Princess Chroma

As darkness threatens to engulf all life, the universe cries out for a champion with a pure heart. But they'll have to settle for schoolgirl June Summer.
With the help of her friends and her mentor, a winged bunny, June will battle monsters, struggle to maintain a normal school life, and occasionally watch television. Hey, even heroines need a little downtime.
-A Magical Girl Parody. Updates Wednesdays!


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the only cupcake I wouldn't take a bite of
February 18th, 2017
@schlissel: That's how Cupcake rolls, yo.
February 15th, 2017
@Storel: It's because SmackJeeves allows me to queue the pages to update at a specified time and day. I'm also allowed to write an author comment on the page ahead of time. So the day I queued the page and wrote the comment was Jan 5, but the day the page actually got posted was Feb 8. I always try to maintain a long buffer in order to maintain a consistent update schedule.
@melaredblu: Up above, it says this comic was posted on Feb 8... so why is your comment dated Jan 5? Very confusing...
February 11th, 2017
Never tell Cordelia "bite me". She just might do it.
@schlissel: I applaud your comment.
@schlissel: I see what you did there...
you don't need a vacuum in space
Cupcake might have hit a sore spot there.
Looks like Leo's already figured out a thing or two. Too bad the ominous tentacle manifesting behind them isn't one of those things.
@schlissel: Of course, what else?
You could have at least pulled the vacuum through too, Leo. Then you wouldn't have to tote her around. Maybe have some free hands for once. But no, you had to make a dramatic entrance.
She's an idea girl. Just not a good idea girl.
January 4th, 2017
In retrospect, I could have had this entire sequence in Chapter 9, to explain why Leo suddenly vanished off the radar at such a crucial moment and didn't come back right away. Oh well. Live and learn.
January 4th, 2017
So for all of you who have been asking about the sky...there ya go.

You might notice all the neglected holiday figure cards are gone. I've taken them out of the main archives, but you can still find them at the Princess Chroma Bonus Reel".
he's going to start his own puppet theater obviously
New year, new chapter! I'll leave you all to speculate what this cover signifies for our favorite winged plumber.
@schlissel: Those eyes mean business.
Uh oh, white glowing eyes! Things are getting serious