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November 11th, 2018
So uhh
Been waiting a smidge over 5 years now... What's the status on this Hiatus?
Dear neglected readers,

I have only apologies to give.

Trespasses has been on an extended hiatus since July 2013, first due to preparations for the book release, then due to distribution work, then just my daily life and work getting in the way of comicking. I am as disappointed and gutted as I fear that you guys are.

Still, it has been an amazing year if only for the fact that Trespasses 1: Initiation finally saw daylight and is now available as real, honest-to-crikey book. I have been sitting behind the sales table all year round and it has been amazing to meet some readers at cons, hear your thoughts on the comic and that you like where it’s going. It’s also amazing to see how many of you are still following it online, despite my radio silence. You have all of my love, all of you.

I am pleased to say the long, dark, teatime of the comicker is finally at an end, and new material is on its way to you.

Come Monday, 4th August, Trespasses will first start updating with a short, 16-page side story about my – and hopefully some of yours as well – favourite side characters, Mitica and Mihai. As the comic’s resident dysfunctional couple, the story will be a short study of the pair’s domestic life and love. In addition to updating online, the story will be released as a separate zine for the Helsinki Comics Festival 5th–7th September.

The festival’s sub theme this year is LGBT comics, so I thought it would a great opportunity to do a small sideline into Mihai and Mitica and sides to their relationship that don’t get featured in the main story as much. I’ll update more information on the sideline comic later in the summer.

What about the main story, you say? That too, is on its way and I am happy to tell you that Trespasses proper will start updating on Monday, September 8th, right after the release of the sideline zine. I hope that you will hang on until then to see how Pele’s story continues.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t had the chance yet, you can get your own signed & doodled copy of the first book, Trespasses 1: Initiation online at my bigcartel shop

If you live in Nordic countries, you can also buy the book from the following online bookstores:

I nfo
Turun sarjakuvakauppa
Sarjakuvak eskus web store

I will also be selling the book at some Finnish cons and there will be few copies for sale at international festivals. You can find the updating schedule here at my blog.

And hey if it please you, consider ordering the book to your local library as well and help spread the word to new readers. Every book bought makes it that much more humanly possible for me to continue drawing Trespasses and feed my slave-driving cat on a regular basis.

So, apologies and thank-yous to all, and keep checking this space for more updates!

Yours truly,
Out on September 7th, 2013 at Helsinki Comics Festival

After a month-long fight with self-motivation and CS6, the first volume of Trespasses is finally at the printers. I can't believe it's going to be a real book, with an ISBN code and everything!

The book will first be available at Helsinki Comics Festival 7.–8.9. at the Small Press Heaven, and at Fanfest in October. I'll open up a webstore in a few weeks for international orders, as well.
So this is the end for now! Thank you for reading this far, faithful readers!

Volume 1 is done now and will be available as a REAL BOOK starting September, barring any interfering force majeures. I'm taking a 2-month break to prepare chapter 4, and will start updating that on Thur 3rd October which is also the comic's second anniversary, wow.

In the meanwhile I'll be updating info on how and where to buy volume 1, and would also like to do a short bonus comic to take the sting off the hiatus. But I'd like to hear your thoughts on which characters the comic would be about! I'll set up a small poll on it in the next few days, so stay tuned for updates!
arua (Guest)
July 20th, 2013
Thanks, though I'll doubt that I'll ever manage to go to anywhere, except comics festivals... And I feel alienated from that scene too, though not as badly that manga/anime. It's almost scary when even 25 year olds feel old, and I'm much much older than them. :/
@arua: Thanks! And yeah, I felt like a fossil there, waving my walking stick at all the children. (I still cannot get over the fact that people born in 90's are legally adults, wth!) And I'm completely behind on all the series that are now in.

BTW, if you ever feel like joining me and Heidi on our old ladies' refuge tea corner at some con, we'd be happy to share a cuppa with you. :)
arua (Guest)
July 19th, 2013
Oo stylish pages. I missed Animecon (I miss everything nowadays and feel too old go anyway) but glad to hear it went well :)
@Q: Dear mysterious Q,

your sweet, thorough comment makes me unbelievably happy to the point of awkwardness. If I weren't firmly sitting down, I'd be walking into doorframes and furniture with two left feet. As it is, I'm just blushing furiously, wringing my hands and trying not to cry like a little girl while I think of a way to say 'thank you' without sounding like a hopeless idiot (note to self: this is not that way).

Thank you for making my day/week/month/LIFE, I will do my best to live up to expectations (and definitely deliver you more team Mihai-Mitica goodness).

Yours truly,
weepy idiot!Author
@ered: Thank you, and Kuopio was a blast! :)
Q (Guest)
July 15th, 2013
I found Trespasses today and read it in one go. What can I say, I love it! I quite enjoy your style of drawing and the way your story flows - not much has unfolded, but there are definitely enough loose ends to make me want to know everything! So far, I might be most interested in Hó's background and his reasons to be so secretive, even if I'm rooting on Pele to find out more about the mystery person and the Trespass!

Also, I find Mihai and Mitica to be the sweetest, funniest, most adorable team ever. I definitely hope to see more of them in the future!

Looking forward to the next update!
July 12th, 2013
oh, nice details on this page!
have fun at Animecon :D
Stop by our table at Animecon '13!
Hello, ye faithful readers! Here's another delayed page for you, many heartfelt thanks for stickin' with me this far.

I'll be over at Animecon '13 in Kuopio this weekend selling stuff and co-mucking up a workshop with my BFF Kyprinos, stop by to say hello (and buy disturbing stuff like this: NSFW, guro)

EDIT: Here's the penultimate page for this chapter! I've missed drawing you, Hó. <3
Hiatus lifted! Nearing end of Chap 3
Hullooo there! Hiatus is over, I'm mostly back in my native land and will update again on a (mostly) regular basis. But the end of this chapter is only pages away, and then there will be a longer hiatus over summer, when I will prepare Trespasses for print. Can I get a tiny whoop for that?


I guess that'll do. :)

EDIT: I AM WORST UPDATER EVER. Feel free to sling rocks at my head.

Also hello page in which absolutely nothing happens.
People you're not sure about... or at least whether or not it's a good thing to have them on your side. Yep, she falls into that category.

So next week I'll be going to Toronto for TCAF, I can't believe it! *clutches plane tickets with sweaty palms* I'll be work gallivanting from 6th–14th, and I won't be able to draw during the trip. So sadly Trespasses will be on a two-week break starting now. (Then it's just a couple of pages and chapter 3 will finish, whoa.)

At TCAF I'll be sitting behind the Finnish comics table. If for some reason you want to witness this procrastinator in real life, come say hi. It would be nice to meet people. I hear they're nice.
@Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic: Hello, new person! And thank you so much, you're too sweet. C':
I knew I liked her!
New reader btw! This comic is soooo good, oh my gosh.
Late again, I'm so sorry. ;_;

EDIT: The trouble is that she is serious.
@arua: Kiitos! Olin aika käkenä kun tuli tieto. :)
arua (Guest)
April 2nd, 2013
@pahvisankaritar: Onneksi olkoon! :)
On time and good news!
Happy news: I received a grant for publishing the first three chapters of Trespasses as vol 1! Fainting from surprise, people.

For now, I'm aiming for a September release for the book, and toying with the idea of doing a short bonus story just for print. I will keep you posted as the scheme develops!