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Love and Zombies
Gisellia Ackerly is a member of the recently undead living in a city full of humans and other supernatural creatures.

Can one lonely girl find love after death?



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Comment on Chapter 4 - Pg.5
BadOmens, Oct 17 2016 08:51 pm
Tula the waitress is based on the California King Snake!
Comment on Chapter 4 - Pg.1
BadOmens, Aug 07 2016 08:16 am

Whoops sorry for the mini-haitus guys! I recently quit my job and have been scrambling to find new work and haven't had a lot of time to put into the comic, but I've got the next set of pages done, so hopefully updates will be steady for a bit!
Comment on Chapter 4 - The Date (part 2)
BadOmens, Jul 17 2016 10:59 pm
Chapter 4 Start!
Sorry for the delay in getting back! Been sick and bogged down with work, but here's the start of chapter 4! I've changed a bit as far as the artwork and my process goes, so it takes me a little longer to get the pages ready.

Thank you all for your patience!
Comment on Chapter 3 - Pg.40
BadOmens, Jun 12 2016 07:59 am
And here's the end of Chapter 3!

I've got to finish up the first chunk of chapter 4's pages, so I'm going to take the next two weeks on a mini hiatus to do so. Love and Zombies will return July 3rd with chapter 4.

Thanks for reading.
Comment on Chapter 3 - Pg.36
Drakanor Dream, May 15 2016 02:39 pm
I think someone is crushing on their (New) boss :D
Comment on Vacation!
BadOmens, Apr 27 2016 11:48 pm
No update on Sunday because I will be at the beach! Here's a filler in the mean time.
Comment on Chapter 3 - Pg.26
Drakanor Dream, Feb 07 2016 11:57 am
Yep those two are almost perfect for each other ...
Comment on Chapter 3 - Pg.22
BadOmens, Jan 12 2016 11:01 pm
Sorry for the lack of an update Sunday! I've been working for over a week straight without a day off, but now I've gotten the rest of chapter 3 complete done (and backed up!).
Comment on Chapter 3 - Pg.21
BadOmens, Jan 04 2016 12:01 am
A slightly delayed updated, but it's up!
Comment on Happy Holidays!
BadOmens, Dec 24 2015 07:05 am
Happy Holidays!
As previously stated, updates will resume Jan 3rd!


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