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'If the XKCD guy was retarded'

Single panel comics about life, love, alcoholism and dick jokes.

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He also lied to me. I've been checking on occasion since getting a response and nothing. You break my heart into a thousand gay little pieces
OH my gosh he answered me. I really am the chosen one.
@Steve: Hey Steve and also anyone else.

I am still alive. I just fell out of drawing comics because I'm lame and gay.

Thanks for the support. I will try and have some ideas and also pick up a god damn pen at some point.
Still checking. Wish you'd resume comics
I miss your webcomics :( please come back
October 4th, 2014
I miss you Paul.
It's not gay, it's the truth.

...the gay truth
this is my favorite webcomic and it makes me sad that its been 6 months since your last update :(
December 20th, 2013
I don't think I could live without gen 3, just sayn'. Mighteyna furevar.
December 20th, 2013
I agree with you about Pokémon, 151 is enough. Fuck your eggs and your breeding. If I want different genders I'll get a Nidoran.
@BlankSoda: That's really more his fault than yours.
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Wine is delicious. Except for oaked chardonnay, that stuff is rank.
I asked my father the same thing and he said it was because I ruined my mother's body. D:
November 12th, 2013
Two words: Kickstarter

All we need is a woman. (how much do they cost?)
November 6th, 2013
hehehehehehehe =)
I know right!? What is the big deal about it?
I think the people that choose to move there just can't get along with other people.
October 24th, 2013
Fucking knew it...
October 16th, 2013
October 10th, 2013
@JimLad: From now on every week is lady puking week.
October 9th, 2013
Is it lady puking week?