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Estoc (Guest), 14 Apr 2015 05:51 am
The World Turns...
Oh, Benni, the world you knew is a changin'.
Comment on Things
Campion, 13 Apr 2015 08:51 pm
In today's comic, Flora is coy.
Comment on Invested
Jake (Guest), 08 Apr 2015 02:44 pm
@Timmie: oh jeez That reminds me of one story that I read about a girl who was in the same position that Benni was in. She was abused by her father all her life, but eventually got a foster family herself.

But he had no clue how a real family was suppose to act. For her, regular rape and being violated was a normal thing to her. Hell, one of the first things she did on her first night there was when it was around midnight, go to the parents bedroom, crawl into bed, and (I really wish I was making this up) Tried to have sex with the father. Why? "Because he didn't come to my room to do it like he was suppose to."

She eventually learned that that's NOT how it's suppose to happen, and grew with with most of her wounds healed, thank God. But the idea of a child being molested so often and so early in their life to the point that it's considered normal for other parents to do it to their children in their eyes... It's sickening.
Comment on Invested
Timmie, 07 Apr 2015 08:03 am
Wait until Tanya finds out. hehe

I do think Benni will have some trouble when Tanya's dad gets involved. The poor otter will have difficulties understanding how a real father works.
Comment on Invested
Stephen (Guest), 07 Apr 2015 07:27 am
I would how this will effect Kaleb, is it possible that Benni and Kaleb could share a house? I mean Benni did bust Kaleb's skull, how will he handle living with his ex-school bully. Maybe they could become friends? Might be a handy ally against any bullies.
Comment on Invested
Estoc (Guest), 07 Apr 2015 07:18 am
And now Benny will see what a parent is supposed to be like and hopefully begin the healing process.
Comment on Invested
Mink (Guest), 07 Apr 2015 12:57 am
YAY for Benny...I still wanna adopt the cub.
Comment on Caged
Campion, 06 Apr 2015 03:00 pm
@Lynix Spade: yes, a bit of purposeful irony here, but if you have read earlier strips, the police are a mix of species.
Comment on Caged
Stephen (Guest), 06 Apr 2015 01:34 pm
@Lynix Spade:

Oh haha yeah just saw that!

I personally would have made them German Shepard or something
Comment on Caged
Lynix Spade (Guest), 05 Apr 2015 01:14 pm
The police are piggies.


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