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Everyday of Aaron and Jay.


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Comment on Mega Bill
HeavyArms_Spriter, January 6th, 2013, 12:55 pm
Words cannot describe how much of a win this page is.
Comment on Check out our Website
cannotsavehere, January 3rd, 2013, 8:14 pm
Thank you for your support!
Really guys you've been great, but we've moved to a permanent site that has been up for quite some time. You'll like it I promise.
Comment on CSH Saves Xmas
cannotsavehere, December 25th, 2012, 10:02 pm
What more can we say than Merry Christmas from ours to yours. No seriously there’s nothing more to say. We got to get back to the festivities.
Comment on Mega Bill
cannotsavehere, December 18th, 2012, 9:20 pm
Rules are made to be broken
I'd say first rule of robot mecha zord fight club is don't talk about robot mecha zord fight club, but it's not exactly something you do in the shadows of a parking garage. People see you. People hear all about it on the six o'clock news. The fact that Jeff works crazy hours definitely helps keep him out of the loop though. If he only knew what we used the house electric for. It's an amazing feat actually that we were able to convert those things to AC power in the first place. You know what kind of converters you need to go from magic power crystal to a house plug? Yeah neither did Radio Shack. Had to think outside the box a bit. Hopefully we don't get cancer from excess radiation. Maybe we'll need to wear some protection. Perhaps an extra layer of clothing. I'm asking Santa for a scarf. A scarf to protect my junk from radiation.
The year is coming to an even faster end. Time to think about resolutions. If you guys think of any good ones for the comic we're all ears. Just be nice okay? "Be funnier" is not what you would call constructive criticism and we will remember what you said in the coming Nuclear zombie apocalypse.
As for the usual follow us on the Tweet, "like" us on Facebook, and share us with your friends. Friends who laugh together survive zombies together or something like that.
Comment on No Bake
cannotsavehere, December 11th, 2012, 9:42 pm
Just here for the money ladies
Matt may just go missing from the comic for another year despite or brilliant brain storming. So we're clear the puppies would be wearing the bikinis and then be used to clean the cars. I know this really fluffy one that would be great for getting the rims and this chubby little meat steak that drinks up any moisture she finds. Perfect for drying. No streaks. Not at our car wash. Maybe we should go with that bake sale. People love cookies and junk. Well if you can even call the things we'd sell baked goods legally. I mean they are baked. In an oven. Close enough.

Hey guys the year is about to end and with that a new year comes. Any resolutions? Maybe you should laugh more or share with friends? We can help with both of those easily. To get a jump start on the holidays follow us on the Twitter and Facebook.
Comment on Service Industry
cannotsavehere, December 4th, 2012, 10:00 pm
guest experience
Looks like Matt is in trouble with the law. Jay probably should have made it clear to Matt that the customer is always right, sometimes. Even so you probably shouldn't hit them more than once. The comic does really address some serious issues though like how some parents don't know a thing about what they are buying their kids. Video games especially don't try to hide the content of their titles. Good rule of thumb is if there's a gun on the cover it's too violent for your infant. Also just a peeve of us gamers working in retail, Zelda and Mario are not available for the Playstation or Xbox and yeah those are two separate things. You know what I'm happy Matt hit that lady now.

Follow us on the usual type social stuff and we will take care of you. If your idea of being taken care of is us posting funny stuff here and there.
Comment on Dream Come True
cannotsavehere, November 27th, 2012, 9:13 pm
My only real worry about this new show is that if it's a success and runs for seven seasons like the original what are they going to do twelve years down the road when they want to continue the story with Cory and Topenga as grandparents? Wait just answered that myself in my head. Boy and Girl Meets World. She has twins. Genius. I'll start writing it now get it picked up by Disney. They got money out to Pluto. Avengers Meet World? That could be cool. Baby Hulk Smash!!!
Comment on Twinksgiving
cannotsavehere, November 20th, 2012, 9:30 pm
The dress was too much
If you don't understand why Jeff is dressed so nicely to kill a turkey than you obviously do not know and or do not care what game came out Tuesday. So if that is the case let's go with he wanted to look nice for dinner.

Let's all take a moment to be thankful that Twinkies are saved. Now let's all take a moment to check if there was any return policy on that eBay purchase we made. A crate really does seem like too much now. Should have really thought this one through.

We wish you all a spare moment to enjoy a home cooked meal before you rush out for things at low prices and to all a Happy Thanksgiving. Also share our comic. Thanks!
Comment on November Drain
cannotsavehere, November 13th, 2012, 9:34 pm
The Holiday Season overload is a serious issue for gamers. Just about all the most anticipated titles of the year come out within a single month. Somehow this year I am playing Jeopardy! and am patiently waiting for all the titles I need to play to discount themselves. Jeff and Aaron are not as easily satisfied with game shows though and are cramming as much play time in the hottest titles as possible. Sometimes I won’t see them for what seems like days while they attempt to make it to the next milestone. Maybe I’ll see them for Thanksgiving, but then again Hitman comes out soon.

“like” us on Facebook and follow us on the Twitter. We say stuff on there. See you all next week!
Comment on Changing Tides
cannotsavehere, November 6th, 2012, 10:05 pm
deep sea trouble
So the truth is that we were affected by Sandy. Not in a we need your help so text "Relief" to 555 anything, just in a we had no power for almost a week and couldn't get you a proper comic last week.

One may wonder how if Matt was lost in the woods for a year he heard anything about Hurricane Sandy? Well why are you concerning yourself with that? Shouldn't you be more worried about how he survived out there? That seems like it would be important information in case you were ever in that situation. The odds of us dressing you in a Stay Puft costume and then leaving you in the woods to survive on your own are slim, but it is possible.

Don't forget to share our comic with all your friends and strangers. Also "like" us on Facebook and follow us on the Twitter. You're cool.


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