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Join Rio and friends in the exciting world of competitive grapping as they try to climb their way to the top!

Made by Sky_Line


Recent Comments

Sky Verum
March 11th, 2012
Cant wait
Hope that dude withthe red hair shows up, h was mu fav in the game!! I think his name was hibiki? Prolly not, also, Hope Guy makes an appraremce , nice page brah
March 1st, 2012
That is pretty bad A dude, pretty bad A
February 15th, 2012
Thanks peeps, don't know why but I've always felt I had a thing for making panels.
February 9th, 2012
Whoa man great page
The only problem I can see, honestly, is that I think you may have wanted to put quotes around the word "hostile" in the third panel.
Otherwise, perfect. The last panel looks crazy awesome
February 9th, 2012
Woooo! Awesome job man! ^^
February 9th, 2012
I need to start doing that really good job on those effects.
February 9th, 2012
Huh you two? Lol

Dam the paneling makes the action scenes so much more epic
February 9th, 2012
I'm really liking how this page came out. Anyways, sorry about the not updating frequently I just have a lot on my plate to deal with at the moment, but for now I hope you enjoy. ;D
January 28th, 2012
Thanks guys, I always appreciate the comments. Its one of the only things that keeps me going :D
Great page, man! I always get so excited when I see your comic on the top of my faves!
I like how you rounded the panels and great effects use very nice.
January 26th, 2012
Nice page. Lovin the last panel
January 26th, 2012
Contrary to popular belief, there was no arrow-knee jokes made whatsoever in the previous page. /sarcasm

Anywho, now our heroes head towards Diver Coast choosing to take a detour past the beautiful, but treacherous Oceania Springs. What awaits our heroes? Enjoy ;D
Yeah my knees were killing me...
Until I took an arrow to the knee...

Please god, don't let this be a habit!
Someone stop me before I loose control !!
*keeps punching kyle till his knuckles bleed* STOP TROLLING YOU BASTARD!!!*Keeps punching* by the way like the comic very nice.
Was that a knee joke I just saw XD
Anyways, can't wait to see what goes down at the Diver Coast Gym!
After hours of Skyrim, our dynamic duo sets their sights toward the Diver Coast Gym which Kyle is a part of. What awaits them on the path ahead. Find out next time on...! Enjoy ;D
January 11th, 2012
@RedCrow: Hopefully you can get it soon cause it def. won't disappoint you

@opdisk225: lololol

@xVegitox: That makes the two of us. I'm a big street fighter fan ;D

*kills slipknot*
Yeah, I liked skyrim...
until I took an arrow to the knee...

I give you all permission to kill me.
January 10th, 2012