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This is the 2004 version of 20 Galaxies which now serves as a drafting place for the parts beyond Part 1.

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December 2nd, 2010
Hello ~

I just wanted to post here that Issue 1 of the new version is up for sale =) It's got Chapter 1 of the comic, a few extra pages and a hidden special feature.

20G at Indyplanet --

You can also read Chapter 1 for free right here on Smackjeeves -->

As for the updates on this version, I have another page sketched, but there probably won't be any more updates until I get through the prose version of it. That can be found on the main site.

Happy Holidays all =)
After all this time I still love this comic.
x-x notes later
Happy New Year ~

=_= I'm sure I'd have more to say but it's 5am, never really a good hour for me to be awake.
December 9th, 2009
Just thought I'd share my latest work for this story, and mention that an actual comic page is not too far off -

Where have I been? I've been working on offline projects for other people, running around all over Wisconsin and Illinois, working, and trying to crack the artist block I have for this comic D< What I should do is build a soundtrack for just this part -
Chopped out a bunch of dialogue from the original script, didn't think it was important.
I have decided not to go overboard with the details in this part or else it would take a very long time to move forward with the story. I hope it's not too much of a disappointment =(

PS - I started posting comment replies on the page the comment was made instead of the next update. I thought it made more sense that way. Sorry for any confusion!
Tifa-X) Nope, there are 20 parts total. =)
Oh wow, awesome logo! So will this be the last part of the story?
The Search for the Lraenian Seals begins. For Jayson, the concept of being a superhero is still too surreal to be believed - especially when it leads the Skaeya straight into the world of dreams. The group is quickly learning there are some people not to be trusted, even among those who are meant to be their allies.

Plot details rewritten, script is partially done. I don't have a page count estimate yet, and I don't know how frequent updates will be. It depends on how much detail I end up putting in the pages I suppose -
You know, i absolutely love the fact that you color everyone of your pages. That takes true skill and patience *claps* Great Job!
April 28th, 2009
Two more pages left of Part 1 -
- to NOT be completed across a span of six months -_-()

Projects in the works. More details when Part 1 is done.
I really wasn't in the mood to draw a happy page, but wouldn't you know, drawing it actually cheered me up. It has music that goes with it too =D old stuff, but it still fits.

surrube) Thanks =)

Milley02) XD The net could always use some more made-up words.
Dude, your drawing just gets awesomer every time you update...(and I know 'awesomer' isn't a real word, I just made it one) :3
January 19th, 2009
yay! an update!! SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY nice shading by the way.
=0 Two updates two weeks in a row. Weird.

Hopefully "weird" won't be the case for much longer.

Anima241, Geraprefersmilk, Lite Side o' d Force) Thanks guys, glad you're enjoying the ride ^^
holy hell
AMAZING COLORS! *gapes in awe*
Page was done partly with a tablet and partly by mouse.
Many things will be happening with 20G this year =D I'll try for at least one page a week until Part 1 is done and I'll go into details there - my plans should be more finalized by then.