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My little Base of Spriting Operations!
My BG's, my sprites, my stories, mini-comics, and much more!

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Epic, right? The main characters of the future story of The Adventures of LR! Who are they? What can they do? Which heroes are they each born to? And just what amazing adventures await them twenty five years into the future?
The story will be posted on my DA account, SonicRanger-1! When it will be posted, I haven't decided yet. Just watch me on DA and you'll see soon enough! =)
I was looking around on Google for some Super Scourge sprites, come to find out, there are no good ones anywhere! So, I decided to make my own! Anyone can use them!
Meet a new chara, Fright the Fear Hedgehog. As his name states, he is good for being fear to people. He has the ability to make your worst fears come to life, just like Ripper has the ability to put curses on people. If his roomates get nightmares at night, it might be because Fright's magic is affecting them. Sometimes the dreams are visions of bad things that might happen. Other times, it's just a bad dream.

After Ripper said his name, Zero the Vampire ended up being cursed into a kid. Because the curse was very powerful, it changed him to before he was turned into a vampire, making him his mortal self. And since Zero wasn't mortal when he wa struck by the curse, it stayed. As a mortal, he was born to a family of Magic-Users, so he gained the ability to create anyone's fears. He does still remember who he really is and what happened to him, but he doesn't tell anyone about it. The only people that know are me, Ripper, and Zero's close friend Reggie the Vampire(See him in The Adventures of LR). Now he hangs around Ripper and I, in hopes that we'll find a cure for the unforturnate curse. Reggie also looks for a cure on his travels and adventures.
My friend Inez!
Go to 'The Adventures of LR' for the beginning of the end! It's time for the final battle of Good vs Evil!
Updated! Now with hit and unconscious sprites, which I only today realized I didn't have.
See what is happening here in the comic "The Adventures of LR"!

Yes, I'm advertizing my other much more popular comic! Sue me! XD
January 12th, 2012
All my pokemon charas so far!
And here are some of your fave charas in the future!
Hey look, the first to big sprites!
Yeah, bored. So, I added a few new ones. Meet Shade, Zero, and Adam.
Merry Christmas, one and all!
@amygirl09: I just edited a twewy guy I found on Google. XD
December 17th, 2011
where did you get the tweny sprite base from?
Updated sprites!
If shes in a plane then its time for her to earn how to barre roll asap.
December 3rd, 2011
@kwane: X3 Yeah, I thought so too. Thanks!
December 3rd, 2011
This one looks awesome
The evil anti of our lovable LR, Zira, sister to Zir.