ima try to upload pages as i can but im still pretty busy with work. but a liiitle less busy right now so hopefully ill be able to make more pages!
also its halloween month and i didnt wanna not post anythin
hi everyone! still on hiatus... BUT i wanted to let everyone here know about the contest going on at the Robo Hole Tapastic site here:

its a trivia game for Chapters 1-3 and heres the rules if anyone wants to play!:

theres 7 questions. each one worth 1-3 points. whoever gets the most points first by the time the game is over wins!

PRIVATE message me your answers on here for the questions.
the game will go until Oct 1

for the winner i'll draw a picture of you, your fav characters, your own characters or whatever you want! (as long as it isnt anything super naked) also i'll give a shout out to your comic if you have one C:
i hope you play!

P.S. (you dont actually gotta guess Parsnips mothers bra size. that question wasnt for us)
someone call PETA on this witch

ALSO i wont be able to update as much for a while. i have a big job to work on and im not sure how much ill be able to make new Robo Hole pages. im sorryyyy!
solid burn parsnip
@Frostwings: um mmmaybeee... but on a scale of 1-10 how uncool would i be if i didnt know who jaboody was?
August 15th, 2016
Reference to Jaboody? "I dunno nothin' about no f&%#'in frogs."
YOU BETTER STAY OUTTA THAT RAIN GRAEME! do you have any idea how much work i put into drawin yur wig. you get that thing wet and you ruin it for all of us!
i know i said it before but i really really like making rainy scenes like this. they put me in a super good mood for some reason. and it always rains where i live on halloween so scenes like this always remind me of it
so QUESTION if anyone wants to answer: i wanna get the halloween mood juuust right so what are little things that remind yall of halloween?
startin to look like spookyween
@Frostwings: she defies nature! maybe being half polynesian gives her refusing powers tho
July 26th, 2016
Embracing dental hygiene is all well and good, but how can you refuse candy from someone in traditional Hawaiian garb? That's simply illogical.
the lighting in the scene still kinda bothers/confuses me but delaneys hair is so fun to draw that it made it all ok C:
@Frostwings: YOURE RIGHT. i shoulda listened to hazel. all my fault i am shame