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Sprite Author Dimension

This is where any good spriters and some average spriters can join for an author comic.

Recent Comments

do we have to start over because someone deleted almost all of the comics?
This seems more like an advertisement
someone deleted the entire 2nd chapter and almost all in the first.
Woah, who deleted all the pages?
this is me and my lil buddy's room
Wrong folder.
Just sayin'
hopefully Faith can't see it.
Don't want her chasing around another ghost.
In the meantime, I'll work on the next comic. You might be able to guess the mystery character...
Now for Valker. And his quills.
I added the door sofa and bed via Paint.
Yes I did. Like it?
Ow! My everything hurts!
For Scrape.
I want Josh to be here!
Door with Ornament: Brine Cave
Door to the left of it: Hero Base
July 17th, 2011
the one next to SR
The last room is Sage's. Unlike Dusk, he's staying.