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Biscuit Fox

by stevieroxelle
There are no rules stipulating that women can't play professional men's hockey. Nikita Stefanova is determined to prove that she can skate with the big boys.
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6 Years Ago
There are no rules stipulating that women can't play professional men's hockey. Nikita Stefanova is determined to prove that she can skate with the big boys.

Recent Comments

Joy (Guest)
November 8th, 2016
Where did you go?
I loved this comic but it has not updated in 3 years...which is a shame. It was a good story line. Too bad it had to end with a line about tits.
August 21st, 2013
Glad everybody is ok.
dentedcardoor (Guest)
August 20th, 2013
Glad to have you back! Hope your mental vacation helped :)
August 19th, 2013
Sorry for the sudden hiatus. A car crashed into my parents' house.
Everyone is fine, but I had to help them out and take some mental time off.
SK (Guest)
August 2nd, 2013
Just a swedish comic and hockey fan saying hello and that I'm looking forward to ep 178.

July 30th, 2013
..Tore through your archives, I'm enjoying this! Good art and a fun story. I'm hoping you're able to start updating again. ...and is Elena by chance based on Larionov's daughter?
July 9th, 2013
Apologies for the lack of background. I'm in the process of moving this week, so I ran out of time. This will also mean that Friday's page will probably be late.
Hopefully all of my kit will be set up by the weekend, so I can play catch up then. Sorry for the inconvenience!
July 3rd, 2013
Today's my birthday! And I always ask if my readers could give me a great birthday gift by sharing Biscuit Fox.
May 30th, 2013
A couple things to note:
- You can get free shipping from my store until midnight through this link.
- You can like Biscuit Fox on Facebook.
- You can find my NHL cartoons on Backhand Shelf on Sundays.
May 27th, 2013
The proper finished version of this will go up later Tuesday, when I'm not so migraine-y.
May 21st, 2013
Starting next week, Biscuit Fox will start updating on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the summer.
UBG (Guest)
May 13th, 2013
New Reader
Just started reading today & wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it. The writing rings true and the characters are interesting. Biscuit Fox is going in my "must be read" comic rota.
May 7th, 2013
Welcome new readers! Some good news for everyone. Starting the week of May 20th, I'll be returning to two updates a week. I haven't quite decided what days yet, but when I do I'll let you all know.
April 23rd, 2013
Aw, baby Kit, before she broke her nose a bunch of times. Is this a flashback or a memory?
Cesy (Guest)
April 11th, 2013
Yes, I can guess who she's based off, and I am delighted to see her appear here.
April 10th, 2013
Sorry about the lack of backgrounds! This will be fixed by later tonight.
March 26th, 2013
Don't forget, when I put text in < > brackets, I'm indicating that they're speaking in Russian.

Also I think some of you can guess who Elena is based off of.
March 19th, 2013
And we're back! Thank you for your patience.
Update Change
Due to my schedule and other pieces of work I need to do, I'm going to start updating once a week, and I'm going to change that day to Wednesday. Check back Wednesday this week for a new page.
March 6th, 2013
I hope you are able to enjoy your time away from the comic to recharge your batteries and I also hope the other life stresses resolve themselves too... though I imagine the Master's in Biology stress will only go away once you've earned the degree. So once you have the degree in hand are you going to change your name to M.S. Stevieroxelle?
I'm pretty sure that's the right title for the degree