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My attempts at being funny (usually involving videogames.)

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@TooLazyToRegister: I'm so glad you liked it! And apologies for the lack of comics. I do still love comics, but I haven't been making as many lately and I haven't held myself to any sort of update schedule for a couple years now @_@
Neat, new stuff.
Glad I thought to check again, it's been a while. I enjoyed this little mini series. The cat lady's face was really expressive, the sigh bubble on page three, and the Ugh panel on five had all of the exasperation.
Hey all,

It's been a while huh, sorry about that. I've been working on this 12 page short story comic in my free time. Not the usual, but I thought I'd stick it up here with everything else.

Hope you like.
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It's very... scenic?
Captain Ghost
December 15th, 2014
No kill like overkill.
October 13th, 2014
I got a kick out of some of the little text bubbles in PL vs. AA where Maya was trying to convince Layton and Luke to get a little more familiar with the local wildlife. She asked the Prof. to smuggle flowers under his hat and just covered Luke in moss and dirt at one point.
@ShinyHoundoom229: on the plus side, i suppose nick never got disbarred
Not only did everyone lose, but because Wright and Maya never left Labarynthia, Pearl has once again lost her family. And that also means that Morgan wins because now Pearls has to become the head of the Fey Clan.

Not only that, but everything that happened in AJ and DD never happened. That means Apollo is still working for that forger Kristop, Trucy became an orphan, Athena never became an attorney, everyone they would've defended was found guilty, Blackquill was executed for a crime he didn't commit, and the Dark Age of The Law will prosper for all eternity, meaning that everything Edgeworth did in AAI2 was all for nothing.

At least he got a hint coin. And I'm sure Miss Mystere is happy he's living there now. Seriously, that girl has the biggest ladyboner for Layton.
September 30th, 2014
Yeah. Remember Layton wasn't born with that hat...we all remember Claire. XD
@9kirby99: well have you ever seen luke or layton change clothing before...?? (aside from luke between trilogies)
September 29th, 2014
Luke works at the bakery, and yet can't afford new clothes. XD

It also makes me question how Layton got that...distinctive space suit...along with how he got out of Labyrinthia in the first place. XD
@Minami_Paku: @ShinyHoundoom229:

I've gotta agree with Minami in regards to Layton being the one that always exposes the fake magic. That's just his thing. And Nick's thing is flying by the seat of his pants and having no idea wth is going on until the last minute. So I don't think I would switch their roles because of that. Layton is also just a lot calmer and more accepting of his circumstances than Nick is.

Theoretically they coulda hypnotized everyone into also avoiding walking into black. I dunno about the shadows though. (or the dirt) that's a pretty good point. Because the townspeople theoretically wouldn't be able to tell if a shadow came from a black machine or something else.

I think in general though, the explanations at the end of a Layton game always have to be taken with a grain of salt. I dunno if you've ever played any of them but they're always this weird. I always like trying to guess what it's gonna be haha

Oh but as a side note, I think Eve and the Shades had a different water source though. They lived outside the town, and they wouldn't have been able to do any of their magic with bells if they passed out at the sound themselves.
yeah,another thing about the equipment and the tower: the shadows? (I'm not quite sure if this was explained at some point, but I don't think so)
I mean, this huge tower and EVERY crane and stuff would cast a shadow, right? And why did no one see this?

(hm. the more I think about it, the more plotholes I find.)

(and eve the cat as bezella would've been pretty cool.The only thing I don't like about this idea is that Layton was always that person that explains and disposes fake magic(or something). Whatever.)
@ShinyHoundoom229: yeah, but the problem with that is with other aspects of their characters. It's more in line with Nick's personality to be making that i-can't-believe-that-just-happened-why-is-my-life-like-this kinda face than Layton. And he's also the one that flies by the seat of his pants and bullshits his way to victory whereas Layton's the one that quietly (with the exception of an obligatory swordfight) figures stuff out mysteriously in the bg without telling you (unless we're talking about hobo phoenix and honestly i don't like hobo phoenix as much because he does this when he could just tell you everything and make your life a lot easier)

well, i wouldn't put it past nick to convict a cat. but it seems like if you actually had a great witch bezella in a court room she should be able to just magic her way out of anything and you'd never really be able to catch her (regardless of who she was)

if they had included some rule like "you see the black and avoid it but then forget it" that woulda worked - kinda like the forget-me-knob from the Fairly Odd Parents if you know that reference.
i'm not sure i see the problem with eve and the shades using them because theoretically they're drinking different water or something, right? to do any of the magic they woulda had to be off the water or the bells would make them fall unconscious.
as with any Layton game at least, there's a certain amount of suspension of disbelief you have to be willing to have, so i'm willing to overlook them keeping the black clean or whatever. i mean, my favorite crazy layton plot is the town-wide shared hallucination, and that makes no sense either but it was fun
What they should've done is have Layton as the logical septic and Nick as the believer since he's seen magic first-hand. Layton would go though trying to explain everything through logic and reasoning and slowing discovering the truth while Wright would use their medieval law system against them to find the truth. Come the ending, they would use both logic and magic to reveal the truth.

Again, they should have had Eve the Cat as Bezella. It would've been perfect: Bezella, under the guise of Eve the Cat, tricks Eve the Person into ringing the bell. She burns the town, Espella sees it and Bezella uses that to make her think she's Bezella. When Layton sees the mural, he suspects the cat but disregards it because it's not logical. Skip to the Final Witch Trial, Wright proves to Layton that magic is real and then he mentions the mural. At first, everyone suspects Eve the Person since at this point, everyone knows Eve the Cat is hers, and Eve the Cat hypnotizes her into admitting it. Wright and Layton then use logic and evidence to prove that Eve the Person couldn't have done it and expose Eve the Cat as Bezella. Only problem I see is how they would actually kill Bezella, but I'm sure Layton could figure something out.

Also, how did everyone in Labyrinthia go as long as they did without bumping into the tower? Or any of the equipment for that matter? That shit was fucking everywhere and they mean to tell us that NOBODY bumped any of it in the TEN YEARS they've been living there? Also, fuck the whole "It only works on pure black" explanation. If that's the case, how did Eve and the Shades use them? And not to mention that these things don't work if they're dirty. How the fuck did they manage to keep them clean while keeping them a secret?

The plotholes just keep fucking stacking and stacking.
@ShinyHoundoom229: i think they left a lot of plot wholes, but Layton accepting magic so readily in the beginning is what really threw me for a loop because it is never magic when layton is there (except perhaps for luke's ability to talk to animals). they coulda left it "magic" but i gotta admit, i woulda felt cheated out of my crazy layton-explains-everything-ending.
if they had just explained the beginning and ALL of the magic spells and how they worked, I'd be more okay with how it all played out.

the cat was on the mural, i figure that was there to make you suspicious of espella but there wasn't really another reason for it. though i guess as eve actually started the fire, it's more her namesake. if the cat just hadn't had that neckscarf it would make more sense (witches familiars are common, black cats are bad luck yada yada)

in regards to the invisibility cloak though, i did get a kick out of how the bell tower appeared. it was ridiculous but in a cool way (though of course it seems like someone shoulda walked into it but i'm willing to overlook that or assume there was some brainwashing involved for the sake of the cool bell tower reveal)







I really don't like this game.
That's the thing with Inquisitors: They do whatever the fuck they wanna do and don't have to back shit up.

At least prosecutors had to be careful not to contradict themselves. All inquisitors have to say is "It's witchcraft; I ain't gotta explain shit." and that be it. Unless they're questioning Joan of Arc. Girl's based as fuck.

On the topic of the game, the whole "magic isn't real" thing completely ruined the game. All it did is complicate things and make even more plotholes, like the book teleportation thing or the Godor thing or THE ENTIRE FUCKING OPENING SCENE. It actually would've made more sense to say that magic was real. Hell, Maya's a spirit medium, that's like ghost magic. And it would've given Nick a chance to outsmart Layton and make him look like the badass hobo he was in AJ.

And while I can't find a decent image of it, I remember seeing the fucking cat illustrated on the mural of the Legendary Fire. They could've had a thing where the cat was Bezella and was manipulating everyone. That would've been a better ending and would've wrapped up everything but NOPE! We get silver-inducing comas and fucking Acme shenanigans.

And don't even get me started on the invisibility cloak. That thing alone made the game into a hunch of Swiss cheese.