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Comment on Cognizance
Timmie, 03 May 2016 06:33 am
The look on the father's face in panel 2 is priceless!
Comment on Cognizance
Ainoko (Guest), 03 May 2016 04:54 am
And here comes the sudden realization why Hunter is getting special treatment and why what happened to him could happen to her.

ON that note, this may make Tanya all the more curious about what happened to Hunter and to want to learn more about that kind of abuse. Which could see her figuring out that Kaleb's new brother might be abused that way.
Comment on Graced
Campion, 01 May 2016 11:05 pm
@legendaryweredragon: Awesome! Welcome aboard!
Comment on Graced
legendaryweredragon, 30 Apr 2016 01:59 pm
new reader
Hi, I just discovered your comic and read it all the way from the first comic to here, and now I want more. Keep up the good work. This is a great story and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Comment on Graced
sarek (Guest), 28 Apr 2016 12:30 pm
Dad gets a little help
Comment on Graced
Lyoko2516, 27 Apr 2016 07:09 pm
LOL I love Tanya's little tail wagging at the end.
Comment on Graced
Estoc (Guest), 26 Apr 2016 05:04 am
Hear, hear! I agree with Nayeri. Kudos and hats off for your bravery!
And that, I can tell you, is never a comfortable topic to discuss, but to ignore that particular topic is a grave disservice to the younger generation.
Would that all parents look to their children's wellbeing and safety as we are seeing in your story!
Comment on Graced
Nayeri (Guest), 26 Apr 2016 03:51 am
Thank you
I know a lot of people have been both hassling and praising in turns. For my own part, I want to say thank you, for being brave enough to broach such a dangerous topic in a webcomic. It's not pretty, fun or humerous, but awareness should be raised. Even in a media format most consider made for comedy. So, keep doing what you're doing hun, no matter how gritty the comments might get.
Comment on Cognizance
Campion, 25 Apr 2016 03:32 pm
In today's comic, Tanya's joy falls flat.
Comment on Graced
Campion, 25 Apr 2016 03:30 pm
In today's comic, Tanya finds a topic of interest.


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