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That character from that CYOA you probably didn't read doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Blue you probably should read, if only because it doesn't look like it was drawn by a seven year old in MS Paint.


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Jesus no.
Gregory is my real namelll
I should go read the actual comic...
OH MY GOD. My hitmonlee was also named Bruce...
August 12th, 2012
@robybang:k thanks
@ZFlame: Because I didn't make the word box in Photoshop big enough. :P Anyways, It's corrected now.
August 11th, 2012
why does your farfetch'd only have 3 moves and not 4?
July 21st, 2012
Author Comment
It's almost been a year since I started this comic, and three years writing for this character. Glad that's over. Special thanks goes out to Petty and SomeThomas for getting me into Nuzlockes with their runs and shaping how I structured my run (Petty on the art and SomeThomas in the writing). And thanks to anyone who read this and +fav'd it.
Author Comment:
Abducted was when I decided to stop spriting and start drawing, and back then I was using and a Bamboo tablet. It was the first time I really attempted to come up with my own longform story, and after I finished the first, I wanted to work on a trilogy to give it some finality.

That didn't work out at all, since I got less requests and got kind of tired of drawing the comic, so I killed everyone off. But I felt bad for doing such a lazy ending, so I retconned the series as a dream and used the Nuzlocke to complete the story arc I started for the character.

I still have one more comic to do, and that'll go up next week.
Meh, probably a bit of both in this run.
Author Comments:
Professor Oak: Senile old man incapable of providing the approval that Ryan desperately seeks, or a master troll ruining the lives of everyone around him? Also, is this open-ended writing meant to spark multiple character interpretations, or lazy writing saddled with pretentious ramblings from the author to give the illusion of depth?
Author Comments:
This is one of the few deaths in the game I really felt sorry about. Mainly because I could have prevented it. Venusaur is Grass, which means that Ice attacks do double damage, which is why I sent Sailor out. But Dewgong is Water/Ice, which means that Venusaur's attacks do double damage to me. I played smart through the entire game by taking advantage of type advantages and leveling, except here.
Thanks! I've thought about uploading it there, but I'd like to finish it before deciding to do that. Especially considering I'm only a few pages away from finishing.
Impressive, most impressive. But you are not the champion yet.

Great work! You should upload this on the nuzlocke forums!
You are doing the E4 extrmely well! Nice! :)
Author Comment:
I'm skipping Agatha because that was basically me Psybeam spamming the entire battle. Shame though, because the Agatha panels turned out pretty nice. As for Lance, I have both parts done and I'd post both today like I did with Bruno, but I'm realizing that sketching, coloring, and shading these things takes way too much time to do once a week, and I don't really like doing filler comics every other week. So I'll post the second part next week.
Author Comments:
I didn't provide any commentary or anything because I went on a trip on the weekend but I had the comic ready to post. Also, the comic was posted in two parts because the comic exceeded the file size.
Did you know that Nuzlockes all have a tendency to update slower the closer they get to the end? I'm not immune apparently. Anyways, I'm penciling the panels now, so expect an update soon.
Sorry about the lack of updates. I chalk it up to a combination of the comic's length, doing it full color, school, and recently getting Pokemon Black (which, full disclosure, don't expect a Nuzlocke of it any time soon. Even if I do decide to do a run of it, it won't have Jesus in it. And it won't be black on black either). Because of all the reasons I listed, this comic probably won't do any updates until May.
Okay, I know I missed an update, but part of the reason is that I've been excited about a new project I've been working on. It's a run of Pokemon Black. And since I like to stretch myself artistically, I'm doing black on black, like Art Spiegelman did for the New Yorker.