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by dreadelion
updates thursdays, sometimes not, sometimes some other times too. but mainly on thursdays
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7 Years Ago
updates thursdays, sometimes not, sometimes some other times too. but mainly on thursdays


Recent Comments

Hullo, you still alive? We need some more of your great food for our eyes. Well, just meant to say : when can we expect you back with more page(s) ? Or if ever? Cuz I quite like your stuff, and I'm apparently not the only one so...
Or at least tell us if you've dropped this comic, which would be a shame really.
Anyway, read you again soon I hope ! Ciao.
Will there still be more? I love this comic so much. You've truly given personailty to each of the characters.
It's funny. Soon to be adventurous, and I love the plot~ CX
I'm kinda on the Llya and witch-doctor ship. Yup, I'm shippin' them. Heheh.

I just love their tiny little hands!! xD And now they've got cute little outfits.
If you're still writing this comic - which I hope you are - I can't wait for more. Bravo! You're an amazing artist~ <3

Good Luck! =)
need moaaar of your stuff
oh god
this comic is so good
I love your art
My friend linked me this, and I read it all in a day. I have been checking it every other day for an update and I JUST REALIZED that the last page was updated in MAY. D8
What do I have to do to get you to update? I'll shower you in gifts. Or fanart or outrageous amounts of recommendations (as if I don't already give out enough)?

I'll probably do all of those anyways.
@dreadelion: I have read the proof for that XD
Cool outfits ahoy! I mourned the loss of Ilya's toga, but Ilya's new pants are tight, SO I'M SUPRISINGLY OKAY WITH THIS.
Christ, Stein is just too cute for words XD

Love how it's all "Don't forget the coat, honey. If the kids get cold they'll get sick, and remember to keep them safe in the bag. Also, they need to brush their teeth every night. Bye."
Your updates make my week so much better. Always.
this was a very rushed page at the time i drew it
for that i apologise

@Amuya: haahhahaa thank you :D:
@Morning: thank you sweetie!
@Cotta: LONG COMMENTS ARE OK i'm just a happy sobbing pile because people bother to comment at all ;;_;; you're all lovely (& i'm really bad with consistency so you'll probably notice me forgetting ilya's nails about a million times lmao)
@queensilian: the tiny one is a dick, you're not the only one who wants to hit him hahahhhh
Haha, I really love this comic
Lol xD its ok its adorable! Plus it makes for realistic mock platonic intamacy. Lol "type"
I know ur type magic"chika chikaaah"
I think the page is awesome :) and I love his face in the fourth panel.

His tiny hands<3

Lol because you suck man. That's why you need magic helps.
'He could've Zapped Esben into sumbmission.' you say... *dreamy-face* I ree-hee-eeally would like to see that happen, with Ilyas tiny body expressing ALL THE RAGE.

And now that I know YOU ship them too, I can admit that I do it too without shame. (Don't try to keep it out of the comic too much, they're lovely...)

It seems like Ilya is really bad at accepting help, or is just not used to be offered help at all. He knows he wants it though, I can see dat curiosity. Esben is suprisingly nice.

(Long comment is long, but I am a huge fan of Ilyas black nails. They're a tiny detail that just make him look awesome.)
OMG the tiny one is so ungrateful I just want to hit him
i just realised
hahahuasfdgkj one of the recent pages i've just drawn kind of repeats this one+??? HOPEFULLY NO ONE NOTICES and just thinks that esben is a stupid self-important jerk who keeps repeating himself :')

@zils: omg thank you aaaa ;_;_;__;;;; you certainly haven't seen any of my friends' comics because... resan till.... isn't very well done at all.........
@Amuya: YOU'RE SAYING THAT AS IF YOU DON'T KNOW I SHIP THEM HHHheehehHhhhh hhh hh h... hhhh............ i'm sorry i do i can't help shipping my own characters but i'm trying to keep it out of the comic (it's not working very well)
@Cotta: well if he'd even touched that ring i'm p sure he could've zapped esben to submission and make him change him back? it doesn't need to be on his finger per se
@Aya_Yai: yeah haha!
this is by far one of the most well done comics i've seen on this site sdfjkl; i think i'm in looooove
You know you've read too much yaoi when this is cuter than it should be.

Lol but seriously, esben will probably mock him for this.
Well, credit to Ilya for even TRYING. The ring would've been really heavy for his tiny man-arms, and the person sleeping with it 'round his neck swept him off a table just a couple of hours ago. Huh.

Can't decide wether this makes Ilya secretly brave, or just stupidly stubborn.

Also, smug Esben is smug.

(Also, second panel: Ninja-Ilya is on the move!)
One ring to rule them all!
almost forgot to update today sorry bout that!

@queensilian: haha yeah esben probably put them there just to giggle at them
The last panel makes me laugh
They look so cute in the drawers
i have nothing to say about this page except it's been too long since this's been drawn it's starting to look horrible in my eyes :')