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The continuing adventures of a stick figure finding his way an increasingly complex world.


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^What that guy said
Love the comic. Keep going!
its been 84 years
not sure if you still use this site or if you're still on here anymore but i was wondering if you were ever planning on finishing this?
I've been reading it since it first started on DA and I love it.
If you're still here, thank you.
Set up on comicfury and in the process of moving over right now. :)
Comicfury is WAY better than what you're using. A much nicer interface, and better options are available to you.
I don't have my own webcomic, but I'm a bit of a connoisseur. I keep updated with over 120 webcomics, and 31 manga/manhwa.
It'd be good for you to find a reliable partner to help you with your website and reader comments and stuff.
Thanks for the advice.
I'm still in the process of learning how to do all of this.

Is there a hosting site that you'd recommend?
I like this comic. Other people will to. Find a few popular comic artists and try to geth them to link to you. Consider getting a better hosting website, smackjeve really sucks. I'll be watching...
:P Doom Kitty

Slowly getting the hang of coloring these...
Congrats on the first time commenting!

I'm glad you and your mom are enjoying the comic. :) This is just the beginning...
Gift SHOP!!!
Hey, maybe now he can buy some clothes! lol. :D

This comic rocks! I was reading it and my mom was looking over my shoulder laughing!

also~ *comment virginity*!!!!! (first time ever!!!)
@kelly351755: Thanks!
The basic idea was to start with a stick figure and try to make every page better than the last. Plenty more where this came from. :)
This comic is great so far! I love the coloring, it's fantastic! And the story's quite good too!
Trust me.

This is not the Rabbit Hole you were expecting...