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A shitty showcase for shitty things.

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Rouge's text is kinda hard to read.

Otherwise this looks pretty interesting. :)
@Advertisement: your the darklamp?
Wow, you may not remember, but we became good friends on that profile through your first comic about the hedgehog who got teleported to that world.
Fuck. You got it.
Sonic Underground?
No comment.

October 22nd, 2011
'Sharp enough for ya?'
@Advertisement: So you're lamp 0.0
Me: Lamp never told you why he hasn't been on recently...
You: No! He told me enough! He told me hes been busy...
Me: No...I AM LAMP!
*Darth Vader Theme*
You: No...No...thats not true...thats Impossible!
Me: Search the comments! You know it to be true!
You: NNOOO!!! NO!!!!
this white character is like dark lamp's character
fast comment is almost as fast?
This is another character I made using the base. I came up with a BS backstory in literly 30 seconds. I don't want to type it since its more stupid than a shit mary sue recolour god mod that was created by Eggman who is somehow related to Sonic and Shadow. I dunno. Maybe if you played TF2 Halloween Edition, you would get the sort-of reference in her line.

That white guy is a shitty revamp I gave Lamp (My former main Furry untill I made other accounts). He looks like shite. I was going to use his original sheet. Then I realized it looked like shite too. I couldn't find any other characters. And it was 3AM when I made this.

I make too damn many mini-comics. I should just put them in a seperate comic so this isn't full with comics! AND RANTS ON HOW EXPENSIVE SPICE AND WOLF IS ON DVD.
Wait...for the low price of 70$! I can make a plushie out of anything!
I care far too much for my dogs to feed them poison D:

Seagulls on the other hand..
I f I could, I would feed it to my dog.
It still sounds like a chew toy to be honest.
A Zonow is shat on Mary-Sue alien recolour from space. According to Parrish Broadnax, Zonow dosen't care what he looks like. As if Zonow was real. -_- Fuckin Parrish. He had an ego as big as my house.
Wtf is a zonow.

A chew toy?
@centimon: ''Zonow Isn't bad''