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A delightful comic that may contain mild language about the life of the kirbies that live in the other dimension. It is a story about adventure, suspense, and drama, and of course, comedy. (A comic isn't a comic without comedy.)

Current Chapter: Epilogue
The final pages of this comic, which will lead up to the arrival of the YouTube series of Kirbies of the Alternate Dimension. A dark threat approaches and Team KAD has defeated Daroach an his crew. All things are looking good for everyone, but the masked Kirby and the shadow Kirby have something up their sleeves.

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"Hiya". So she's saying hi.
ha! i like this meta knight
Sara the Kirby: Get out of the way, Bowser!
Sara the Kirby: *is part of the crowd* YAY GAMESTOP!
@Blue Kirby the l33t: If you've ever played Kirby Air Ride, when Dyna Blade shows up, it says "Aim for HIS head." IT'S. A. GUY.
@Firecat1311: Fighting to protect everyone. Well, honesty, can you blame Kuzer for wanting to protect his friends? And as for the long battles, I wanted to add that because I want battling to be the main focus of this comic, for that's the way I like to write. If it weren't for the long fight scenes, I would've lost interest in making this comic a while ago.
@HNR Silverblood: drawn out battle arcs, long-winded ability/attack explanations, tragic backstories, "I must fight to protect my friends/the world", and so much more
Shonen anime/manga has a lot of stereotypes. Believe me, I've seen the same tropes used dozens upon dozens of times. Not exaggerating.
I spent a couple of summers in my early teen years doing nothing but finding and reading through a ton of different manga series (primarily shonen), even once maxing out my library card at [omitted] volumes in one trip, and I can say with absolute certainty that that there are actually quite a few series that are almost exactly like each other.
@Firecat1311: I don't realize how there can w such thing as a stereotype when it comes to anime. Every anime is different. I've never read a manga/watched an anime that was like another.
It was all conforming so well to shonen anime stereotypes until the part where it didn't last 300 billion episodes
January 13th, 2014
@HNR Silverblood: I'm sorry...
@Omega Kirby: Oh my gosh, what?
Oh... my... gosh...

@DaBrokor: Ummmm..... Tigra is a girl.....
January 7th, 2014
Well, everyone, it looks like that’s the end of Part 1, and the end of the comic form of Kirbies of the Alternate Dimension. I have to say, making this comic was so awesome, and I’m so glad there were people out there who actually enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. When I first made this comic, I never planned to go far with it, but you guys have inspired me, and thanks to you, this comic has lasted over 2 years!

Unfortunately, Kirbies of the Alternate Dimension must stop for now, and I honestly have NO IDEA when the YouTube series will even begin production. All I can say is that you should expect to see it sometime this year.

I feel I should explain the reason for this comic going to YouTube instead of just staying here. You see:
If I animate this comic, I can make it a whole lot better. I will have more freedom with poses and facial expressions, and that way I can make this series come to life! Part 2 of KAD will definitely benefit from this freedom, as it will have many more epic scenes than Part 1 did, involving a lot of different fighting stances and things like that.

With the end of KAD Part 1, I DO, in fact, have some good news:

Even though I am ending this comic on Smack Jeeves:

That’s right. I’d like you all to know that I am starting a new comic because I really enjoy creating on Smack Jeeves, so introducing: “Pokémon: Capture Competition”! It can be found on my profile!

Until then, I suppose I’ll just say… See ya later.