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Comment on Calling Card
Estoc (Guest), 21 Jun 2016 06:01 am
@legendaryweredragon: I remember pagers. I used to...er.....carry....one...

Crud. Now I feel old... :(

However, this is most fortuitous for Flora. Beware, cub abusers. The bunny has a mission and is getting the tools to carry through. I thought with her work situation she might wind up working for Collin. Now I'm thinking we're seeing the emergence of a child advocate!
Comment on Calling Card
legendaryweredragon, 20 Jun 2016 09:49 pm
Does anybody else here even remember what a pager is?

Basically, it was a mobile phone that you could not actually talk on. You would call the pager to let them know you wanted to talk and then wait for them to call you back on a land line phone.

I only remember this because my dad had one when I was little. He needed it because he was a doctor and the hospital would use it to alert him when he was needed.

That was the 90's.
Comment on Parked
Lyoko2516, 16 Jun 2016 05:45 pm
Spotted a Simpsons reference, but I do see where Flora's coming from.
Comment on Parked
Campion, 14 Jun 2016 06:13 pm
To the reader comment (since deleted) who asked whether this was based on real events, the answer is no. This is not based on any real life events that I know of; however, this does not mean that it has never happened.
Comment on Parked
Campion, 14 Jun 2016 04:30 am
@legendaryweredragon: Very good point. And little Talitha while we're at it.
Comment on Parked
legendaryweredragon, 14 Jun 2016 01:08 am
@Campion: You know, if Benni has had sex with that many people, especially since it a lot of it likely was unprotected anal sex and all those people probably had sex with at lease one other person, then Flora should probably have Benni tested for STDs.
Comment on Parked
Dale (Guest), 14 Jun 2016 12:47 am
With no proper frame of reference, Benni can't understand how wrong his dad is. I hope Flora can help him see it. Otherwise, Benni is unlikely to testify out of loyalty to his pa.
Comment on Revelation
Sniff (Guest), 07 Jun 2016 05:58 pm
It's so sad how nonchalant Benni is about it at times--goes to show how used to it he is. :(
Comment on Revelation
Nayeri (Guest), 06 Jun 2016 10:42 pm
And Flora unconvers the infested, infected truth.
Comment on Calling Card
Campion, 05 Jun 2016 06:27 pm
In today's comic, it's a gift.


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