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Comment on Unintended
Joe (Guest), 02 Sep 2015 03:03 pm
@Darkktisune: Yes, considering that the author is an objectivist republican douche.
Comment on Unintended
Joe (Guest), 02 Sep 2015 03:02 pm
@Kijibwa: And you missed many English classes...
Comment on Unintended
Darkktisune (Guest), 01 Sep 2015 09:52 am
child rape
there's a comic that I've seen that had dealt with this same issue. Better Days Chapter 6: tough love. though the way the author dealt with it is slightly different.
Comment on Cry-baby
Timmie, 01 Sep 2015 07:56 am
Poor Hunter, he got a lot of growing up to do. At least his dad talked to him about good and bad touching.
Comment on Cry-baby
dracoflamulas (Guest), 01 Sep 2015 01:11 am
@SquirrelJay: She was in a previous strip and dragged Hunter away from the doggy friend he was with an into a play house with her. There she did "no-no" things to him and has been trying to make him play with her "that way" again and Hunter told her no, and kicked her away. She's not getting the hint very well.
Comment on Cry-baby
SquirrelJay (Guest), 31 Aug 2015 11:52 pm
Okay I'll bite. What is this girl's deal!?
Comment on Cry-baby
Muse (Guest), 31 Aug 2015 09:52 pm
@Guest: Truly the best word to describe those parts.
Comment on Cry-baby
Guest (Guest), 31 Aug 2015 09:30 pm
Comment on Cry-baby
Campion, 31 Aug 2015 10:55 am
In today's comic, Hunter stays put.
Comment on Unintended
Scia (Guest), 29 Aug 2015 01:14 am
Yeah, I'm one of the people that thinks Hunter is right to defend himself. In addition to the abuse from before, the way the raccoon pulled him away could potentially be considered assault, from what I understand. I'm not big on forcing anyone to do ANYTHING, except maybe in extreme circumstances.

Not to say I don't think the girl isn't innocent. I don't think she truly knows what she's doing, and I don't think she meant to hurt him.

Though if this were an adult situation... well, I was taught to do whatever it takes to stop someone from trying to rape you. As a side, things like pulled hair and skin under the fingernails can make for great DNA evidence.

As for the situation in the comic, I think my opinion can be summed up as 'life can be messy/messed up' and 'I rreeeeaaalllyyy hope this gets sorted out properly and she learns better.'


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