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Thanksgiving Special. While preparing a Thanksgiving meal for his coming family, Tsubaki, Ryukou's hubby/lover, wants to "play." *YAOI WARNING*

Recent Comments

Cute, they're married
Tee hee~ Way to improvise! <3
yeah i agree with definitely should make this longer...
i would definitely fave and keep reading XD
you should make this story longer... somehow...
Cute and hot story!!
It was so cute/hot I want to see more! Really hot.... ^///^
Such a Cute Ending
I really loved this story, I hope you create more mangas in the future.
The characters are so cute and the I think the manga is really cute and has a lot of yaoi goodness, its definitely graphic and makes me blush.
heh heh heh pudding lube pyo ^ . ^
hahaha who didnt see that cumming? XD
yay yay yay I'm gunna read this again pyo ^ . ^
ah yes, I read this at Y!gallery .tis great. ^^ ofcourse their is no hurt in reading it again.....*faves*
*nosebleed* oh, this is gunna be fun pyo ^ . ^