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Your typical story about a girl from our world pulled into the Pokémon world . . . or is it?

Hillaree, known by her friends as the "Mewtwo Queen," is suddenly taken to a world where Pokémon are real. She is told she will be returned home when she is ready. What could that mean? Well, since she's going to be there a while, she might as well catch some Pokémon!

A Pokémon Fan Comic written and drawn by Vye Brante. Rated Teen for some violence/fighting, blood, and death.

Currently on hiatus. Please note: This comic does not follow any established canon, but does use characters from the games, anime, and mangas. Histories and personalities may be changed.


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Comment on Abandoned Concept 01
that guy (Guest), 20 Nov 2015 12:59 am
at first cause the page was still loading i thought giovani was holding up his middle finger
Comment on Shiny Chronicles Part 5
BlueScales (Guest), 28 May 2015 06:29 pm
Well I would say she was too "Hot" for them to handle in more ways then 1.

great color page. keep going
Comment on Shiny Chronicles Part 5
Foxblaze, 24 May 2015 03:28 am
Pfffffffffffft omg
Comment on Shiny Chronicles Part 5
Hero of Comedy, 21 May 2015 05:18 pm
*laughs* Perverted plants
Comment on Shiny Chronicles Part 5
Vye Brante, 21 May 2015 05:38 am
Just Filler
So it wasn't all that long ago I removed the other Shiny Chronicles from here on Smack Jeeves. They were just filler and so I never planned on keeping them. But now I guess it's time for a new one.

This was more or less a test for me to see if I could handle work on comics again. My back is still giving me trouble, I'm afraid. Drawing was very uncomfortable and took much longer than it should. The editing wasn't too bad at least.

This is just going up to let you know I'm still here. I haven't quit yet but just still haven't been able to really draw yet. I'll probably work on gags like this for a little while yet if only just to get me practiced up for the real comics. It'll probably be a long process still trying to get some comics finished up. Thank you for your patience.

You can still volunteer for editing pages or videos if you'd like. If you didn't get to see the other Shiny Chronicles, they are still up on my Deviant Art Page and start here: http://vye-brante.deviantart.com/art/Shiny-Chronicles-Part-1-478655099
Comment on Unfinished! Ch. 18 Page 597 and Application Information!
Critic, 27 Apr 2015 08:03 pm
I've just read this whole comic for the last three days, and I've really enjoyed it. I hope you do continue it.
Comment on Ch. 17 Page 547
Critic, 27 Apr 2015 07:49 pm
Comment on Unfinished! Ch. 18 Page 597 and Application Information!
BlueScales (Guest), 20 Feb 2015 11:53 am
Yeah I read this comic not just color but also the story and the Battle scenes because I enjoy Pokemon story's. I myself came up with my own adventures in both Mystery dungeon and as a trainer but I'm not a good artist like Vye or everyone else online.
Comment on Unfinished! Ch. 18 Page 597 and Application Information!
Gaunt Dusk (Guest), 20 Feb 2015 10:47 am
Wow, it's taken AGES but you finally posted up a new page. That's good. I'm okay with it being unfinished, heck I'm okay with it just being line art. I read this for the story, not because it looks awesome, although your art improving has always been a nice bonus. I can't say I'll help you because I have my own projects to work on, sorry. Plus I hate coloring. Unless it's simple fill with the fill bucket, I don't like it too much.
Comment on Unfinished! Ch. 18 Page 597 and Application Information!
Vye Brante, 19 Feb 2015 12:34 am
This'll be looooong....
So to those of you NOT interested in taking up the page editing jobs, sorry the page is unfinished! Here is your preview of it at least. Moves the story ahead at least? A final version will be uploaded eventually. This is mostly just for the people that want to help with the comic editing process.

I know I said I'd be returning today. Sorry that it didn't happen. My back held me up much longer than anticipated. I'm still not even better. I still can't work much but I'm somewhat on the mends so I just want to get stuff rolling.

The rest of this applies to anyone who is interested in helping out!

Feel free to ask any questions. If I get asked enough, I'll edit this with the answer. But check my replies to see if I've answered your question before asking if you can.

For those of you interested in taking up page editing, this is basically what you would be given. I'll take care of the line art, text, panels, and basic clean up. It would be your job to finish the page up. In terms of Just Gotta, this would mean adding grayscale and backgrounds. In other comics like EotGG or Just Mewtwo, you would be working with color. I would be open to some people only doing a portion of the work like one person grayscales and then sends it to the next person for backgrounds. Whatever we have to work out. I'd like to get a team going for multiple things.

Consistency is a big thing to me. I don't like comics that change looks every page. So while I don't mind you doing things your own way, I wouldn't want it to stray too far from what I have already presented. So for example, I know some people work a lot with shading. That's great and all, but Just Gotta til now has had very, very minimal shading. Like only when there is a tree around or something. So if I gave you this page, I wouldn't ask you to shade anything. Just flat colors. Consistency is also why I would still be taking care of the artwork itself. If you find an error and would like to fix it, feel free, but I wouldn't want you to alter the artwork too much. I know my art works, but this is how I want to do it.

I would likely list any team members as "co-authors" here on Smack Jeeves, but I wouldn't give much permission in terms of submitting pages or anything. I would still be taking care of that. You will be credited on each page you complete. While I'd like my team to be open to working on multiple comics, if you only want to work on one or have one you don't want to work on, just say so.

As for programs, I personally use Manga Studio 4 EX. So if you have Manga Studio 4 or above, I would be able to send you the original to be able to edit it that way. If you don't have that program, you can still edit the image. I'd just send you the .jpg and you'd work with it from there. It just wouldn't have the layers or anything, obviously. So just be aware of that and know how well you can work with a set image beforehand.

I am open to payment, but I also realize some people may not care to get paid. So as part of the application, just let me know if you would expect payment. Know that it won't be much. Like most it would be would be something like $5 a month. (Sorry, it's not a lot but I don't make THAT much money.) This would come in the form of Smack Jeeves or Deviant Art subscriptions, or if you can set up a PayPal where I can donate too, I can do that. Workload would depend on how many people I "hire." I wouldn't think it would be more than a page a week but it kinda depends. (And it depends on how many pages I actually draw up too sooooo....)

So a run down, here is everything to take into consideration:

Editors/Colorists/Background Artists for: Just Gotta, Gotta Past, Just Mewtwo, Nightmare, EotGG, Random Gag pages
Preferably be open to complete 1 page a week.
Skype account would be preferable for file transfers, comments, updates, etc. But working with an e-mail would be fine too.
I'd like to keep work as consistent as possible. While it may not need to match my work or other people's exactly, just be open to trying to get as close as possible. You will be credited on each page.
I will give notes for what I'd like for each panel when I have them, but sometimes I may not care so you may just have to come up with something.
I'm trusting you with pages that could potentially be future updates so I'd ask that you not share them except with other members of the team.
Please be open to my comments in case there is something I would want you to change or if I make changes to your work after you've completed. I get the final say still. I've been working on the comic for a while and kinda would like to still put out the best stuff I can. I don't want you to take it personally.

How to Apply: Finish this page!
Either right click and save it, or if you have Manga Studio and would like the whole file, just send me an email or message me on Skype and I can send it to you. It would be the same quality if you save it from here, but if you would like me to email you the .jpg, I can do that too.
Just take the page and complete it. If you take a look at previous pages you should be able to get an idea of darkness and what kind of backgrounds I was doing. (Note that in Just Gotta actual backgrounds like trees do not have black lineart and are shapes only and I'd like to keep it that way.)
The second panel and the last panel I would want actual backgrounds. (Trees, bushes, whatever.) The other panels would be optional. So real backgrounds or tones or whatever. You can experiment with those ones so I can see what you can do.
If you don't want to work on the grayscale comics and would only want to work on the color ones, feel free to color this page so I can can see what you can do. If you're open to both, send me both!
Email it or send it back to me on Skype when completed and I will take you into consideration. Tell me what kind of workload you would be comfortable with, if you would want to get paid, how long you think you'd be able to do the work. The longer term the better!
If you only want to work on a certain comic or only want to do the backgrounds or whatever the case may be, just tell me! Tell me what you can do, what you can't, and all that so I can take it all into consideration.
There currently is no time limit on getting it back to me, but the sooner the better so I can know how fast you work and such, ha ha.
You can email me at seisho_koujin(@)yahoo.com without the (). I think you can also find me on skype with that email.
Email me the completed files or transfer them to me with skype. I'll be sure to let you know what I think.

Other open positions!
If Editing comics isn't your thing, I'm also interested in finding audio and/or video editors. There is interest in me picking up my podcast again and I'd like to be able to put out more videos consistently as well. So whatever help I can get that would lower the workload would be much appreciated! This would require Skype just for the sake of how big the files would be. But if you can edit audio or video files and would be interested in helping that way, I would love to have you! Email or Skype me for more information there.

And I hope that's it? Any questions, ask away!


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