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unlevelled levels of Bias

Used to be N00b central, now might actually become something.
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6 Years Ago
Used to be N00b central, now might actually become something.

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Welp, here it is, My artwork of the Violet Wisp from Sonic Colours DS and one of the few pieces of art that I've released to the public. To add insult to injury, this was not only done with nothing but a paper and some pencils, but I'm much better with use plain style than I am with colours.

Ah well, Enjoy DOMP visitors!
December 16th, 2013
"Yes, all the yes"

A particular thanks goes to this generous guest who truly made me feel special today ^_^. After a mediocre comment I made from a tv commercial I saw, somehow it awards many yes's. I've only gotten to experience the joy of actually posting a hilarious and praised comment, so this particular moment got me in a very happy mood.
So I'm just scrolling around SJ minding my own business, when I see that the mega and Sonic sprite showcase has been updated. And who else has updated it but Brainfart, the newcomer who has been revealed to have a lot of potential in the 8-bit department of megaman. Yet, after having commented on his Cossack sprites, I move ahead to another sheet that he claims he did that isn't half bad. I give my two cents, and I leave.

But when I come back, it's gone. So, since I still had this tab open, I took a screen pic and decided to show it since this is actually some pretty good stuff. What happened Brainfart? You have low self esteem or something?
this sprite turned out waaayyy smaller than i expected. so, i dont know, paste this in paint and zoom it in to see the details.
So, with all the people trying out the sonic style, i thought i'd take a break from mega
and for a person who just started, im pretty proud of this lazilly last-minute slapped together edit, heck, he might not have the best bangs, but they're good, im also proud of the extra quills and the custom palette
thanks sagat, i didnt expect a reknown custom spriter to think a recolor is good but thanks anyhow!
i might actually attempt that
I think it's okay. Maybe you should do the rest and see how they turn out.
I... uh... I...

I have no idea what to say.

Except this is somehow awesome.
i always looked forward to rush and mega doing a dbz style fusion, but insead rush acted like an armor to mega, but what would happen if it went the other way around!?
and suth i got this idea, though it was made before was the good spriter i am today
the very first robotmaster i made, this was WAY back when i first started spriting
this also reveals why satelite man is labelled NMN 001, as in New Master Numbers(my newer designs), while dome man is labelled MN as in Master Numbers, my older designs
i never really completed his sheet, nor bothered to, my spriting skills could only limit him to 2 poses, plus a projectile (weird connected lines in front of his poses)
the first of the NM series, the holograms he projects can be used as both means of communication and a weapon
"i cant express this feeling"
good point: smart
bad point: cant talk
likes: tv
dislikes: light
weapon: hologram flash
(for those planning to use him, please note that dome man cant talk because of a flaw in his design, as such, he talks by projecting his words via the dome on his head, as mentionned in his description)