A comic based on an ongoing RP that's been going on for about a year now. :)

It's your typical dark fantasy, with some not-so-typical main characters: a mage, a werewolf, a fox-girl, and a half-bred lich--all bound by shadows in their lives that seem inescapable.

That is, until one of the largest wars between the two of the most prominant vampire lords in the land forces their lives intertwine...

Written by Neko and Nogi, illustrated by Naka. (For more of her work, please go to: ftepainting.deviantart.com) <3 Together, we make N^3! We hope you all enjoy our hard work!

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oh noes!
Will she get eaten by a tiger?!?!
We can all pretend that the silver "tiger" is huge and majestic right? I had hoped so. yeah... like I said before, I suck, so don't expect greatness...
meh... this page is more words than piccatures... I suck at animals, so I make no claim to draw them well. I try, but I don't suceed all the time, so I apologize if I get anyting wrong on the next few pages...
oh, FTE~
<3 I love you so much. You do such a great job. Alas, if only your talents weren't so high in demand...!

Hee, the new style's sweet. :3 I love Sayo's eeyyyess
The things in the second panel are frogs with wings. That is another statue of Kromdor, and that's a giant venus fly trap eating a bird in the background.

No animals were harmed in the making of this comic.
The last panel is done in grayscale because I figured that it would make more sense to you guys instead of asking "Is that a bush?" "OMG what ARE those squggily lines!?" or even "WHO'S THE NAKED MAN!!!?!?"

And FYI, the naked man is a statue of Kromdor. You will see several. But don't worry, we shall sensor it for your precious eyes.
Yeah, so after a LONG pause (really sorry about that) Kromdor is back up and running to that last part of this chapter. Rumor has it that I might be replaced with a more frequent artist, so stayed tuned for more news on that.

You might notice that there's been a bit of a style change. Why? because it was really hard to keep up the last style. So I switched back. Any objections? Good. Have fun with these three pages, more are on the way.
April 20th, 2007
"Sut" that's...one letter away from a very dirty noun...
April 20th, 2007
February 19th, 2007
Ooh~ I have to admit, your comic is golden. <3 But for some reason, maybe because of the "my lord"-talk now I feel that they all speak with brittish accent. :D I know, I'm weird. xD
February 16th, 2007

*points, dies*
February 16th, 2007
I'm back! yay! but just one page. I'll try and get the rest done soon.
February 10th, 2007
I like how it came out too :3 And I'm glad you like her. <333
February 10th, 2007
Yes, not only does Kromdor have two wives, but his own personal "poser" to stand in his place when things get too rough...
... ... ... I swear I checked the spelling before I submited this... uh... well, okay, in the first panel, it's supposed to say "power" not "poser" and as soon as I can unlock my files I'll change it.
February 8th, 2007
going back to post...
I hafta post, cuz I really like how the first panel came out. Sayo's so fun to draw ^_^
February 3rd, 2007
Loving Sayo's ADHD in that second panel
January 26th, 2007
No... there isn't a word missing... "dared to my lordship's palace my day" is a complete sentence.
January 25th, 2007
Shnork. That's cute.
January 25th, 2007
...dared to what?
Loves the comic yos, but I gotta ask, am I blind or is there a word missing?
One who dared to what? -^_^