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Hey \(~_~)/ finish this its good
what happened?! I hope by some miracle u continue.
lmao! that face at the end... pure shock!
Y'know that guy Sunny looks exactly like my adopted dad Mike. Exactly like him. Except the hetrosex part lol
god your tones are friggin perfect O.o

aaw normally I'm always on the main character's side, but Deejay's being pretty unfair :c

I love this so damn much ><
Nice drawings. I wonder what will happen between them next. Will they become friends again? Will they try something more? Or will they find other friends?
pretty please update? With a cherry on top? I love this story so far and I really want it to continue
update? or something? I will even get on my knees... PLEASE?
Keep more page up? Please? Big Smilez
@Cataki: Are you going to be continuing this or ... ? Coz this is epic, haha
I can't wait to read more!
I'll be waiting for your update.
I love his hair in that first panel! ^^
I'm in love with your art style!
Gaaah I'm so excited! :D
@Faery Goddyss: But you can't help who you fall for! It's called "falling" for a reason! Because you have no control of it.
This pageā™„ Everything about it. This pose is just too greatly drawn out.
OHH I remember this comic! Your art and tones look cooler now ; 3 ;
Can't wait to read the continuation!
Yay, im so excited
yay new page sort of but still yay!!!!!!!!!!!!